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Challenging thoughts and ideas for education. Listen in as Classroom teachers, adminstrators and education support professionals discuss and provide ideas on improving the student experience. Lets design education together!


  • Lessons Learned While Presenting Part 2

    02/04/2015 Duration: 16min
  • Lessons Learned While Presenting To Teachers

    02/04/2015 Duration: 15min
  • Hack Your Classroom

    19/12/2014 Duration: 17min
  • Student Autonomy Episode

    16/12/2014 Duration: 22min
  • Agile Educator Explains The Project Canvas

    13/11/2014 Duration: 54min
  • Interview with John Miller Agile Educator Part 2

    11/11/2014 Duration: 19min
  • Interview with John Miller Agile Educator part 1

    03/11/2014 Duration: 25min
  • Minecraft Camp -An Overview

    03/11/2014 Duration: 23min