How to Survive Customer Service




  • Handling the Difficult Customer

    Handling the Difficult Customer

    25/01/2013 Duration: 07min

    In this Podcast I discuss the chapter in my book "Customer Service: How to Survive it", entitled "Control, Cause and Effect: Handling the Difficult Customer". Based on survey data, up to 50% of people working in customer service do not comfortably deal with dissatisfied customers or customers that are unpleasant. The result is a resistance to the customer and an effort to fight back or retaliate against the customer to preserve one's self respect. Of course this has the opposite effect. Listen to this Podcast for a detailed description of this situation and what the solution is.

  • Why Poor Customer Service?

    Why Poor Customer Service?

    17/01/2013 Duration: 07min

    In this Podcast I introduce my philosophy on customer service, explain how it differs from other approaches and material on the subject, what gaps it fills in existing material and how other efforts to improve customer service will fail without these principles applied. If you did a survey of people working in the customer service industry asking them if they should always be nice to customers, what do you think the results would be? It is safe to say it would be almost 100%, yes, they should always be nice to customers. This is not a mystery. They all know this. Then, why do we experience rude, discourteous, condescending, unhelpful and many other negative types of customer service? There is a "why", and it is not because the customer service rep doesn't know that he/she should always be nice to customers. It isn't because he or she hasn't heard an inspiring story about customer service that impressed some speaker and wows audiences. Wrong "why". Find out what the real reason is in this podcast. For solut