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Hey everyone it's Adrian from Everyday Adrian and I'm starting a Everyday Adrian Podcast for all my followers that just want to carry audio instead of watching my videos.


  • I found a stray St. Bernard

    27/08/2016 Duration: 02min

    I found a stray St. Bernard by EverydayAdrian

  • Time Flies By Fast

    10/04/2016 Duration: 05min

    Time Flies By Fast by EverydayAdrian

  • Share Your Time With Someone!

    09/04/2016 Duration: 05min

    Share Your Time With Someone! by EverydayAdrian

  • Always Better Yourself!

    27/02/2016 Duration: 05min

    Always Better Yourself! by EverydayAdrian

  • Stop Being Lazy!

    21/02/2016 Duration: 05min

    Stop Being Lazy! by EverydayAdrian

  • What Makes You Unique?

    09/02/2016 Duration: 05min

    What Makes You Unique? by EverydayAdrian

  • Keep Trying To Achieve Your Dreams!

    01/02/2016 Duration: 05min

    Keep Trying To Achieve Your Dreams! by EverydayAdrian

  • You learn when you fail!

    27/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    We learn when we try and fail! That is the process of life and that is how we grow. Always fight for your dreams and never quit! Thanks for listening! Adrian

  • Do What You Love!

    23/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    Do what makes you happy no matter what others may think or say. It's your life and you should be doing the things you like not matter what anyone else thinks, and the begging is always the hardest, but you can do it! Thanks for listening! Adrian

  • Think Positive Always

    20/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    Think Positive Always by EverydayAdrian

  • Great Advice From A 10yr old!

    19/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    Sometimes kids give up the best advice for our own life's. They see things in a simpler way then we do. We can all learn from them! Thanks for listening and have a great day! Adrian

  • Life Is Meant To Be Hard!

    17/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    Life is meant to be hard and either you roll with the punches or you get knocked out! My car broke down and I stayed positive through the whole time! Life is meant to be lived and we need to pick our attitude for every situation. Thanks for listening! Adrian

  • Live Life

    16/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    Another day gone by and living life in the moment is the best thing to do. It is late, but I still wanted to keep up with my podcast goal. I hope you guys had a great day! Thanks for listening I appreciate you! Adrian

  • My dirty girl!

    15/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    Getting ready for bed, just talking about how important is to record everyday of my life for me. Plus, my wife is so funny, and say's no one listens to my podcast. Thanks for listening. Adrian

  • Fun Fact: Tree Rings

    14/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    Adrian Jr. was sharing withe me the fun facts about Trees so he wanted to add it to my podcast, so you guys can learn it too. Thanks for listening! Adrian

  • What to do with $1.5 Billion?

    14/01/2016 Duration: 06min

    What to do with $1.5 Billion? by EverydayAdrian

  • I WON!! $1.5B Powerball

    12/01/2016 Duration: 04min

    People and the media are going crazy over this Power ball Lottery. I hope you bought a ticket and won. Everyday you're alive is winning lottery to me. Well, thanks for listening I appreciate you. Adrian

  • It's Monday & Mauro's Birthday.

    11/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    Today my Monday is going good I have a lot of work to catch on and I'm happy that today my baby brother turn's 17 and I can't remember much of when I was that age. Thanks for listening I appreciate you! Adrian

  • Comedy Night & Clubs

    10/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    We went out to Stand Up Live to watch Joel Mchale and we hit some clubs as well. Fun night with my sister and her husband. I hope you guys have a great day. Adrian

  • Stay Positive Always

    09/01/2016 Duration: 05min

    Stay positive always! We go through so many things in life, and life is meant to be hard, so don't make it harder on yourself by ruining another day with a bad attitude! Stay positive! Thanks for listening and have an awesome positive day! Check me out on Youtube, and all my social media! Your Friend, Adrian

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