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Dr. Pus presents a non-zombie podcast of all things horror. Well, except zombies. They're reserved for the "Library of the Living Dead Podcast".You'll get full production stories, music, book reviews, movie reviews, game reviews of ALL THINGS HORROR!Undead love,Doc


  • Episode #3 of "Library of Horror"

    03/04/2010 Duration: 01h20min

    Aaaaand we're back. This show will knock your balls off. And if you ain't got no balls, it will knock your tits off. Here's what you get for free: 0:00 - "Horror Night" by T-Virus 1:59 - Doc's intro 3:53 - "Horror Story" by The Dishwashers 7:08 - "Snapshot" by Scott A. Johnson 42:46 - "Sweet Tooth" by Tonia Brown 1:03:59 - "Horror Hotel" by Use To Abuse 1:06:30 - "The Blood Shed" by William Todd Rose 1:10:57 - "Horror Film Chicks" by Witches in Bikinis 1:14:58 - Out comments by Dr. Pus 1:18:20 - "Horror Movies (1961)" by Dickie Goodman I hope you enjoy the show. This one has some great stories in it. Undead love, Doc Link to podcast: Link to forum: Come join us at the forum. E-mail to

  • Episode #2 of "Library of Horror"

    27/01/2010 Duration: 01h15min

    Welcome Good Librarians to the second episode of the "Library of Horror Podcast". You'll find this one a little better and containing some different stuff. That's what we're shooting for in this podcast. Here's what you get: 0:00 - Dracula intro by THE Dunwoody 0:15 - "Horror Night" by Virus 2:14 - Doc's intro 4:32 - Lee Hartnup (Goatboy) - "Ignorance is Bliss" 41:43 - "Wolves of War" review by Sonar4 45:33 - "Dream Girl" by Tonia Brown 52:16 - "Sweet Dreams" - Marilyn Manson 57:05 - MAXIMUM PIMPAGE for Jonathan Moon's "HEINOUS" 1:00:33 - "Invisible Bugs" by DEATHMOBILE 1:04:16 - "Voice" by THE Dunwoody, read by Tonia Brown 1:12:34 - Out comments by Dr. Pus 1:13:56 - Out song "Library Whore" by Goatboy Coming up in Episode #3 will be a huge suprise for y'all. If you want to spoil the surprise just visit the forum at Please come and join us. See you next episode. Undead love, Doc Link to podcast:

  • Episode #1 of "Library of Horror"

    03/01/2010 Duration: 48min

    Welcome Good Librarian to the first episode of the "Library of Horror Podcast". I'm doing this podcast to open up new venues for the great authors I have come to know and love from and my publishing company "Libary of Horror Press". This is for them. And this is for you! Here's what you get for free in our first episode: 0:00 - "Horror Night" by T. Virus 2:00 - Uno intro 2:29 - Intro comments by Dr. Pus 4:03 - Movie Rant by Lee on Rob Zombie's "Halloween" 8:51 - "Battle After The Apocalypse" by Casey Quinn from "Wolves of War" 28:32 - Barry Napier's "Abandoned Bridges" from the "Library of Horror Press" release "Debris" 30:55 - "Go To Sleep" by Radiohead 33:55 - "Looking Back" by Unoshato 40:54 - Stephanie Kincaid's "Bad Trade" 43:44 - "Crematorium" by Reinfield This sucker may seem a little short, but then again that's how "LotLDPodcast" started out. Then we ended up with 3 hour episodes. I hope you enjoy the show. Undead Love, Dr. Pus