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  • Study on Firearm Ownership and Political Violence | Gas Prices & EV, Hybrid Sales | Sacramento Orchid Society’s 75th Jubilee


    Study looks at link between types of firearm ownership and support for political violence. Also, gas prices are on the rise. Plus, why California’s electric vehicle industry is slowing down. Finally, the Sacramento Orchid Society’s 75th anniversary. Study on Firearm Ownership and Political Violence is an emergency medicine physician and Director of the California Firearm Violence Research Center - the nation’s first publicly funded center for research in this field to understand the nature of firearm violence and its underlying causes.  Dr. Wintemute joins us about their latest study published today about firearm ownership and support for political violence in the US, which found that subsets of firearm owners - recent purchasers and those who always or nearly always carry loaded firearms when in public - raised the greatest concerns. Gas Prices & EV, Hybrid Sales It’s springtime and that means gas prices are on the rise in California.  Your favorite “cheap” gas station has probably seen a surge in pric

  • Early Action Plan to Tackle CA’s Budget Shortfall | Guy Fieri’s ‘Best Bite in Town’ Premieres in Davis | CLARA Performing Arts


    Lawmakers propose an “early action plan” to tackle the state budget deficit. Also, Guy Fieri’s new Food Network show “Best Bite in Town” premieres in Davis. Finally, CLARA performing arts expands youth programs. Early Action Plan to Tackle CA’s Budget Shortfall Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democratic leaders in the state legislature announced a deal on early action to shrink California's budget shortfall by $17 billion, ahead of action on the 2024-25 budget in May and June. CalMatters Capitol Reporter Alexei Koseff provides a breakdown of the proposed “early action plan” to tackle this deficit, which is expected to come up for a vote this week. CalMatters is a nonprofit newsroom that partners with public media stations across the state. Guy Fieri’s ‘Best Bite in Town’ Premieres in Davis The first episode of the new Food Network program Best Bite in Town, with executive producer Guy Fieri, premiered this weekend and highlighted the city of Davis. Six local restaurants were featured, and three had their signature dish

  • Oakland A’s to Temporarily Move to West Sac | New District 2 Councilmember Shoun Thao | Nevada City Nisenan’s ‘Homeland Return’


    Oakland A’s to temporarily play in West Sacramento starting in 2025. Also, new Sacramento City Councilmember Shoun Thao. Finally, the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe purchases ancestral homeland.  Oakland A’s to Temporarily Move to West Sac The Oakland A’s will play in West Sacramento for three years starting in 2025. The team, which is in the process of moving from the Bay Area to Las Vegas, will play at Sutter Health Park, the home of the Sacramento RiverCats. Fox 40 Sports Reporter Sean Cunningham shares more behind the temporary move. Barry Broome is the President & CEO of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council and discusses what this means for the region. And West Sacramento Mayor Martha Guerrero explains the impact this will have on the city.  New District 2 Councilmember Shoun Thao Sacramento City Council District 2 spans neighborhoods like Del Paso Heights, Hagginwood and Woodlake. The city council seat has been vacant since former councilmember Sean Loloee’s resignation, following a federal

  • Diocese of Sacramento Files for Bankruptcy | Fast Food Minimum Wage Increase | Folk Duo ‘Misner & Smith’


    The Diocese of Sacramento filed bankruptcy in response to a wave a lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of minors. Also, a new law boosts the minimum wage for fast food workers in California to $20 an hour. Finally, Davis-based folk duo “Misner & Smith.” Diocese of Sacramento Files for Bankruptcy The Diocese of Sacramento has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in response to a wave a lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of minors by clergy and other employees reaching back to the 1950’s. In a statement, Bishop Jaime Soto said the likely cost of the lawsuits goes beyond funds available and that the bankruptcy filing was the best way to provide some compensation to survivors of abuse. Dorothy Small and Melanie Sakoda are with the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) and join us with more on the significance of the diocese’s bankruptcy filing, as well as their response. Fast Food Minimum Wage Increase As of April 1, fast food workers in California now make a minimum of $20 an hour. But the new law behind t

  • April Snow Survey | Investigating California Jail Deaths | Memoir ‘Dancing the Afrofuture’


    Gov. Newsom attends the April snow survey in the Sierra. Also, an investigation into a rise in jail deaths across the state. Finally, a memoir studying hip hop culture “Dancing the Afrofuture: Hula, Hip-Hop and the Dunham Legacy.” April Snow Survey Gov. Gavin Newsom traveled to the April 1 snow survey in El Dorado County held by the Department of Water Resources near Echo Summit. For the second year in a row, California's snowpack is above the historical average - this year the snowpack is 110%, which is considered the peak snowpack for the season and critical for water managers as it marks the transition to spring snowmelt into the state’s rivers and reservoirs. Jay Lund is a professor emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Vice-Director of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and joins us with more on what this means for California’s evolving water needs. Investigating California Jail Deaths CalMatters Reporter Nigel Duara discusses his investigation into jail deaths in the state which f

  • ‘Best of Insight’: Woodland’s Historic Chinese Restaurant | Hip Hop Princess ‘Boss Tootie’ | Latin Inspired ‘Itacate’ Hiking Food


    “Best of Insight”: The oldest Chinese restaurant in the state - and possibly the nation - is in Woodland. Also, 10-year-old Sacramento hip hop princess “Boss Tootie.” Finally, Sacramento-based Latin backpacking company Itacate Foods. ‘Best of Insight’: Woodland’s Historic Chinese Restaurant The oldest Chinese restaurant in California - and possibly the nation - is tucked away in a Yolo County suburb. Jack Chin is a professor at UC Davis School of Law and shares his research into finding the oldest Chinese restaurants in the U.S., which led him to Chicago Café in Woodland. Amy Fong’s parents own the restaurant, and she shares its history spanning more than a century. We’re also joined by Carla Meyer who is a Senior Editor at UC Davis School of Law, about the storytelling behind this discovery. Hip Hop Princess ‘Boss Tootie’ A Sacramento father and daughter have teamed up in a creative way that is bringing joy to others. Boss Tootie is a 10-year-old “hip hop princess” - as she likes to call herself. After watch

  • Sacramento City Council District 4 Race | ‘Landing Spot’ for LGBTQ+ Youth | Sacramento Piano Day


    Sacramento City Councilmember Katie Valenzuela concedes the race to Phil Pluckebaum. Also, events for Placer County LGBTQ+ youth, family and allies. Finally, Sacramento Piano Day concert at American River College. Sacramento City Council District 4 Race Sacramento County has less than 100 ballots left to be counted. Which means election results are largely finalized. Today we are going to focus on a change of leadership in Sacramento City Council District 4 - which includes downtown, midtown and East Sacramento. On Tuesday, Councilmember Katie Valenzuela officially conceded the race for her seat to UC Davis Health project manager Phil Pluckebaum. Valenzuela received 46.17% of the vote (8,542) versus Pluckebaum’s 50.63% votes (9,366). Today, Councilmember Valenzuela joins us about how she will round out her term. We’re also joined by Pluckebaum about how he plans to lead District 4 once he is sworn-in in December.   ‘Landing Spot’ for LGBTQ+ Youth Loomis Basin UCC is an open and affirming congregation - which

  • CapRadio Update | Isleton Community Flood Insurance Program | Climate Change Public Service Announcements


    A financial backer of CapRadio wants the public media station to merge with KVIE. Also, the delta city of Isleton creates a community flood insurance pilot program. Finally, take a listen to public service announcements about climate change. CapRadio Update Should Sacramento’s two largest public media organizations join as one? In an open letter last week, the Capital Public Radio Endowment urged CapRadio’s license holder - Sacramento State - to merge with the PBS television affiliate KVIE. The endowment is an independent nonprofit, separate from CapRadio, but has been a longtime financial backer of the public media station. In response, both CapRadio and Sac State officials say they have no plans for such a merger. This latest development follows months of public financial instability - including a CSU audit, layoffs and continued staff attrition. CapRadio Reporter Chris Nichols shares his conversations with the endowment, CapRadio and Sac State. Following NPR’s protocol for reporting on itself, no CapRadio

  • Supreme Court Abortion Pill Case | California’s Salmon Strategy | Best Way to See Upcoming Eclipse


    How a Supreme Court case on the abortion medication mifepristone could impact California. Also, California’s strategy to recover long declining salmon populations. Finally, the best way to view the upcoming April eclipse.  Supreme Court Abortion Pill Case This morning, the Supreme Court heard arguments for another case challenging the right to abortion. FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine challenges the use of mifepristone, a medication typically used in a two-combination dose to terminate a pregnancy (the other medication used is misoprostol). Medication abortions account for roughly two thirds of all abortions in the country - and this ruling can affect all states, regardless of what protections are in place. But there is more at stake than abortion - this case could impact the FDA’s regulatory power to approve all drugs and evaluate their safety. Leslie Gielow Jacobs is an Anthony Kennedy Professor of Law at McGeorge School of Law and joins us with a breakdown of today’s oral arguments.  California’s

  • CA Minimum Wage Report | Women in Manufacturing | Refugee Student Organization ‘ReDressed’


    New report says state’s minimum wage isn’t enough to keep up with cost of living. Also, La Tourangelle artisan oils and Siemens Mobility highlight women in manufacturing. Finally, a student charitable organization “ReDressed” for refugee students. CA Minimum Wage Report California’s minimum wage of $16 is over double the federal minimum. But a new report published by California's Legislative Analyst’s Office says that while this amount appears high by comparison, it is still not enough to keep up with the state’s high cost of living. CalMatters California Divide reporter Alejandra Reyes-Velarde breaks down the LAO’s findings. CalMatters is a nonprofit newsroom that partners with public media stations across the state. Women in Manufacturing California leads the country in manufacturing. From aerospace, transportation, food and beverage, motor and zero emission vehicles, as well as electronics - this industry touches many parts of our lives. But many sectors lack representation of women - especially in leader