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  • Through S.C.O.P.E. Collaborative, Nationwide Children’s is Reducing Infection Rates and Hospitalization Among Dialysis Patients

    18/11/2013 Duration: 17min

    Listen in as Dr. Hiren Patel discusses end stage renal disease, more commonly referred to as severe kidney failure. When a person’s kidneys function properly, they remove waste from the body. In kidney failure, the kidneys are unable to remove …Read More »

  • Treat Me With Respect

    16/07/2013 Duration: 19min

    Our patients have told us that they want three things from us, and in this order: Don’t hurt me, heal me and be nice to me. Every one of these is important, and in this podcast we are discussing the …Read More »

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Remission Rates Improving through ImproveCareNow Network

    24/06/2013 Duration: 35min

    More than 1.4 million Americans suffer from irritable bowel disease (IBD). Of these, 25 percent are children. There are two main types of IBD that people typically think about: Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. The difference between the two is …Read More »

  • Prescription Medicine Disposal

    04/05/2013 Duration: 12min

    Are you aware that some of the most dangerous substances to children and adolescents may be sitting in your medicine cabinet? Every year, children mistakenly ingest prescription medications that are not secured properly. Even scarier is that some adolescents purposely …Read More »

  • Explaining the Country’s Infant Mortality Rate – Part 2

    05/03/2013 Duration: 26min

    Infant mortality rates among the African American population are higher than those of the Caucasian population in this country. Part two of this infant mortality podcast addresses some theories that explain this disparity, including the issues of poverty, education and …Read More »

  • Explaining the Country’s Infant Mortality Rate – Part 1

    27/08/2012 Duration: 22min

    The measurement of infant mortality says a lot about a country, especially its quality and accessibility of good public health. Even in some of the wealthiest countries in the world, though – such as the United States – infant mortality …Read More »

  • Pediatric Asthma

    03/07/2012 Duration: 26min

    Pediatric asthma is a big problem in this country. Did you know that each year, 10 million school days are missed due to asthma? And, over half a million kids visit an emergency department each year due to an asthma-related …Read More »

  • PediaCast MashUp

    21/03/2012 Duration: 59min

    Here at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we try to get useful information out to the community through as many channels as possible. If you’re reading this, you are obviously familiar with Children’s on Quality. But have you taken a listen to …Read More »

  • Surgical Hypothermia

    07/03/2012 Duration: 13min

    Hypothermia might not even cross your mind when you think about having surgery. But it’s actually not unheard of in hospital operating rooms across the country – among children and adults. When a person is under anesthesia, he or she …Read More »

  • Button Batteries

    13/02/2012 Duration: 17min

    Do you know what a button battery is? With the increasing production of electronic products in the consumer market, more button batteries are found in the home setting. From remote controls and watches to musical greeting cards and toys, these …Read More »

  • Hand Hygiene at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

    06/06/2011 Duration: 10min

    In the United States, an estimated 5 percent of patients develop an infection while hospitalized. That is nearly 2 million people infected each year. Although hand washing has long been regarded as the most effective preventative measure, estimates of hand …Read More »

  • Pastoral Care at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

    05/05/2011 Duration: 15min

    For children and their families, a stay in the hospital can be a very stressful time. Pain, worry and fear of the unknown are often made harder by being away from family and friends. The Pastoral Care Program at Nationwide …Read More »

  • Effects of mother’s addiction on infants: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

    01/04/2011 Duration: 19min

    When a pregnant woman uses addictive drugs (illicit or certain prescription drugs), she puts her baby at risk for a number of problems. Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) is a term for a group of problems a baby experiences after birth …Read More »

  • Reducing the Frequency of Pediatric Pressure Ulcers

    01/03/2011 Duration: 15min

    A 2002 article regarding the incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcers in children reported from survey data that the incidence of pressure ulcers in children was less than 0.3 percent. In 2011, we know this not to be the case. …Read More »

  • Hospital-Acquired Infections

    03/02/2011 Duration: 20min

    There used to be a time when a certain amount of hospital-acquired infections were expected and accepted in the healthcare industry. Now, Nationwide Children’s Hospital is taking proactive measures to change that attitude and to prevent and reduce the number …Read More »

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – Part 2

    14/01/2011 Duration: 16min

    Our discussion of the electronic medical record continues as we address its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage: Electronic Medical Records increase the accessibility of a patient’s record; a doctor can access a patient’s information from any computer hooked up to …Read More »

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – Part 1

    27/12/2010 Duration: 13min

    In a time where speed and accessibility are ever-growing priorities for businesses, it’s hard to believe that the healthcare industry has only recently made use of the electronic medical record (EMR). Healthcare has always been about information management, but only …Read More »

  • Collaboration, Community Keys to Keep Me Well Program

    11/11/2010 Duration: 13min

    Nationwide Children’s Hospital is taking responsibility for its special health care needs population. How? By utilizing our extensive network, partnerships and resources to provide treatment and prevention services in five focus areas: obesity, prematurity, diabetes, asthma and health supervision. Nationwide …Read More »

  • Keep Me Well

    26/10/2010 Duration: 17min

    In their August 25, 2010 commentary in the New England Journal of Medicine, Howard Koh, MD, Assistant Secretary for Health, and Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services describe the major components of the Affordable Care Act that was …Read More »

  • Children’s on Quality

    20/08/2010 Duration: 17min

    There has been an explosion in new technologies that are available at our fingertips.  How can these tools help us care for patients at Nationwide Children’s Hospital? And how can healthcare providers take advantage of these technological phenomena to provide …Read More »