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  • Chocolate Syrup - Carolyn R

    Chocolate Syrup - Carolyn R


    When Bernice Feller decided to move into Channing House, a retirement community in Palo Alto, she thought she was about to lose her independent and spirited lifestyle. Three years after her move, the 84-year-old Bernice is an active member of the Channing House community, proving that you can life life to the fullest at any age. In this podcast, she laughs and dines with friends.Audio Link

  • Music Minute with Monica Mark - Megan C

    Music Minute with Monica Mark - Megan C


    Listen in as Monica Mark, a talented young dancer and choreographer who was born in London and raised in New York, shares unique stories her lifelong passion for music. You can hear about the hundreds of concerts she attended while living in New York City as a teenager in the nineties, compare favorite artists, and learn about her unique musical hobby. Find out this major music fan's view on the benefits of following your passion!audio link

  • Hsiang Cheng - Janice Y

    Hsiang Cheng - Janice Y


    Hsiang Cheng is a 24 year old car mechanic who moved to the U.S. from Taiwan when he was only 4.Childhood memories stay vivid in his mind and his name reminds him everyday of the move he and his mother made to America. All the interesting and strange activities Hsiang participates in are part of his comedic and silly personality.Audio Link

  • Oso Peligroso - Michelle K

    Oso Peligroso - Michelle K


    Oso Peligroso is a high school band from Los Altos, California. Though only having started in mid 2007, Oso has made a name for themselves in their community.In this podcast episode, you will get the chance to learn more about Oso Peligroso through their guitarist, Simon. He will share the history of their formation and his thoughts of their sound.Audio Link

  • B.E.S.T. - Kirsten

    B.E.S.T. - Kirsten


    Blake is a sophomore at UC Berkeley. He has spent the majority of his life fighting against the stigmas that are associated with having ADHD, which culminated in his writing of a book. This podcast explores Blake's name and his thoughts on being link

  • On Her Own—An Interview with Phoebe Barber—By Caitlin M

    On Her Own—An Interview with Phoebe Barber—By Caitlin M


    Phoebe Barber shares some of the challenges she’s had to overcome after immigrating to the United States to escape a communist-ruled Vietnam in 1978. In this podcast, she talks about becoming a cosmetologist despite her mother’s objections, how she bought her own business, divorcing her good-for-nothing husband, and what she's gained from raising a child on her link

  • Michael Romano - Amanda D

    Michael Romano - Amanda D


    A podcast profile of Michael Romano, an SAT tutor based out of Palo Alto, California. Profile details the 3 things that are essential to knowing Michael and has a track of Michael singing an original song.Audio Link

  • Happiness Through Helping Others - Erin

    Happiness Through Helping Others - Erin


    This podcast profiles Sara, a dental hygienist with an infectious good nature. She willingly puts her patients and family before herself teaching us all a lesson on happiness; happiness is best achieved by helping link

  • Stephanie Hammons - Taisa

    Stephanie Hammons - Taisa


    Stephanie Hammons is the executive manager of a corporate fitness club in Sunnyvale, California. In this podcast, she reflects on her high school years and how she chose her career, and offers some link

  • Eger Korolevsky - Nicole

    Eger Korolevsky - Nicole


    Born and raised in Kyrgyzstan, Eger Korolevsky grew up in a tight-knit family. Moving to the US, though, changed his definition of “family relationships”, as his new American stepfather, Chuck, did not participate in any of the activities that he enjoyed with his father. Eger talks about what he misses in Kyrgyzstan and how he wishes he could bring together the two worlds he link

  • Language Talk with Yuying Chen-Cam S

    Language Talk with Yuying Chen-Cam S


    Yuying Chen addresses the challenge she found in learning the English language after she came to the United States from the Guangdong province in China. She also shares some words and phrases that could prove useful when in link

  • Memories of Kids and as a Kid - Mari

    Memories of Kids and as a Kid - Mari


    Kate Manbert shares her favorite memories of her kids and from her childhood. She talks about her parents' embarrassing antics and her kids dancing to link

  • The Sushi Experience - Anna S

    The Sushi Experience - Anna S


    Lumi runs the restaurant Fuki Sushi in Palo Alto. This podcast is about Lumi's interactions with children as she works at the restaurant, something that she clearly enjoys.Audio Link

  • Going Home - Neli

    Going Home - Neli


    Lily Garcia is a Mexican immigrant who works as a cleaning woman. Her job, however, does not define her. She loves her family and her children, and she moved to the United States so that they would be given more opportunities for education. Leaving Mexico was difficult for her, but she is nothing but optimistic, and she hopes to return one day to her relaxing and simple life in Mexico. Audio Link

  • Hilda Alvarez - Adriana

    Hilda Alvarez - Adriana


    Hilda Alvarez is a single mother, who works two jobs, but is also looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with. This podcast tells the story her love life and her current boyfriend.Audio Link

  • Donald Faulk:Part-Time Security Gaurd, Full-Time Baseball Fan - Nandini

    Donald Faulk:Part-Time Security Gaurd, Full-Time Baseball Fan - Nandini


    Donald is a security guard for Ardenwood Plaza in Fremont. One of his hobbies is baseball, though he prefers watching to playing. Many morals spring from his job as well as his favorite passtime. Audio Link

  • Too Legit to Quit- Samantha L.

    Too Legit to Quit- Samantha L.


    Kelly Fee is a senior at Stanford University, on the school's gymnastics' team, majoring in International Relations, and minoring in Spanish. She grew up in a town about 45 minutes away from Chicago with her mother, father, and two sisters. In this podcast, Kelly talks about how her love for gymnastics started and how the sacrifices she has made for it, including going to high-school for only half days, has changed her life.Audio Link

  • Escape from Vietnam - Amber L

    Escape from Vietnam - Amber L


    Listen to Yen Lu's escape from Vietnam after the Vietnam War. Yen Lu lived in Saigon, and two days before the city fell to the communists, her family escaped first to the Philippines, and one year later they came to South Carolina.Audio Link

  • Annelie Myers - Tara

    Annelie Myers - Tara


    Annelie Myers was born on May 6, 1927 in Passau, Germany. In this podcast, she tells a story about one of her many experiences during World War II with her best friend, Gretel, who is half Jewish.Audio Link

  • Penelope Susan Kerhin - Emily C

    Penelope Susan Kerhin - Emily C


    Penelope Susan Kerhin is fifty-nine years old and is the single mother of three children, Zachary, Jamie Ruth, and Alexandra. She lives in Palo Alto, California. She is a nurse at Lucille Packard's Children Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In this podcast, Penny discusses her favorite mottos, the people that she admires, her hobbies, her traditions, and her wonderful sense of humor.Play Audio

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