Turbee Podcast



Two young entrepreneurs share the story of creating an on-demand delivery app after graduating from college. They share the experiences and valuable lessons in their entrepreneurial journey. The podcast is a combination of emotions with humor and insight about entrepreneurship and the tech industry. Every other week there will be a new episode for you to follow the Turbee story.


  • Episode 1 - Turbee Podcast

    16/09/2015 Duration: 24min

    In this episode, Andy and Casey share how the Turbee idea was born in a college classroom. Then they share the first steps they took after graduating from college to make this idea come true, and their involvement with the entrepreneurial community in Savannah, GA. Links to resources discussed in this episode: The Creative Coast: https://www.thecreativecoast.org/ 1 Million Cups Savannah: http://www.1millioncups.com/savannah Armstrong State University: http://www.armstrong.edu/