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Behind every scientific innovation and discovery are the efforts of a diverse group of hard-working, dedicated people. Beneath every conversation about the structure, function, laws, and theories of science are people using their skill, knowledge, and creativity to make incremental advances to human knowledge. Between the lines of every scientific article, snippet of science reporting, and all scientific nonfiction are people boldly working against frustration, and uncertainty.From students, teachers, and professors of science, to technicians, administrators, and research assistants, to science researchers, communicators, and educators, to people who produce, consume, or apply science outside the laboratory- Bold Signals features interviews with the people involved in this wonderful, messy, awe-inspiring thing we call science. Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.


  • S03E02 Transformative Science with Marissa Rice

    15/05/2017 Duration: 01h01min

    ...and we're back! This episode features an interview with cognitive neuro-ecologist Marissa Rice. We talk about about mentorship, interdisciplinary research, science art, and the love life of Microtus ochrogaster (the prairie vole). Music in this episode: "Enterprise 1" by Languis "Pasanta" by Queridas "Piedra Preciosa" by Queridas Cover Art: "House VI, Fourteen Transformations" by Peter Eisenman

  • S3E01 Science and Technology with Brian Nosek

    10/12/2016 Duration: 01h04min

    Welcome to third season of Bold Signals! In this episode: 1. Scenes from the Replication Crisis: Ronald Fisher and the P-Value. [0:01:00] 2. An extended interview with Brian Nosek, Social Psychologist and Director of the Center for Open Science. [0:09:25] 3. Bold Signals Documentary Club: Cosmos: A Personal Journey (Episode 1). [0:56:58] Music in this Episode: "Enterprise 1" by Languis "Trees Don't Sleep" by Zachary Cale, Mighty Moon & Ethan Schmid "Shoegaze" by Jahzzar "Lights of Tomorrow" by Starover Blue "Not a Song" by Scrapple "Cabalista" by Wild Flag Cover Art: "Homebrew" by Robert Tinney