End Demand Nyc



A podcast series examining issues relating to sex trafficking in New York City and beyond.


  • Defining the Problem

    Defining the Problem

    01/03/2011 Duration: 11min

    Taina Bien-Aime and Dorchen Leidholdt provide an introduction to the issue of sex trafficking.

  • A New York Problem

    A New York Problem

    28/02/2011 Duration: 09min

    Faith Huckel and Sonia Ossorio discuss how sex trafficking is experienced locally in NYC.

  • Tenancingo (The Supply)

    Tenancingo (The Supply)

    27/02/2011 Duration: 14min

    Lori Cohen and Anne Milgram discuss a typical story of exploitation and the law enforcement strategies to hold traffickers accountable.

  • A Victimless Crime

    A Victimless Crime

    26/02/2011 Duration: 14min

    Melissa Farley and Ruchira Gupta discuss the many harms experienced by women in prostitution.

  • The Swedish Model

    The Swedish Model

    25/02/2011 Duration: 06min

    Ken Franzblau and Norma Ramos discuss the Swedish Model.