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On the Five Hard Podcast the Five Hard guys discuss their Top 5's of a particular film topic - genre, actor, series, moments - and whittle their individual choices down to a combined and distinct finality, a definitive list. Arguments, fights, disagreements. It all ends in ultimate resolution - a definitive, undisputed Top 5.Let the battle commence!Email us at, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @fivehardIf you'd like to advertise with us or sponsor us, please email


  • Five Hard Film Club - Inception

    06/04/2020 Duration: 52min

    You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling... We're back back back! And we're going down down down into a dream dream dream (sorry, last one honest) as we talk about - INCEPTION. This mind twisting reality altering idea planting city bending epic is the perfect blend of smarts, scale and story, and emotional rollercoaster down down down and back up up up again (I lied.) Spoiler alert: we love it. We hope you do too. Now here's an idea - we we want you to get involved. We'll give you a movie; watch along, tell us what you think, and listen in as we discuss a new movie each week. Think of it as a sort of film club... the Five Hard Film Club! ----- If you want to get in touch with us do so at, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @fivehard or Instagram @fivehard. Don't forget to rate our podcast in iTunes! MERCH AVAILABLE @ FIVEHARD.COM If you'd like to advertise with us or sponsor us, please email

  • //Show 12// WW2 Part 2

    19/05/2019 Duration: 01h48min

    So here it is - The Great One. The Great War that is. Well, its sequel anyway, The Great War part 2. The war after the war to end all wars. And now we have the podcast to end all podcasts - Part 2. Not that we would ever make light of the great tragedy and horror that was World War Two - we'll leave it up to Quentin Tarantino to lighten things up - but we will delve deep into the epic cinematic offerings based upon the bloodiest conflict of recorded history, including Quentins' delicious revisionist tale. We have tales of heroism, survival, determination, triumph of the human spirit and, yes, also a look at the ultimate evil that could have bought such a catastrophic loss of life to this world, and in amongst it all the humanity within the conflict, with bands of brothers, love found and love lost, and some of the greatest sacrifices one could make. Get ready. It's a big one. Some might even say Great. Now bring me my scalps! ----- If you want to get in touch with us do so at