Global Enlightenment With Ostara



"Global Enlightenment with Ostara" will explore topics in advanced consciousness every week.  We will explore Zen meditation and the art of self-remembering, as well as how to cooperate with your natal astrology.  We will explore shamanism, the out of body state, and visiting the inner earth. 
We will give tips to indigos, crystals, light workers and star seeds on how to navigate their sensitivities with self-love.  We will help them understand that the challenge of sensitivity is an incredible gift; that they are indeed, appreciated and very special to the planet.  It is no accident that they came in with memories of what a highly evolved society feels like.  Whether or not those around them are encouraging, they can learn to tap into their own soul-light and feel magically guided from within.
If you find yourself ready to deepen your relationship with your Higher Self, the planetary consciousness, gratitude, and the immensely benevolent force within all things, tune into Global Enlightenment with Ostara every Saturday at 3pm on  Come ready with both personal and metaphysical questions to be answered by either Ostara or the Archangels.