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Alan and Brent talk about Modern Testing - including Agile, Data, Leadership, and more.


  • A Very Important Podcast Announcement

    23/01/2021 Duration: 46s

    Hi folks – if you are seeing this message, you are, unfortunately, missing out. For (reasons), I recently migrated the AB Testing Podcast to Anchor.fm. I set up a redirect that worked in many but definitely not all places. iTunes / Apple Podcasts has been slow to update the feed, and I expect a lot […]

  • AB Testing – Episode 131: The 2020 Year End Extravaganza

    07/12/2020 Duration: 47min

    This is our last recording of 2020, so we reflect a little on 2020 and look forward to 2021.

  • AB Testing – Episode 130: The Pre-Election Episode

    02/11/2020 Duration: 52min

    We talk a bit about the upcoming U.S. Election, discuss ideal team size, and then workshop some ideas on what “advanced” training for Modern Testing may look like.

  • AB Testing – Episode 129: Alan’s Journey to Modern Testing

    19/10/2020 Duration: 50min

    This time it’s the story of Alan – from music teacher to bicycle messenger to modern testing (and just a few steps in between). It’s another view into the origins of modern testing.

  • AB Testing – Episode 128: Brent’s Path to Modern Testing

    21/09/2020 Duration: 52min

    It’s origin story time. We talk about the early days of Brent’s testing career and how he found his way into the thing we now call Modern Testing.

  • AB Testing – Episode 127: Brent’s Hand & Alan’s Org

    08/09/2020 Duration: 54min

    Apologies for the audio issues – Brent was having technical challenges. We cover stuff related to Alan’s growing team (and responsibilities) at Unity – plus the usual assortment of tangents.

  • AB Testing – Episode 126: Azure Powered

    17/08/2020 Duration: 54min

    We talk about what’s going on with Alan’s expanded role at Unity and answer (sort of) a mailbag question about bottlenecks in delivering mobile apps.

  • ABT 343 – Andreas Worm

    10/08/2020 Duration: 24min

    This time, Andreas Worm – aka @globalworming in our Slack group joins me for conversations, mostly about his experiences with scrum.

  • ABT 343 – Danny Faught

    03/08/2020 Duration: 32min

    My guest for the ABT 343 is Danny Faught. We talk about his move out of being a dedicated tester, and well as the biography he’s putting together. Find Danny on twitter and read his blog.

  • AB Testing – Episode 125: P* Management and ATAOSQ

    27/07/2020 Duration: 48min

    Just Brent and Alan this week. We talk about how Program Management can help with Modern Testing and Accelerating the Achievement of Shippable Quality… …but mostly Alan tries to explain to Brent that Product Management is different than Program Management, no matter what titles Microsoft use. Worth reading on the topic: https://leanpub.com/agileprogrammanagement

  • AB Testing – Episode 124: Learning with Maaret

    13/07/2020 Duration: 51min

    Brent and Alan are joined by Maaret Pyhäjärvi, who talks with us about her role, the role of testing in general, mob programming, and a whole lot of other topics. I hope this was the beginning of a longer conversation, and we hope to have Maaret as a guest again soon. Maaret’s blogMaaret’s book on […]

  • AB Testing – Episode 123: Sue Loh’s Evil Plan to Save the World

    29/06/2020 Duration: 44min

    Sue Loh (@suedeyloh on twitter). Sue has a lengthy history of finding and fixing nasty performance issues across a lot of different operating systems at Microsoft, but we spend most of our time talking about her Evil Plan To Save The World Get a copy of Sue’s excellent book, Raven, today

  • AB Testing – Episode 122: Julian Bucknall and TestCafe

    08/06/2020 Duration: 53min

    We are joined by the CTO of Devexpress to talk about TestCafe.

  • AB Testing – Episode 121: Peter Senge is Old

    18/05/2020 Duration: 50min

    We talk a bit about Covid (again), touch on a few random subjects, and then find time to answer a few mailbag questions. We also now have an AB Testing Podcast instagram.

  • AB Testing – Episode 120: David Bishop on Metagility

    04/05/2020 Duration: 49min

    For this episode, we are joined by David Bishop – the author of a new book called Metagility. There’s a lot of good stuff here, and we think you’ll find it interesting. Links for more info: Book information – https://www.jrosspub.com/metagility.html David’s company – https://agile-worx.com Current course schedule – https://www.metagility.technology

  • ABT 343 – Melissa Eaden

    23/04/2020 Duration: 32min

    Melissa Eaden is in the hot seat this week to talk about management, leadership, modern testing, and more. Melissa’s blog: https://testingandmoviesandstuff.blogspot.com/ Melissa on Twitter: @melthetester

  • AB Testing – Episode 119: Retrospectives

    20/04/2020 Duration: 47min

    We, of course, talk about working through Covid-19, but we spend most of our time talking about retrospectives.

  • ABT 343 – Yuliya Bagriy (aviskase)

    09/04/2020 Duration: 32min

    Yuliya Bagriy (known across the internet as aviskase) is my guest this time. We talk about her path into testing, a bit about her new role, and the origin of the alias, ‘aviskase’ – which includes a tangent on how she broke Postman.

  • AB Testing – Episode 118: Covid continues; and Velocity

    06/04/2020 Duration: 53min

    We talk about Covid (because every meeting does these days). And we also (sort of?) talk about velocity.

  • ABT 343 – Chris Kenst

    31/03/2020 Duration: 40min

    I’m joined by Chris Kenst, who talks about his path into testing, his job as an automation engineer (which he convinces me not to hate), and his work with AST. He also mentions these links. His job – https://bloomnation.com AST – https://associationforsoftwaretesting.org Blog – https://www.kenst.com List of test conferences – https://testingconferences.org Testing education resources – […]

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