Now You're Motorin'



Aidan Timmons from Motor Trade Publishers and Bob Flavin from have combined to provide all the information, news and advice you need to get the best value for money when buying a vehicle and stay safe on the road. While the podcast is advisory by its nature, it is delivered in a digestible package.


  • Fill me up Scotty

    16/02/2012 Duration: 27min

    Our resident band forgot to show up for the intro music in this episode but not to worry, Bob is on standby to give us his thoughts on Audi's A1 Sportback and we tell you how to drive like a Granny....we mean economically.

  • What to buy?

    16/02/2012 Duration: 38min

    In this episode Aidan and Bob pin their colours to their respective masts and pick out their choice of vehicles in various price brackets. Who will you agree with? Things get personal in this episode. Kim Kardashian fans, or even voluptuous bottom enthusiasts should enjoy this one.

  • Online selling

    29/12/2011 Duration: 35min

    Our final podcast for 2011 deals with the changes to new car price lists incorporating the VAT increase in December's budget. Also, we explore the often contentious issue of the best medium for selling cars. Has the exodus to online sites done more to bolster the industry or has the interpretation of these mechanisms simply led to confusion and less consensus on values.

  • Audi alert

    21/12/2011 Duration: 21min

    This weeks podcast is spearheaded by the enigmatic Bob Flavin. Having been jetted from one bankrupt nation to one in the black, Bob found himself in yet another austere environment near Portugal's capital but it didn't matter - he was in Audi's addictive A4. On home turf and braving the cold snap, Bob availed of Audi's new Q3. Aidan meanwhile, didn't do any of the sexy-PR stuff and so poses some begrudgingly tough questions to our charismatic reviewer.

  • The Big Rant

    05/12/2011 Duration: 35min

    In this weeks podcast Aidan and Bob put on their ranting jackets and give toll bridges a proper scrutinizing. Realising that the toll bridges are largely privately owned/Euro funded as a settlement for recouping invested money to complete the road networks doesn't stop our duo from blaming toll woes on the Government. This episode is very tongue in cheek. Also electric cars - are these revolutionary pioneers in the motoring world or will the whole renewable energy project come crumbling down like the Euro? We'll give you our thoughts. Stick with this one folks, its a hum dinger.

  • Das Budget

    23/11/2011 Duration: 28min

    In our third instalment, Aidan and Bob discuss the Irish Car of the Year awards and how they impact on the industry. Bob kindly gives us the low down on Audi's new A3 - and how they've got big players in this segment firmly in their cross hair. And finally, Das Budget 2012 and the repercussions of same.

  • 2nd Gear

    16/11/2011 Duration: 27min

    Well, we're back again for some more antics. The first show was quite the success so to use a political cliché, we've decided to "move forward" and "build" on it's popularity. This show contains a bit more human element with a funny tale or two from the motor industry, some info on winter tyres and also we'll handle some of our first mails. Exciting.

  • Start your engines

    06/11/2011 Duration: 23min

    The first episode of the newest podcast to hit the motoring world. We are Aidan Timmons from Motor Trade Publishers and Bob Flavin from Our aim is to provide all the relevant advice, information and witty banter you can shake an oily dipstick at. In this episode we discuss the short list for Irish Car of the Year 2011, why you should still buy your petrol cars and buying the car that's right for you.