Hooked On Learning!



Powerful strategies for getting students hooked on learning, with your hosts Jed Dearybury and Matt Miller.


  • A Beginner's Guide to Skype In the Classroom

    25/02/2016 Duration: 10min
  • How to Create Meaningful, Memorable Learning Experiences

    11/02/2016 Duration: 09min
  • Five Teaching Strategies That Grabbed and Kept My Students' Attention

    10/11/2015 Duration: 11min
  • Six Things I've Learned About Students That Changed the Way I Teach

    05/11/2015 Duration: 11min
  • Letting Students Teach You How to Teach Them

    29/10/2015 Duration: 09min
  • Letting Students Teach You How to Teach Them

    20/10/2015 Duration: 09min
  • Arts: The Gateway to Teaching and Learning Just About Anything

    15/10/2015 Duration: 09min
  • How to Use Donorschose.org to Fund Powerful Learning Experiences

    08/10/2015 Duration: 11min
  • Promoting Student Reading Beyond the Book

    30/09/2015 Duration: 11min
  • Engaging Students with "Flended" Learning

    18/09/2015 Duration: 11min
  • New School Year, New Teaching Tools: Where to Get Started

    02/09/2015 Duration: 09min
  • Helping Reluctant Writers with Smart Prompts and Passion Projects

    27/08/2015 Duration: 10min
  • How I Changed My Teaching Once I Learned How Students' Brains Work

    11/08/2015 Duration: 11min
  • 3 Ways You Can Build Powerful Relationships with Your New Class

    04/08/2015 Duration: 11min
  • 6 Ways I Engaged Students with Tech Before Tech Was Cool

    23/07/2015 Duration: 10min
  • Encouraging a Sense of Wonder in Your Students

    13/07/2015 Duration: 10min
  • Connect Your Lessons to the Real World, Watch Magic Happen

    06/07/2015 Duration: 08min
  • The 3 R's: Engaging Students with Robots, Rap, Relevance and Relationship

    22/06/2015 Duration: 11min
  • Self Interest: The Key to Student Engagement

    15/06/2015 Duration: 11min
  • Three Award Winning Strategies That Engage Students and Drive Learning

    08/06/2015 Duration: 12min
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