Sunda Cloud



In the new Cold War battlefield of Indonesia, two old comrades conspire to topple the fledgling democracy. The weapons of this war are not nuclear missiles, but a far more deadly weapon. Money. But without the help of capitalist Anton Zelman their plot will fail. Anton's help comes at a price. But who will pay?


  • Sunda Cloud 04

    18/06/2011 Duration: 23min

    Luke discovers a way to get the better of Anton. The people of Indonesia make a harsh decision about the future of their country. Anton is pleased with the outcome of his plan and Valter's loss opens a new path for him.

  • Sunda Cloud 03

    18/06/2011 Duration: 22min

    Valter calls in on a friend to help solve Anton's complex economic puzzle, but they might be too late as Sunda Cloud urges Indonesians to revolt against Jakarta. The city is quickly overcome by riots as Kem and Valter land in the capital and try to restore order. Valter makes a desperate decision as Kem's life is threatened by her own sister.

  • Sunda Cloud 02

    18/06/2011 Duration: 20min

    Anton Zelman, Valter's half-brother, schemes to create a system that can drill for Arctic oil. He goes toe-to-toe with his rivals Thomas Lukeson and Nikolai. Meanwhile, Kem and Valter battle Anton's scheme with support from the World Monetary Fund.

  • Sunda Cloud 01

    18/06/2011 Duration: 27min

    Nikolai and his associate Sunda Cloud plot the downfall of the democratic Indonesian government. While Swiss banker Valter Mahler meets Kemuning Pangbar, an Indonesian woman who will cause him to risk his career as well as his life.