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  • 2: Pam Antos - College Jump Start/ 8th Grade English


    Ilc Staff Member Pam Antos stops by to share her experiences as an educator. Mrs. Antos teaches in the College Jump Start network as part of dual enrollment opportunities for our juniors and seniors. She also teaches English to 8th grade students allowing her a variety of experiences on a day to day basis. Pam discusses how peer editing has taken on new life here at the ILC, and offers great insight on the "hotseat" activity she used with her 8th grade students.

  • 1: John Riley - Academy EDU


    ILC staff member John Riley joins the podcast to discuss the Academy EDU. He shares his experience teaching the future teachers of the world and some "aha" moments that the students are having while attending the Innovative Learning Center. John also discusses some "aha" moments that have made him rethink how he teaches, grades, and plans for each day.