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A place to hear adult works from "The Voice" of niteflirt and myhottalk fame.


  • Transvestite Slut Fantasy - Dressed Up Slut - The Metro

    18/06/2010 Duration: 19min

    Transvestite Slut Fantasy - Dressed Up Slut - The Metro -- From the upcoming album "Dressed Up Slut" by The Voice 666 - A nice tale of making you dress up like a dirty tramp and then sending you off to my pal Rodney's via the metro. Content Warning: Filthy 1st person masturbation content. Do not listen to this unless you're into the fantasy of it. If you're under age do not listen and if you're prone to being sensitive and taking things to heart... Don't listen... Clear? Meanwhile... Like my cool 1st person fantasy bits? I know you do... Why else do you think I make 'em...? Find a ton more at www.kinkymp3files.com - a place for a whole lot more. Love your Ipod, Perverts... Cheap and dirty fun for your alone time... By The Voice..

  • Bisexual Fantasy - Old Man Tool - JC Drops By

    13/06/2010 Duration: 16min

    Relax and enjoy a nice tale of me keeping you around to serve some of my older pals.. Like JC... A nice man who likes to wrap you up with his belt while he has at you. Just the sort of thing you enjoy... And if you're looking for more visit www.KinkyMP3files.com where you'll find more... Cheap and free... the way things should be. Love your Ipod pervert, and make sure to think nice thoughts about your homie... The Voice

  • Bi Kink Fantasy - You And My Pals - Schrader

    30/05/2010 Duration: 13min

    A nice tale of you being made to serve and service my pal Schrader. Ya, using you as a hole for service and making some bread by doing it is my idea of a good time... so sit back... relax... and enjoy, pervert...

  • Foot Fetish Tale - My Clean Feet on Hear The Voice

    14/05/2010 Duration: 09min

    A nice tale about making you serve my feet like the pervert that you are. Find more at www.kinkymp3files.com your home for tacky files to stroke with.. This is part of my new album Love Me, Love my Boots...

  • Forced Bi Story - Random High Suck Off on Hear The Voice

    06/05/2010 Duration: 13min

    A nice tale of me getting you all high and then making you serve men with your slutty little mouth. Neat huh? Want more? www.kinkymp3files.com - where you'll find more.

  • Mind Control Fantasy - Brainwashed Suck Slut on Hear The Voice

    30/04/2010 Duration: 12min

    A nice tale about brainwashing you and re making you into a suck hole for tool, someone who does not think... no... someone who simply "does..." Find more dirty fantasies and hypno kink at www.kinkymp3files.com

  • Cuckolding Fantasy - I Use Your Wife

    28/04/2010 Duration: 15min

    A nice tale of me being all close like with your wife... The sort of thing that makes some men very hot indeed. Want more? Visit www.kinkymp3files.com and enjoy a big ol' gob of fun, and a whole lot more...

  • Forced Fem Fantasy - Be My Gurl

    28/04/2010 Duration: 12min

    you dream about being made to be a womanly sort, made to act like a lass. I twist and pervert your dream, making you be more and more of a dirty little tramp all the time. Find more at www.kinkymp3files.com - home of yours truly... The Voice 666

  • Forced Bi Fantasy - The Rental Van on Hear The Voice

    25/04/2010 Duration: 14min

    A nice tale about making you worship my boots and feet before I take you off to make you serve some losers. Neat, huh? Find more at www.kinkymp3files.com -