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Mars Hill Fellowship Church is a multi-cultural gathering of believers in the Metro Boston area that passionately love God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength and love their neighbors because we have been TRANSFORMED by the reality of the gospel. Led by Pastors Joseph + Ophelia Ardayfio, Mars Hill Fellowship shares messages that fuse together rich biblical insight with humor and creativity, bringing the gospel alive through media and the arts. This podcast highlights some of the favorite sermons from Mars Hill Fellowship Church.


  • Pray for One Another


    For the believer, prayer is an indispensible spiritual weapon. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective by welcoming God’s best to be manifested in the earth.

  • Encourage One Another


    Throughout the ups and downs of life, God has called each of us to gather together, encourage one another and spur one another on toward love and good deeds by what we say and what we do for others.

  • Forgive, As You Have Been Forgiven


    The second aspect of fulfilling our debt of love to God is to walk in Godly forgiveness towards others. We can only walk in forgiveness if we understand how the Lord has forgiven us of our sins.

  • The Debt of Love


    Because of God’s great love for us in sacrificing his own Son for our sins, our obligation to God is to fulfill the continuing debt of love towards one another. The love described by God is distinct from selfish love because Godly love ACTS in TRUTH...

  • God, The Master Craftsman


    While many people live life as helpless before an impersonal fate, those who put their hope and trust and God realize that He has a plan for our lives that is bigger than any one of us. When the path of God’s plan seems to go off-script, seek the Lord...

  • Imported from the Kingdom of God


    Imported from the Kingdom of God means that we are purposefully created by an infinite God to reflect his image in the earth. One writer said “God makes people—people do not make God.” When we make our own gods, they are always inferior to the eternal...

  • Faith Is (Part II) - Mature Faith


    Mature faith relies on the infinite strength of God's ability combined with God's sovereignty in bringing His will and His word to pass. Regardless of the circumstances presented before us, we must always choose to obey God and to take...

  • Faith Is (Part I)


    How to walk by faith in everyday life. Faith is... Focused, Confident, + Tested.

  • Persistence with Patience


    The parable of the persistent widow demonstrates how God expects us to be persistent before God yet with patience.

  • We are a family


    By God’s sovereign design, one of the ways that He provides for our needs is by placing us in natural and spiritual families so that we can minister to one another and thereby experience joy and happiness.

  • God Is ________, Therefore!


    When we make God our refuge, strength, and help, we can trust in him and walk in boldness not fear.

  • We are the church... Let us do good to all people


    A healthy, thriving church should be generous with sowing seeds of God’s grace and love to all of God’s creation, both in the household of faith and outside of the body of Christ.

  • Called from darkness into the light :: The Call of Salvation


    As believers, the 2nd dimension of our calling from God is to be His children, those whom God has called from darkness into his wonderful light, that we may daily live our lives as people who have been redeemed

  • When God Calls You By Name


    WE ARE CALLED // There are multiple dimensions to our calling as part of God's creation. The first dimension of our calling is to be a people that BELONG to God, delighting in God's everlasting love for us.

  • Seek first


    In spite of all of our daily needs, God desires that we passionately pursue him on a daily basis and prioritize him as number one in our lives. When we prioritize God, we receive the reward of his presence in our lives which opens up doors for his...

  • It's not to you, It's for you


    In the journey of life, we have to trust God as He fights our battles and fulfills His Word in the seconds, minutes, and hours of our lives.