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The money conversations you have with your partner will help determine the quality of your marriage. Every married couple will eventually need to work together when it comes to money. Its possible, its important, and would you believe it could even be fun?! Encouraging and relatable conversations on money and marriage. Always worth the 15 minutes. (Free e-paper on our website!)


  • We have a new podcast!!!!!! It’s called How Do I Money?

    17/06/2016 Duration: 04min
  • Carrie’s Voice Over Business (part 2 of 2)

    22/12/2015 Duration: 31min
  • Carrie Olsen Voice Over Journey (Part 1)

    10/09/2015 Duration: 42min
  • That Time Derek Quit His Job Part 2 of 2

    15/08/2015 Duration: 47min
  • That Time Derek Quit His Job (Part 1 of 2)

    04/08/2015 Duration: 41min
  • How to Start Budgeting Again After You QUIT!

    28/07/2015 Duration: 28min
  • We All Watch The Same Sunset (No matter how much we pay)

    15/07/2015 Duration: 29min
  • Financial Peer Pressure AKA: Inflatable Shoes. Ep. 60

    28/06/2015 Duration: 43min
  • Let The Numbers Sit 059

    10/05/2015 Duration: 19min
  • Replace Worry With Action 058

    27/04/2015 Duration: 28min
  • What’s the worst that could happen?

    10/04/2015 Duration: 26min
  • House Worship Cult of America INTERVENTION #56

    25/03/2015 Duration: 30min
  • Should I Tell My Wife? Answering listener mail (From Batman!)

    18/03/2015 Duration: 25min
  • Listener Questions (From Wonder Woman!) Cash Envelope, Pen and Paper Budgeting.

    10/03/2015 Duration: 22min
  • What to do when your spouse isn’t down with the monthly budget 53

    04/03/2015 Duration: 27min
  • Challenge Everything 52

    26/02/2015 Duration: 23min
  • Live on Half of Your Income

    17/02/2015 Duration: 24min
  • Book Tour 2015 Ep.#50

    10/02/2015 Duration: 10min
  • Take Initiative on Behalf of Each Other

    03/02/2015 Duration: 20min
  • Default Attitude of Grace 048

    27/01/2015 Duration: 22min
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