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  • Sleepwalker-The End

    09/04/2009 Duration: 14min

    The conclusion of Sleepwalker. Jud attempts to save a badly injured Renee. But can he save himself from the Memphis Mutilator?

  • Sleepwalker Episode 10

    04/03/2009 Duration: 19min

    Facing imminent death, Renee must use her intelligence to save herself from the hands of the Memphis Mutilator. But is it a futile attempt? Meanwhile, someone searches out Renee in hope of keeping her safe. But is this interdiction too late?

  • Sleepwalker Episode 9

    15/01/2009 Duration: 18min

    Chapters 13 and 14. As Tim prepares his underground dwelling for company, Renee walks into a trap. Now it's time for Renee to see exactly what she's made of.

  • Sleepwalker Episode 8

    05/01/2009 Duration: 22min

    Tim is drawn to a decayed inner city building as his body begins to shut down on him. Renee discovers the other residents of the Seale home and shoots off in hot pursuit of Tim.

  • Sleepwalker Episode 7

    18/12/2008 Duration: 20min

    Episode 7 Chapter 11 Following the lead to the alleged killer’s home, Renee is accompanied by the worst cops Memphis has to offer. But what she finds within the home is much worse that bad attitudes.

  • Sleepwalker Episode 6

    18/12/2008 Duration: 12min

    Episode 6 Chapters Nine and Ten Tim awakes on the floor of his office, confused, disoriented. Something has happened; he just does not know what. But he knows one thing: he has to take action. Renee, close to burnout, struggles with the guilt of failing on a case, then, like divine intervention, a lead presents itself.

  • Sleepwalker Episode 5

    09/12/2008 Duration: 26min

    Chapter Seven and Eight Detective Juliard starts feeling the stress of the unsolved case that is quickly turning cold. Tim discovers that the newly named Memphis Mutilator is amassing a cult following.

  • Sleepwalker Episode 4

    09/12/2008 Duration: 16min

    Chapter Six Tim Seale’s nightmare seems an evil omen. He awakes and is rejected by his wife. Only then does he discover an injury he can’t explain.

  • Sleepwalker Episode 3

    09/12/2008 Duration: 15min

    Chapter Five Regina Capshaw gets a call in the middle of the night. Alarmed, she answers the caller’s plea for a rendezvous. What she discovers instead of a grieving friend is the boogeyman she’s always heard about but never believed existed…until now.

  • Sleepwalker Episode 2

    09/12/2008 Duration: 21min

    Chapters Three and Four Monica Gypsum is discovered by a sanitation worker and we’re introduced to Detective Renee Juliard. Tim Seale arrives at the office and finds out about the murder and decides to dig a bit himself.

  • Sleepwalker Episode 1

    09/12/2008 Duration: 17min

    Chapters One and Two Monica Gypsum, walking the lonely streets of Memphis, TN finds out that America isn’t the safe place she’d always thought it to be. Tim Seale, a newspaper man awakes, and finds things different than when he closed his eyes the previous night.