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  • EMF Electromagnetic Fields


    Electromagnetic fields, or EMF, is the topic of episode # 7 of the weekly podcast, "Nontoxic Living". In this episode, the three main sources of EMF in the home are identified, with tips on how to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Also, the possible link between EMF and childhood leukemia is discussed. Hosted by […]

  • Germs on a Plane: Can you get sick flying?


    Podcast episode # 18 of "Nontoxic Living" features the latest research information on water filters that clean home tap water. Also, a feature called, "Germs on a Plane: Can you get sick flying? Includes advice about what you can do to stay healthy when you fly. The shown is hosted by Randy and Kathy Davidson […]

  • Healthy Home Furnishings/ NTL podcast # 13


    Episode # 13 of the weekly podcast, "Nontoxic Living" features discussion about choosing healthier home furnishings. Also, an overview of maintaining a healthy attic, basement, crawlspace, and attached garage. Hosted by Randy and Kathy Davidson MP3 File

  • Radon and How It Affects Your Health


    This episode of the Nontoxic Living Podcast puts the spotlight on RADON- what it is, how it affects your health, and how to eliminate or reduce your exposure to radon in your home. MP3 File

  • Dust Mites, Mold- biological contaminants


    Episode # 4 of the Nontoxic Living Podcast features discussions of biological contaminants such as dust mites and mold. MP3 File

  • Sick Building Syndrome/Nontoxic Living podcast


    This edition of the podcast "Nontoxic Living", discusses Sick Building Syndrome- the symptoms, the causes and the cures. Hosted by Randy and Kathy Davidson MP3 File

  • Green Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning


    This is podcast # 22 of "Nontoxic Living". This show features an article published on about Green Dry Cleaning, and a dry cleaner in San Diego named Gordon Shaw, who switched from the perchloroethylene method of dry cleaning, to the more eco-friendly, less-toxic pressurized liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) system, with much success in San […]

  • Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


    Nontoxic Living Podcast that explains how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Hosted by Randy and Kathy Davidson of the BioWIse Institute of Indoor Environmental Health. MP3 File

  • Nontoxic Living podcast is BACK!


    WE'RE BACK!!! After a production break, the Nontoxic Living podcast is back! Episode # 21 brings you up-to-date on the latest nontoxic living resources including, a great website, plus a mention of the Seventh Generation newsletter, The Non-toxic Times. Randy and Kathy also discuss a new book by Dr. Gary Ginsberg and Brian Toal […]

  • The Nontoxic Closet and Bed NTL #16


    Episode # 16 of the podcast "Nontoxic Living" deals with healthier choices in clothing and bedding, and how to create a natural, less-toxic laundry. Hosts Randy and Kathy Davidson also highlight a Wall Street journal article about hospital environments, and the new awareness for making the patient's immediate environment, healthier and less-toxic. Randy also mentions […]