Grow Your Marriage Daily



This ministry helps couples to find practical, biblical ways to grow their marriage daily. If your marriage is not growing, its dying. So each of us has to pay attention every day to sowing the seeds that our marriage needs. This ministry will teach you about the 7 seeds you can sow to make your marriage grow.


  • In marriage, being TWO is as important as being ONE

    19/03/2019 Duration: 03min

    One of the greatest causes of bitterness, anger, and brokenness in marriage is the confusion over union: couples know that in marriage TWO become ONE, but what they forget (or are never taught) is that ONE must continue to be TWO. Union is sacred—but so is individuality. People must learn to be One and yet recognize that by God’s design they are still TWO. Marriage is a union—not a fusion. In a fusion, two things melt into one substance. They become entirely—and only—one thing! But in a union, two become one by covenant and yet remain as two. This means that the TWO recognize, respect, and celebrate each other’s distinct, individual personalities, needs, and desires. When couples become fused together or completely wrapped up and entangled in each other’s lives—when there is no separation or distinguishing of each spouse’s right to be their own person and to own their own emotions and desires—then manipulation, anger, and resentment will grow like poisonous weeds to stifle the life of the Marriage Garden. W

  • Sowing and Reaping (How to grow your marriage daily.)

    01/03/2018 Duration: 10min

    Each us most sow life into our marriages in order to reap life from our marriages. This is the first in a series of brief episodes that will help you to strenghten your marriage by overcoming conflicts and sowing our putting the right actions, thoughts, and words into your relationship.

  • Are you discouraged in your relationship?

    01/03/2018 Duration: 05min

    This is an encouragement to all those who are in difficult relationships, or those who are going through a difficult time in their relationships. God promises that if you keep sowing or putting into the relationship what is right in his sight, then you will reap the blessings that he intends for you. This message is drawn from Psalm 126.

  • Love from a New Mind Part 2

    05/01/2016 Duration: 24min

    This teaching will remind you of God's definition of love so that you can apply it to your marriage.

  • Love from the New Mind part 1

    04/01/2016 Duration: 11min

    If you want to renew your marriage, you must renew your mind. God tells us that he has made us new creations. The most effective way to change your marriage is to learn to think and to act from the new creation or the new nature instead of thinking and acting from the flesh or sin within you. God has given you the will and the power to love with his love. But this new will and power is in the new creation which is in Christ. The more we come to understand about the new creation, the more we will be able to live and to love from the new powerful person that God has created and called us to be. This series will help you to understand and apply the new power that God has given to you so that you can renew your mind and your marriage every day in every way. The teaching about the new creation will help you to grow and to make your marriage grow. So listen daily and may the Lord bless this word to your heart.

  • Addendum to End of marriage lesson 2

    03/07/2014 Duration: 51s

    Ministry statement

  • Marriage Lesson 2

    03/07/2014 Duration: 13min

    How to prepare yourselves for difficult conversations.