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Scratchy vanity 45s, pilfered field recordings, muddy off-the-radio sounds, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs; a little preachin', a little salvation, a little audio tomfoolery.


  • Episode from Jun 3, 2021


    Silver Qunitette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Highway QC's - "I'll Be Satisfied" - Jesus Is Waiting Echoes of Zion - "The Blood for Me" Gospel Interns - "I Got Shoes" - I Can't Afford to Let My Savior Down Gospelaires - "Come To Jesus" - Come To Jesus Bishop Garner and the Soulful Garner Singers - "Fix Me Jesus" - Clean Hands and Pure Hearts Rev Samuel Butler - "Trying To Make A Hundred / Don't Let The Devil Ride" - Only The Strong Shall Survive Gospel Upsetters - "Time" - God, He's So Beautiful Spiritual Believers - "I've Got Just a Little While" - People In the World Are Straying Away From God Silver Stars of Raleigh, NC - "All I Need" Silver Stars - "They Call Him Jesus" Florida Spiritualaires - "I Know I've Been Changed" - Is God Satisfied With You Rev Claude Jeter - "I'll Tell It" - Singing In My Soul Gospel Travelers - "You Can't Hide From God" - Whatcha Going To Do When The World's On Fire Freddie King and the King Brothers - "Trouble In My Way" - Old Time Way Silvertone Singers - "Call On Jesus" https://ww

  • Episode from May 27, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Lathanettes - "Blessed Are They" - Letting The Master Have His Way Soulful Sunrising Kings - "Everywhere I Go" - God Can Do Anything Mighty Golden Tones of Savannah - "This Little Light Of Mine" Four Silver Stars of Hopkins, S.C. - "Jesus' Way Is The Best Way" Hallelujah Singers - "Run To Jesus" Joe and Thomas - "I Can See So Much" William Special - "Mother Prayed For Me" Swanee Sons - "Trouble Don't Last Always" Harmonizing Four - "I'm Going Through" Mighty Blytheville Aires - "I Thank You Jesus" Gospel Stylistics - "Sweet Jesus" Stars of Faith - "I Believe" Sensational Gospel Eagles - "I'm Going To Wait (On The Lord)" - I Came To Jesus Mighty Knights - "Run and Tell" Will and the Sweet Sounding Tornadoes - "Stand By Me" - I Found Him Royal Echos - "When Jesus Comes"

  • Episode from May 20, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" National Gospel Twins - "Swing Low" Singing Crusaders of Camden, S.C. - "Baptism of Jesus" Norfleet Brothers - "Standing on the Highway" Rev. Donald Parsons and the Jerusalem Baptist Church, Gary, Indiana - "I Love the Lord He Heard My Cry" Rev. Singing Sammie Lewis - "I'm Glad About It" Junior Dynamics - "That Separation Line" - God Is Using Me Hymnsters of Newark, NJ. - "He Missed My Soul" Fantastic Humming Bees - "I'm Not Tired Yet" - I Must Tell Jesus Robert Anderson - "I've Got Jesus" Roscoe Robinson - "Right Now" - He Still Lives In Me Heavenly Five of Anderson, IN. - "Oh Lord Today" Christian All-Stars - "Working For Jesus" - That's The Way Gospel Crusaders - "We'll Make This Journey Somehow" Golden Crown Gospel Singers - "Someone In a Worse Condition" - Someone In a Worse Condition Chicago Travelers - "Roll Jordan Roll" Gospel Messengers of Cincinnati, OH - "He'll Fight Your Battles" Gospel Trotters - "My Soul Is A Witness"

  • Episode from May 13, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" [Artwork by Burgin Mathews.] Roberta Martin Singers - "Grace" Hightower Brothers - "Help Me To Stand" Hopson Family - "Everything's Got To Be Free" Harris Family - "Jesus is the Ruler of My Life" Fabulous White Singers - "I'm a Changed Man" St. Paul's Baptist Church Choir, Kingstree, S.C. - "You Can't Hide" Louis McGee - "There Is No Peace" Brown Sisters - "For The Sake of Man" Traveling Echoes - "I'm Going To See Jesus" Fantastique Bibletone Singers of Boston, MA. - "Prayer Changes Things" Jordan Jubilees - "Where He Leads Me" Wright Singers - "Won't Let Go Your Hand" - Uphill Journey Brother William and the Saints - "Hardworking People" Parker Brothers - "The Half has Never Been Told" - Sing A Song Swan Trumpeteers - "I've Been Born Again" Kelly Brothers - "Come On Jesus"

  • Episode from May 6, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Golden Arrows - "Been To The River" Royal Jubileers - "Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross" Music behind DJ: [Photographs are examples of "killed photographs." Read more here:] Traveling Echoes - "He's A God" Lloyd Cannady and the Flying Clouds - "Jesus Hold My hand" Milwaukee Gospel Messengers - "I Promise the Lord" Butleraires - "I Don't have To Talk About You" Beatty Singers of Lexington, KY - "We Used To Have A Good Time" Southern Harmoneers of Lodi, NJ - "Dark Cloud" Happy Landers of Pineville, N.C. - "Jesus Has A Helping Hand" Doylettes of St. Albans, NY - "On Of These Days" Sensational Highway Travelers - "Do You Love The Lord" Mighty Fantastics - "Guide My Feet" Choraliers Singers of Dayton, OH - "Meet Me In The City" Gospel Melodyaires - "The Winding Chain" Mighty Junior Aires - "Have You Got Good Religion" Green Sisters - "New Born Soul" Friendly Gospel Singers - "Come On Out The Corner"

  • Episode from Apr 29, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" [Photographs Dawoud Bey. The Birmingham Project, 2013.] Disciples of Christ Ensemble - "I'm On The Battlefield" [] Five Singing Stars - "Come On Jesus" Christianaires - "I Love Jesus" Hurricane Travelers - "I Want To Know" Deacon McWhorter and Isaiah Owens Rev J.W. Neely & Family - "Going Over Yonder" Ishman Williams and the Williams Singers - Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long: Alan Lomax's "Southern Journey​​,​​" 1959–1960 Brown Brothers - "I'm On The Battlefield for My Lord" Brewster Airs - "Stand By Me" [Paintings by Purvis Young.] Brooklyn All Stars - "Praise The Lord Everybody" Evelyn Gay and the Gay Sisters - "On My Way To Heaven" Ellison Singers - "Open Up Your Heart" - He's Holding Me Franklin All-Stars - "Save A Seat For Me" National Travelers - "Mother's Love" Sons of the Birds - "Born Again"

  • Episode from Apr 22, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Holy Ghost Spirituals - "Old Landmark" Five Stars of Gibson, S.C. - "I Love the Lord" Rev. Robert Ballinger - "Swing Down Chariot" - The King's Highway Rev. Robert Ballinger - "Drop Your Net" - The King's Highway Clefs of Calvary - "Wait A Little Longer" Soul Stirrers - "I Have A Friend Above All Others" Pilgrim Travelers - "What Are They Doing (My Lord)" Southern Wonder Quartet - "Shady Green Pastures" Rev. Robert Ballinger - "Standing In The Safety Zone" - The King's Highway National Juniors - "Come By Here" Burns Brothers - "I Stretch My Hand To Thee" Southern-Aires - "Lord Jesus" Spiritual Seven of S.C. - "I Want Somewhere to Lay My Head" - Spiritual Seven of S.C. Gospel Travelers - "Where Are You Going To Run" Sensational Six of Memphis, TN. - "New Home" Soul Lighters - "He'll Understand It"

  • Episode from Apr 15, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Fireball Singers - "Now Lord" Stoval Singers of Berkley, CA. - "Time Is Winding Up" Famous Soul Revivers - "I Stepped Out In Time" Flying Clouds of Tuscaloosa, AL - "Lord Lift Me Up" Kansas City Clouds of Joy - "One of These Morning" Rising Stars of Macon, Miss. - "Shout for Jesus" Arlee Philyaw - "Long Journey to the Promised Land" Kingdom Seekers of Pasadena, CA - "I Can't Feel Nothing Yet" Sons of Calvary - "No Coward Soldier" Sensational Five Singing Sons - "The Lord Will Make Away Somehow" Southern Lark - "Blessed Jesus" Songs of Love of Martinez, GA. - "God Is Alright" Angelic Gospel Singers - "Death Is Writing A Letter" Davis Sisters - "I Believe I'll Go Back Home" Mighty Pearly Gates - "So Many Years, Pt. 2"

  • Episode from Apr 8, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" [Image is of essential book to understanding the black gospel scene in pre-war Bessemer and Birmingham, Alabama] Mighty Hearts Gospel Singers - "Mighty Heart's Prayer" Independent Gospel Singers - "Oh I Want To See Him" Bessemer Sunset Four - "My Lord Is Coming Soon" Bessemer Melody Boys - "Motherless Children" [Image is of Bessemer artist Ronald Lockett. Courtesy Souls Grown Deep Foundation.] Bessemer Big Four - "Good Evening Everybody" [Song is a greeting to all the Union and Gospel people, gathered in one place. Image is of the Bessemer Big Four at an AFL-CIO union meeting.] CIO Singers - "Spirit of Phil Murray" Garland Singers of Bessemer, Alabama - "Lord Help Me To Stand In Times Like These" [Image is of Amiri Baraka and Bessemer artist, sculptor and visionary Joe Minter in Minters yard in Bessemer.] Mighty Zion Travelers - "I See A Man" [Image is The Last Day of Martin Luther King by Bessemer artist Thornton Dial. Courtesy Souls Grown Deep Foundation] Carolina Go

  • Episode from Mar 25, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Brown Brothers - "I've Got A Feeling Deep Down In My Soul" [Tip o' the hat to Brother Eli.] Palmetto Gospel Singers - "Thank You Jesus" Music behind DJ: [THANK YOU to all you pledgers, listeners,& knuckleheads!] Straight Street Holiness Choir - "This Joy I Have" Bishop Perry Tillis and Savior Lord Jesus Pentecostal Holiness Church, Samson Alabama, - "He's Calling Me" [recorded by Steve Grauberger, 1995.] Bevins Specials - "New Jerusalem" Southern Trumpets of Columbia, SC - "Seal Up Your Book" Sensational Hummingbirds - "At the End of the Day" Cotton Brothers - "This World Is Coming To An End" Joanne and Sonny Pilgrim Harmonizers - "Journey to the Sky" Harmonizing Six - "What The Lord Tells Me To Do" Gerald Sisters - "Who Jesus Is" New Generation - "I Want To Be Free" Elder Hightower and Sister Massey - "When I'm Gone" Biblical Gospel Singers - "Goodbye World"

  • Episode from Mar 18, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Original True Light Baptist Church Winnsboro, LA - "Easter Rock" - Pentecostal Pandemonium! [This song is taken from this year's Sinner's Crossroads Premium PENTECOSTAL PANDEMONIUM! Yours for a pledge of $75.] Music behind DJ: [Pledge at] Six Voices of Zion - "Holy Spirit" - Pentecostal Pandemonium! [This song is taken from this year's Sinner's Crossroads Premium PENTECOSTAL PANDEMONIUM! Yours for a pledge of $75.] Music behind DJ: [Pledge at] Dixon Brothers - "Walking In My' Name" - I'll Be Free [Song from the 47 track 2 CD package I"LL BE FREE. PLEDGE OF $20 qualifies you for end of the show drawing!] Music behind DJ: [Pledge at] Voice Of Consolation - "Bless Me Lord" - Pentecostal Pandemonium! [his song is taken from this year's Sinner's Crossroads Premium PENTECOSTAL PANDEMONIUM! 22 tracks of uptempo Pentecostal ROCKERS! Yours for a pledge of $75.] Music behind DJ: [DON"T JUMP OFF THE LEDGE!! PLEDGE! Pledge at wf

  • Episode from Mar 11, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Brother William and the Saints - "Trying To Get Back Home" - Here I Am [PLEDGE at WFMU.ORG] BTU Specials - "God’s Got A Blessing For You" [Track is on this year's premium PENTECOSTAL PANDEMONIUM! Yours for a pledge of $75. It will be your friend.] Music behind DJ: [PLEDGE. Think about it. Let your heart lead you.] Freedom Gospel Singers - "They Crucified My Lord" - Too Close [Track from Prize #1 TOO CLOSE. $20 PLEDGE will qualify you for end of the show drawing. YOU.] Hollis Family - "Old Zion" [Killer track from the attempted by the Russian gubment to suppress, PENTECOSTAL PANDEMONIUM!] Music behind DJ: [Before you take that restroom break (or as soon as you return) PLEDGE! Take your burden to WFMU and leave it there.] Souls of Joy - "Heavy Load" - Too Close [Yet another PLEDGE inspiring track from Prize #1. $20 dollah pledge (or more, of course) qualifies you for end of the show drawing. HEAR YOUR NAME OVER THE AIRWAVES TWO TIMES!] Pentecostal Radio Show excerpt -

  • Episode from Mar 4, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Lucille Jordan Trio - "I Feel Good" Dixie Hummingbirds - "Come and See About Me" Singing Stars - "I'll Be Singing There" Faithfulaires - "Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross" Five Gospel Writers - "A Plea To Jesus" Traveling Echoes - "You Ought to Have Been There" Spiritual All-Stars - "Blessed Quietness" Golden Bell Spiritual Singers - "Let Us Go Back to God" Sensational Friendly Four of Selma,AL. - "If It Wasn't For The Lord" Voices of Clouds - "(You Going To) Need Someone On Your Bond" Spiritual Echoes - "Can't Sit Down" Sons of Zion - "The Light" Jordan Gospel Singers - "Family Reunion" Bunny Wailer - "This Train" - Blackheart Man Wailers - "This Train"

  • Episode from Feb 25, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Dora L. Busby Trio - "God's Train" Sons of Jordan - "I Don't Know Why" Music behind DJ: [Listener Aaron] Sensational Goldenaires of Fort Walton Beach, FL - "Jesus Is Alright" Supreme Wonders - "When I Rose This Morning" Imperial Gospel Singers - "Down On Me" Sipsey River Primitive Baptist Association Congregation - "Worship Service excerpt" Deacon Ben Oliver and the Joyland Gospel Singers - "I Believe I'll Shout and Go Back Home" Southern Four Singers of Detroit - "Gone The Last Mile" - Got My Religion In Time Spiritual Harmonizers - "Stepped Into My Life" Brother William and The Saints - "Tryin To Get Back Home" - Maybe Someday Original Calvary Singers - "Wait On The Lord" - Thank You Carey Sanders and the Dynastics of Hampton, S.C. - "You've Got Everything" - I Found Him Christian All-Stars - "Book of Life" - That's The Way

  • Episode from Feb 18, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Davis Sisters - "I'll Never Forget" Dynamic Silver Kings - "When Jesus Comes" Golden Arrows - "Jesus is Real" Sensational Southerneirs of Macon, GA. - "Fix My Mind" [Bunches of tunes tonight courtesy Jberg at] Pauline Griggs Jackson - "Come By Here" Five Holy Trumpeteers - "Cried Holy" Joyful Travelers - "Just Over The River" Ohio Wonders - "In My Savior's Care" Gospel Aires - "We Are Marching" Sacred Hearts - "I Waited A Long Time" Original Fidelitones - "Take The Lord Along With You" Sipsey River Primitive Baptist Association Congregation, Alabama - "If I Had Wings" Royal Lights - "I Recommend Jesus" Reverend Johnnie Beard - "I Am Shouting for The Lord Every Day" Brother William and the Saints - "Sweet Lord of Lords" Spiritual Doves - "Precious King" [Thanks to Dustin Tripp.] Mighty Highlights of Tulsa - "You Ought To Love Him"

  • Episode from Feb 11, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Booker Singers - "I Must Tell Jesus" Victoria Hawkins - "Bank In The Sky" Shiloh Baptist Church Choir, Birmingham, Alabama - "God Is Able To Carry You Through" Zion Spiritual Singers - "Take Care of Me" - When The Gates Swing Open Delta-Aires - "We Are The Delta-Aires" Spirit of Memphis Quartet - "See What The End Is Going To Be" Shiloh Baptist Church Choir, Birmingham, Alabama - "The Lord Is Blessing Me" Cliff Mason and the Gospel Truth - "Are You Ready" Gospel Leaders - "Lord Remember Me" Mighty Chesterfield Five - "Stand Up For Jesus" United House of Prayer Shout Band, Tidewater Maryland - "It Will Never Lose Its Power" [Watch performance here:] Treme Street Band after Dr. John's Funeral - "I'll Fly Away" ["The crowd sang “I’ll Fly Away” in front of Kermit’s Mother in Law Lounge on the day after Dr. John’s passing (June 7, 2019)"]

  • Episode from Feb 4, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Fantastic Flower Singers - "Makes Me Feel Like Flying Away" Detroit Motor City Singers - "I've Been Praying For So Long" The DJ totally forgot who this is gospel singers Victory Jubilee Singers - "I Am A Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow" Rev. Leon Pinson - "Makes Me Feel Like Flying Away To Be At Rest" Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church , Winston-Salem, NC - "A Long Time Ago" [] Sons of Harmony - "Farther Along" Spiritual Light Singers - "When I'm Gone" Swanee Quintet - "You Got To Move" Rev. Douglas Bell - "Love Power" Southern Four Singers of Detroit - "Save Me" Mighty Mighty Travelers of Deastsville, Al. - "Live the Life" Heaven Bound Travelers - "Leave Burden Burden" Roscoe Robinson - "Right Now" - He Still Lives In Me Jewel Gospel Singers - "He's Done Enough" - The Harvest

  • Episode from Jan 28, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" Badgett Sisters - "Let The Church Roll On" - The Voice That Refused To Die Gospel Ambassadors - "It's Sweet To Know" Maggie Bell and the New Hope Baptist Choir - "I Found Jesus" Lu Ann Harris - "What Is His Name" Theotis Taylor - "Stand By Me" Bishop Perry Tillis and Savior Lord Jesus Pentecostal Holiness Church, Samson Alabama, - "Service excerpt" Echoes of Zion - "Who Art Thou" - Sound of Spirituals Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama - "Sit Down And Rest A Little While" Freddie King and the King Brothers - "Send It On Down" - Old Time Way Golden Trumpets - "God's Wonderful Gift" Gospel All-Stars of Orangetown, S.,C. - "God Is Standing By" Exciting Highlights - "Drowning In A Sea of Sin" - Jordan River Singing Larks - "I Just Want To Tell You" Sons of Glory of Nashville, TN. - "Somewhere To Lay My Head" - On The Road Again LA Shouting Stars - "What Would I Do?"

  • Episode from Jan 21, 2021


    Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" - No LP Lord's Messengers - "God is Coming Options" - No LP Harmoneers Quintette - "Jesus Goes With Me" - No LP Bolivar Humming Four of Roseland, LA - "Call Him By His Name" - No LP Brother Hendley and the Hendley Brothers - "Great Big City" - No LP Golden Keys - "Somebody Touched Me" - No LP Gospel Keys of Atlanta, GA - "Stand By Me" - No LP Gee's Bend Quilters - "Sit At Jesus' Feet" - Boykin, Alabama: Sacred Spirituals Of Gee's Bend Caravans - "Till I Met The Lord" - No LP Soul Stirrers - "Jesus Wash Away All My Troubles" - No LP Gospel Voices of Soul - "God Will Take Care of You" - No LP Swindell Brothers with Bishop J.J. Wilkerson - "Power" - Judge Not Northernaires - "A Change In Me" - No LP Rev Alice Filmore and Family Singers - "Greatest Doctor Of All" - No LP Sensational Spiritual Knights of Alabama - "Soon One Morning" - Best of the Sensational Spiritual Knights of Alabama Silver Bell Singers - "Step By Step" - No LP Gospel Four - "Let's Get Serious" - No LP h

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