Dream Chants



Dream Chant is discoverd by Strephon Kaplan-Williams from his work with the harmonium of India. Just like in dreaming you allow yourself to go into a gentle trance state in which you tune into a transcendent place within yourself, the Source, wherein a healing and universal harmony exists if you can let go enough to let it come through and sound it.


  • Forth Fret Guitar Meditation


    – Strephon Says 27 Forth Fret Guitar Meditation Meditative Spanish guitar by Strephon. Healing sound to play over and over to give lyric expression to your various feelings. Music of integrity to evoke the heart. Listen and let go . . . Music is often played to entertain. Strephon’s chanting and trance guitar playing is […]

  • Alleluya 5 Voice Healing Chant


    – Strephon Says 26 Alleluya 5 voice healing chant This five-part chant is for healing. It brings disharmony into harmony. Listen over and over and it will reblend your chaotic emotions into creative harmony, restructure chaos into transcendence and grounding. This Alleluya is a form of Dream Chant discoverd by Strephon Kaplan-Williams from his work […]