The D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircle is held in the UNIVERSAL ILLUMINATION SANCTUARY's Grotto Chapel every day at 1pmPT | 2pmMT | 3pmCT | 4pmET | -6:00GMT.A new prayer-Invocation is written each week or month depending upon circumstances.Join us at:http://r-o-s-e.org/Universal-Illumination-Sanctuary


  • UIS Grotto Chapel June-July 2011

    30/05/2011 Duration: 02min

    Universal Illumination SanctuaryGrotto Chapel ~ D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircleJune-July 2011 | © Noreen Jameson 2011Blessed Godde, your children, whom you havebrought together, at this time, for this time,are gathered to shine your Light and Love.Turbulent weather and disasters have our heartswith our human and animal brethren as wepray for their safety, protection, healingand restoration.Political turmoil is seemingly prevalent in thesetimes... we understand the necessity of freedom,and are grateful for those who defend it, but wepray for world peace.As we reflect upon the needs and requests ofthose who are ill, suffering, in pain, in poverty...we claim healing, joy, wellness and prosperity.May all realize that miracles occur, and mayour example of many paths, many faiths -gathering as One - facilitate a world-wide spiritof gratitude and thankfulness with full releaseof all negativity.Amen.. And so it is... So mote it be... Blessed Be.(narrated by Noreen Jameson)http://r-o-s-e.org/Universal-Il

  • The Garnet Flame

    08/04/2011 Duration: 56s

      The Garnet Flame is a Gift from Archangel Gabriel and Divine Mother, transmuted through a Meditation and Vision received on March 11, 2011   It is a NEW Flame / Ray, for THIS Time / Age.   You are free to distribute this Decree for meditation and visualization purposes, as given by Archangel Gabriel and Divine Mother, however it must remain intact, as-is.   http://r-o-s-e.org/Garnet-Flame/

  • UIS Grotto Chapel ~ April-May 2011

    24/03/2011 Duration: 02min

    D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircleGrotto Chapel ~ U.I.S.April - May Invocation©2011 Teri Helton We are here, in this moment, blessed Godde,gathered as One in gratitude and love. In this moment may the Light of love shine from every heartbringing darkness into Light.May the Light of love shine from every heartbringing hope and faith where there is doubt. In this moment may Peace prevail.Addressing current earth changes and political issues,We pray for calmness.We claim containment for all dangers.We surround all with protection and healing. In this moment we embrace all that existswith love, harmony and Peace.Intending wellness and wholenessof mind, body and spirit for all;with release of worry, fear, and all banefrom every heart and opening all to Your blessings. We are blessed, dear Godde, with all the goodnessand richness of your bountyand claim it for all with gratitude forRadiant healing, abundant prosperity andboundless joy and happiness for everyOne. For any and

  • Grotto Chapel Invocation Feb-March 2011

    24/03/2011 Duration: 03min

    Grotto Chapel ~ Feb-March 2011 Grotto ChapelD.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircle"Invocation" February & March, 2011© 2011, Noreen JamesonAs we collectively gather as Children of the Divineand reflect upon our Intentions for humanity,our Intentions for our Mother Earth,our Intentions for the animals,our Intentions for the Highest Good ofAll Concerned, may we pause....And just BE.Be in Gratitude.Be in Gratitude for the Miracles we havewitnessed.Be in Gratitude for the Blessings already received.For, as we know, even the darkest hourturns into LightAnd that Light is our shared LOVE.Blessed Godde, we claim our Birthrightto health, to prosperity, to joy.And we claim it for those who have yetto receive it.Remove their blockages, Bless themwith full joy and contentedness.Bless us all with your deep Peace.Amen.So be it.And so it is.Blessed Be!

  • Dec 2010-Jan 2011 "non"-Invocation ~ Grotto Chapel DRPC

    23/11/2010 Duration: 04min

      Grotto ChapelDaily Reflection & Prayer Circle"non" InvocationDec 2010 - Jan 2011© Maven Noreen JamesonMy dear soul-familyas we enter into the last month of 2010, one of themost Holy months, celebratedby many faiths and paths,I again propose a "non"-Invocationas I believe we all know how to Pray.Instead, let us reflect upon the pastyear, the positive gains we've made,the miracles we've witnessed,and the ONE-ness we have accomplished.We'll be entering a NEW year soon,full of possibilities, let us continue toshine our collective LIGHT and showthose who fear and those who question,that people such as ourselves, from allwalks of life, from many diverse faiths and pathsCAN join as ONE, DO join as ONE, consistantly, each and every day, blendingour hearts, our voices, our thoughts,all for the Highest Good of all concerned.Take this time, now, my sisters and brothers,to reflect upon, contemplate, meditate and prayabout all that which concerns you.Please include our Grotto Chapel "list"............Amen.

  • Oct - Nov. {non} Invocation DRPC | Grotto Chapel

    28/09/2010 Duration: 03min

    D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircleOctober-November  (NON) Invocation ~ Oct 3-Dec 4, 2010©2010  Noreen Jameson{aka Maven Noreen} As we collectively gather as One to pray and meditate... as we call upon Deity ... Let's really go-within and open our heartsto contemplate answers and solutions.We HAVE received them. Have we utilized them?Friends, family, Soul-family,we are Loved, unconditionally.Are we reflecting that Love,that LIGHTas we go about our daily lives?Take this time each day, while praying,to ask Deity, Source, Spirit to guideyour prayers ~ that your actionsoutwardly mirror what is in your heart,your very soul.We have lists of prayer and healing requests...we make time each day to combine our energiesfor the Highest Good of All Concerned.Breathe now, and turn all that is positive andgood towards the needs of others.(pause)Our Divine birthright is that of abundance,prosperity, health, joy, protection and safety.Reach up to that blackboard or whiteboardand ERASE negativity. Release i

  • (non) Invocation Aug/Sept 2010 ~ Grotto Chapel

    01/08/2010 Duration: 02min

    D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircleAug-Sept (non) Invocation ~ Aug1-Oct 2, 2010©2010  Noreen Jameson{aka Maven Noreen}From various paths and faiths, we cometogether each day to contemplate andreflect upon the many needs of ourbrethren who share our Mother Earth.As ONE, we pray, we meditate, and wesee and claim Miracles.No matter how we individually acknowledgeDeity, we know that the Divine hears ourprayers, and Loves us ALL.Friends, family, soul-family, YOUR needs,YOUR desires become ours.Whether on bended knees, or with raisedhands, or quietly sitting, we share the Love.Prayer is not the words, prayer is theINTENTION, and our intention is crystal clear,to pray for you, to pray for your loved ones,and to pray for those who have not or cannot ask.The Highest Good of all concerned is bestserved by collective prayer, thought andmeditation. This we gladly do.Rather than compose a prayer of Invocationthis month,  we again invite you to call uponyour own Divine Source, your own Creator,and pray

  • July 2010 ~ Invocation

    22/06/2010 Duration: 02min

    D.aily  R.eflection and  P.rayer  C.ircleInvocation for month of July, 2010(June 27 through July 31)©2010  Noreen Jameson {aka Maven Noreen}As we gather for the month of JulyBlessed Godde, we know you arealways with and in each and every one of us, yet we do ask your Presencehere in our Sacred Circle of prayer,reflection and contemplation.Our Intention is clear, we conciselystate our wants, needs and desires;for ourselves, for one another, andespecially for our Home, the Planetyou entrusted into our care.Send your Angels, dear Godde,to Seal Blessings upon ourMother Earth.May the suffering caused byour own errors be lessened.May disasters caused by our owngreed end NOW as we recognizethe Lesson learned.As always, we seek Peace.We seek an end to poverty.We seek an end to suffering.We seek prosperity, abundance,health and hope for all,And we claim it to be so.We release all negativity,We see the Shift approaching,We seek to serve the Highest Goodof all concerned.As above, so below.As wit

  • Invocation MAY (05/02-05/29/2010)

    27/04/2010 Duration: 02min

    DRPC Invocation for the month ofMay 02 - May 29, 2010© Noreen Jameson 2010As we gather each day through themonth of May, we remember thatwe who do so have witnessedgrace, healings, blessings and Miracles...in the name of our own personal Deities,and by the power of our own thoughts.Let us each individually call upon thatwhich Serves us as One.Universal Creator, join us in ourSacred Circle as we pray,as we meditateas we contemplateas we reflectand as we intercede for those who cannot.We call upon all that which is positive and Holy.We banish all that which is negative.We accept Your Grace.We accept Your Healings.We accept Your Blessings.And we claim and accept Your Miracles.At this time, may we each, in our ownfashion, speak from our hearts and pray.  Each prayer, tho individual, isa collective reflection of your children,Dear Godde, who are ONE..and so to pray......................................Amen............Blessed Be............And So it Is.............So mote it be.        

  • Invocation April 04 - May 01, 2010

    02/04/2010 Duration: 02min

            Invocation for the month of         April 04 - May 01, 2010        © Noreen Jameson 2010   Dearest Godde, creator of all,we share you by many namesand celebrate our diversity.For the coming month, we continuallyreflect and contemplate upon the following:• Ourselves and loved ones• Mother Earth• PEACE• All World Leaders• All who need healing• The abused, the ill, the oppressed• Caretakers, Health-workers• The physically and/or emotionally challenged• Loss and mourning• Social Injustice• Family strife• Victims of ALL disasters• Homeless• Financial difficulties, poverty and hunger• The Unemployed and the UNDER-employed• Animal Suffering• Veterans• Military, all branches• Military families (separated by Duty)• Victims of war• All Orphans• All children• All Elderly• Appreciat

  • DRPC March 28-April 03, 2010

    23/03/2010 Duration: 02min

    Daily Reflection & Prayer Circle(non) - Invocation for the week of March 28 - April 03, 2010© Noreen Jameson 2010It goes without saying that our Prayer Circle has been a Blessing to many,and it occurred to me to do something different this week, rather than myself or Teri writing our group Invocation.We all know how to pray, in our own unique fashion, so, this week, I ask you to use your own Invocation (or grab one from the Archives)while contemplating our shared Mission, who we are, what we stand for, and who and what we've collectively prayed for and about....No matter who or what is on our "list".. there are people, places, situations, etc, that we always contemplate.  Then there are those unasked needs, wants, and desires.  Perhaps someone is too shy to come forward.  Perhaps it's embarrassment.  No matter, as kindred spirits, we know deep in our hearts that we've all 'been-there', and that no matter who our Deity is, our prayers are heard and answered.  Friends, we are a

  • DRPC Mar 21-27, 2010

    16/03/2010 Duration: 02min

    D.aily  R.eflection  &  P.rayer  C.ircle in the Grotto Chapel @ Priory of the R.O.S.E. Grotto (R.ealizing  O.ur  S.piritual  E.ssence)   Daily Reflection & Prayer CircleInvocation for March 21-27, 2010© Noreen Jameson 2010As we enter a new Season, dearest Godde,Bless our continual efforts to forgive ourselves,and others, to heal our planet, and bring about Peace.Mother and Father, we humbly bring you our Prayers for all inhabitants of this world we share, we ask your Blessings of health,wholeness, and abundance for all.May those who seek to hurt  or administer painbe rendered fully harmless.May those who harm unwittingly be shownthe errors of their words, actions and deeds,and may healing of all prejudices occur Now,so that All your Children live in equality, reaping Blessings upon Blessings.We ask the assistance of the Angels to carryLight where there is Darkness, may eyes andears and hearts be opened to Love.Help us in all areas where we may falter.B

  • Invocation 03/06-13/2010

    02/03/2010 Duration: 02min

    R.ealizing O.ur S.piritual E.ssence ~ The Daily Reflection & Prayer Circle (DRPC) in the Grotto Chapel. A new Prayer/Invocation is composed every week. We are a fully ecumenical, multi-faith, inter-denominational Sacred Circle, that meets 365 @ 1pmPT | 2pmMT |3pmCT | 4pmET | -6:00GMT Invocation for  March 7 -13, 2010  © Noreen Jameson 2010  With bended knees, clasped hands,  raised hands, bowed heads, raised faces --  no matter how we pray or meditate, we  do so with One heart, Blessed Godde,  and we ask your Divine presence in  this, our Sacred Circle.  We seek answers, Mother and Father,  and realize that Your glorious Plan  allows for the best for us as we travel  through this life on mother Earth.  Keep us open to understanding,  Let us recognize Blessings as they occur.  Send help, in the form of Angels where   needed, dear Godde.   Send help, in the form of Teachers where   needed, dea

  • Invocation 02/28-03/06/2010

    25/02/2010 Duration: 02min

    R.ealizing O.ur S.piritual E.ssence ~ The Daily Reflection & Prayer Circle (DRPC) in the Grotto Chapel. A new Prayer/Invocation is composed every week. We are a fully ecumenical, multi-faith, inter-denominational Sacred Circle.Invocation for the week of Feb 28 - Mar 06, 2010© Noreen Jameson 2010As our thoughts, prayers and meditationsripple throughout the reflective poolsof our hearts and minds out into thecollective Universe, we invoke Yourpresence and answers, Blessed Godde.We know that we are only limited byour own perception, help us to raiseour vibration for the highest goodof all concerned.  May our silent timesbe filled with Your voice.Our hearts and minds are ready toaccept Miracles.  We forgive and seekatonement  to open the avenue of Divineintercession.  Increase our abilities andeffectiveness,  via awakening.May appreciation and gratitude blazethe path of every gift received.  We thank you, thank you, thank you - with joy ~ and we render negativityharmless and

  • DRPC Invocation 02/21-27/2010

    10/02/2010 Duration: 01min

    Invocation for the week of Feb 21-27, 2010© 2010 Noreen JamesonAlmighty Lord and Lady, Godde of the Universe, Godde of our hearts;we join as ONE in this, our Sacred Circleof prayer, meditation, illuminating Light and everlasting Love.May our collective vibrationand voices be that of Peace.May all the needs of those who suffer in silence be met with relief, renewal and answers.Forgive us our mistakes as welearn to forgive those who havehurt us.  May those who seekthe infliction of pain be renderedharmless.In our world of seen and unseen,Bless our efforts to bring aboutpositive changes of improvementsin our relationships with all beingswho reside here with us.We praise You, dear Godde, andwe thank you for even the smallestof blessings.  May  we recognize thebeauty of every living person andform of life during our short time here.As we learn to use our lessons andgifts to serve the highest good of all,Remind us, while asking for ourselves,to ask for those who simply cannot.May the wings of An

  • DRPC Invocation 02/14-20/2010

    10/02/2010 Duration: 01min

    D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircle Prayer Invocation Feb 14 -20© Noreen Jameson 2010Blessed Godde, we thank you forYour Divine Presence;  we knowyou are with us always, in everymoment, in every situation, in everyvisible and invisible aspect ofall your  wonderful creation.We appreciate the beauty ofour diversity, and celebratethe purpose of your plan.We stand in awe and gratitude for Your persistent love for each and all of Your children.Forgive us the violence we haveshown one another.Forgive us the violationsof our planet,Forgive us the treatmentwe have shown ourfellow inhabitants, the animals, whomyou entrusted into our care.May tranquility be realized,by all civil authorities, and the armed forces; grant them peaceful times, that we all may lead a calm and quiet life in beauty,mutual respect, harmony,compassion and understanding.We thank you for health,may those who are ill be blessed.We thank you for freedom,may the oppressed be releasedfrom bondage.We thank you for prosperity,may th

  • DRPC Invocation 02/07-13/2010

    04/02/2010 Duration: 02min

    D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer Circle Invocation for the week of Feb 7-13, 2010 © Noreen Jameson, 2010   On the Wings of the Blessed Angels,Dearest Godde, we send our prayersof Intention for the Highest Good of All Concerned to the four corners ofour Universe, with One vibration.We ask your Divine Presence, Lord and Lady -- complete ourSacred Circle.All that is above, is here, below.All that is within, is there, without.Help those who doubt to fullyunderstand and appreciatethat every prayer, every thought,every intention is met with ananswer of Holy Guidance,inner Peace, and above all -- Love and Light.May the yoke of oppressionand poverty  be removed fromall who suffer.We see and claim a lifewithout hardship or diseasefor all... ALL inhabitantsof our Great Mother, earth.Remind us each day thatforgiveness begins withinLet us always be in appreciationand gratitude for gifts and Blessingsalready bestowed.That which we do not yet understand WILL berevealed, in Divine Timing.As we contemplate the

  • DRPC Invocation 01/31-02/06/10

    29/01/2010 Duration: 02min

    Prayer for the Week of Jan.31 to Feb.6.Given by Teri Helton©2010 Teri Helton  Dear Godde,Divine Lord and Lady of our heartsWe seek your presence toShare our circle of prayer,and further empower our intention,as we raise our voices as OneOn behalf of all beings, no exceptions.The festival of Light, Imbolc, is upon us.We prepare for the awakeningof the children of nature as the gloriuswonder that is the Sun, slowly returnsto Light our world.We sense Mother Earthas the quickening of fertility fillsthe soil and she nurtures herselfas she prepares for the comingSpring of new life.Godde of our hearts and of this beauty,Grant that our prayers be answeredIn this time of turmoil and danger in our world;that the true beauty and peace of life embrace us alland those in need will suffer no more.Where there is desperation and fear anddarkness...Where there is hunger, pain and suffering...Where there is homelessness, poverty and dis-ease...In these places and in all places where there is need,We shine Your Light

  • DRPC Invocation 01/24-30/2010

    23/01/2010 Duration: 01min

    R.ealizing  O.ur  S.pritual  E.ssence  DRPC, Daily Reflection and Prayer Circle is in the Grotto Chapel at Priory of the R.O.S.E. Grotto.       We meet for collective Prayer, meditation, healing energy and reflection every day at 3:00pm Central Time (USA)        A new Invocation is written each week.  Invocation for the week of January 24 - 30, 2010 © Noreen Jameson 2010 Blessed Godde, our Divine parents--  Our universe is vast, our circle is small,  and we invite your presence among us  where we know our energy and clarity  ascertains answered prayer.    We focus collectively, and accept  that answers are always available.  We understand and respect that  our thoughts must serve the highest  good of all concerned.    May those who judge learn that  forgiveness is Love, and that Love  radiates the Peace you intended  for all inhabitants of Mother Earth&nb

  • DRPC Invocation 01/17-23/2010

    17/01/2010 Duration: 02min

    DRPC, Daily Reflection and Prayer Circle is in the Grotto Chapel at Priory of the R.O.S.E. Grotto.    We meet for collective Prayer, meditation, healing energy and reflection every day at 3:00pm Central Time (USA)    A new Invocation is written each week.  • • • • • Invocation for the week of January 17 - 23, 2010   © Noreen Jameson 2010    Lord Godde, Lady Godde, Our Divine Parents, who  created and sustain us -- Our hearts and minds are open to your Blessed Presence. As your children, we recognize  our human frailties, and we ask  your intervention before we  spiral into more disasters.  Be with us now, as we truly  learn from our own mistakes,  show us a better way as  we stumble and falter.  Help us to realize our full and  true potential, as stewards  of love, light and knowledge.  Let us spread these Holy gifts  and renew our

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