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Here on the Enjoying Life on a Budget Podcast we share simple, easy ways to take back control of your money, live within your means, and create the simpler happier life weve always dreamed of. Mark and Lauren Greutman - authors of the website iamthatlady.com share their money management, debt reduction, and simple easy recipes for being financially wise.


  • Are you Planning for Failure?

    26/09/2016 Duration: 21min
  • My Shoplifting Issue

    13/09/2016 Duration: 21min
  • Inside the Mind of a Spender and a Saver

    07/09/2016 Duration: 20min
  • The Secret to getting UN-stuck in your finances, with Jean Chatzky

    10/08/2016 Duration: 19min
  • Can I give myself a pay raise?

    01/07/2016 Duration: 28min
  • How to Stop the Comparison Game - with Rachel Cruze

    01/06/2016 Duration: 22min
  • Why Moms Should be the Finance Rockstars of the Family - with Author Kimberly Palmer

    25/05/2016 Duration: 22min
  • My Voice Saved my Finances - with Voice Over Actress Carrie Olsen

    18/05/2016 Duration: 25min
  • HUGE News - I am going to ...... Plus how you can help.

    12/05/2016 Duration: 21min
  • The Day I Thought Mark Died and the Cost of Healthcare

    20/04/2016 Duration: 24min
  • How Anyone Can Get Started with eCommerce - with Steve Chou

    16/03/2016 Duration: 27min
  • How to make Money with Real Estate Wholesaling - with Clayton Morris

    04/03/2016 Duration: 34min
  • How to make a bunch of Money by Shopping at a Thrift Store - with Suzanne Wells

    02/03/2016 Duration: 41min
  • Debt AND Mortgage Free by 40, One Couple's Journey

    24/02/2016 Duration: 22min
  • From Bankruptcy to Debt-Free in 9 Months

    17/02/2016 Duration: 28min
  • How One Couple Moved to the Hood and Paid off $120k in Debt.

    10/02/2016 Duration: 26min
  • How one Couple paid off $52,000 of debt in 18 months - Podcast Episode 58

    03/02/2016 Duration: 23min
  • Your Financial Blueprint for 2016 - Podcast Episode 057

    13/01/2016 Duration: 26min
  • Student Loan Debt-The Causes and Repercussions, An Interview with Adam Carroll - Episode 056

    06/01/2016 Duration: 25min
  • How to get Inspired to Retire - Interview with Chris Hogan - Podcast Episode 055

    23/12/2015 Duration: 20min
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