Crusader Of Cool



The Crusader of Cool Podcast is more than a review show of "what's cool." It's a quest to learn what makes something "COOL" and how we use that knowledge to be a more intriguing and smooth conversationalist and drinking buddy. It's a study in the science of COOL.

Johnny Gwin, the Crusader of Cool, is not particularly a "Cool" guy. Actually, he has never had a seat at the COOL KIDS table in the lunchroom and to this day is just a bit "out of the loop". However he is a genuine curious soul has a "calling" to discover all the fascinating sights, sounds, people, places, businesses, products, ideas and all things pop-culture that excites those "in the know." The Crusader of Cool is on his quest to track down those trending stories, people and artifacts that seem to be setting the world on fire and making it a more kick ass plant. Join The Crusader on his quest to become a more enlightened vessel in the world of "how cool is that" by learning from the Zen-like teachings COOLOLOGISTS who live on the top of Mt. Badass and other sage like Fonzies throughout the world wide web-o-shere.

Contact The Crusader of Cool at To contact Johnny visit or tweet him at @thejohnnygwin.