Adrift On The Sound



A New Audio-Literature Podcast presented by Palaver Press featuring new and under-explored works of short fiction, music & sound, beautifully intertwined in a driftworthy listening experience!


  • Episode 2: Da Capo

    25/06/2014 Duration: 01h36min

    We present modern short fiction and music that explores the style of Repetition (Da Capo). This episode features stories by Mark Twain, Chris Dooks, Katelyn Eichwald, Donald O Donovan, Rachael Katz and Zuzanna Juszkiewicz, and music by William Basinski, Dawn of Midi, Es, Giorgio Moroder, Bobby Jones, Yong Yong and more.

  • Episode 1: Piano

    20/06/2014 Duration: 02h40min

    This episode explores modern short fiction and music all featuring the beloved piano. We present stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Noa Silver, Andamio, Jon McCullough and Rassi Pang, with music by Hauschka, Greg Haines Múm, Liam Singer, Moonface, Sylvain Chauveau and more.