Paul B Evans



Business and Personal Development Show. The better you become - the better your business becomes. We talk about building your business and build you.


  • 005 What It’s Like To Be Rich

    15/10/2012 Duration: 06min

    Not bragging, but folks ask me all the time what it's like to be rich.In this super brief episode, I tell you what part of my day looks like. The day of a rich person.

  • 004 Deploy and Debrief

    10/10/2012 Duration: 19min

    Did you accept a mission?Great! Now let’s accomplish it…In this episode:Initiate1. Deliberate Decision2. Immovable Deadline3. Measurable ResultFormulate1. Powerful Plan2. Peer Partner3. Public ProclamationAccelerate1. Training2. Tracking

  • 003 Define and Design

    08/10/2012 Duration: 16min

    The first step of the mission is defining and designing the journey.Without clarity it’s easy to get wiped out in the process.In this podcast we’ll hit the critical components of defining and designing the mission…Who will the mission impact?What will the ultimate outcome be? 

  • 002 The Trilogy Protocol

    05/10/2012 Duration: 18min

    Early in life I wanted to be a superhero, especially The Hulk. Alas, a lack of size and gamma-radiation prevented my transformation. However, we can all be a superhero in our own way… In this episode… 3 A’s to the Protocol 3 Initiatives to Make the Mundane a Mission

  • 001 Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It

    08/05/2012 Duration: 20min

    Purpose vs Mission. How to stop using purpose as a copout.