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  • New & Improved

    26/01/2020 Duration: 38min

    How meditation and study bring us closer to God.

  • Built To Last

    08/11/2019 Duration: 35min

    Rev. Dr. Candace Lewis D.S.

  • Built To Last

    26/09/2019 Duration: 33min
  • Built To Last

    18/09/2019 Duration: 28min

    God rebuilds things to restore relationship with Him.

  • Built To Last

    09/09/2019 Duration: 35min

    When God builds something, the “Work” is accomplished in record time.  But, the work on the workers just begins.  

  • Built To Last

    26/08/2019 Duration: 27min

    With any project, there will be opposition.  Nehemiah opposes the opposition!

  • Built The Last

    19/08/2019 Duration: 26min

    To ensure sustainability of a project, we need to secure support & logistics.

  • Built To Last

    12/08/2019 Duration: 45min

    A secure foundation is necessary before rebuilding can take place.    

  • Healthy Life

    05/08/2019 Duration: 32min

    A healthy mind is like rich soil, ready for new ideas to be planted and grow.

  • Healthy Life

    29/07/2019 Duration: 29min

    Creating a healthy time balance in our lives based on Godly principals exude joy!

  • Healthy Life

    22/07/2019 Duration: 32min

    Our lives are fully revealed when our lives are lived fully for God.

  • Healthy Life

    15/07/2019 Duration: 28min

    The soul can be thought of as the center of our identity. Too often, we “lose our soul” to everything else that tries to define us.

  • Healthy Life

    08/07/2019 Duration: 31min

    Money can have all sorts of power over our lives. Realizing God is Lord of our finances allows us to experience freedom and health.

  • Healthy Life

    01/07/2019 Duration: 36min

    In God, who is three-in-one, we find the perfect source & expression of community.

  • Healthy Life

    24/06/2019 Duration: 34min

    A healthy emotional life is a matter of the heart.  The Lord grants us anew heart in Jesus Christ and a new emotional life with God’s Holy Spirit in us.  

  • Reaching Full Potential

    12/06/2019 Duration: 25min

    We are not to stay on the launchpad, we are to be rocketing forward and reaching our FULL potential in Him. Join St. James at 9:30 or 11am tomorrow, as we Reach Full Potential together!

  • Unfinished

    04/06/2019 Duration: 28min

    The disciples were focusing on “small” visions for Jesus: restoring a political kingdom. Jesus calls them to focus on the grander vision: being His witnesses to the ends of the earth. He provides them a means to carry out this vision in the Holy Spirit. And when the disciples are caught focusing on Jesus going up to heaven, the angels remind them to focus forward into their future. 

  • Unfinished

    30/05/2019 Duration: 24min

    The disciples return to doing what they know, fishing, yet they catch nothing. When Jesus shows up and asks them to go one more time in his way, they catch an amazing amount. When we allow Jesus to persevere over “what we think we know”, he takes it and multiplies it!

  • Unfinished

    20/05/2019 Duration: 29min

    All of us have doubts about a vision for the future, and Thomas is the epitome. Jesus reveals God’s grace to cancel our doubts. Yet, in some ways, Thomas also gets a bad wrap. He wasn’t so much doubting, as standing in his convictions: “I need to see it to believe it”. Jesus reveals that our convictions must rest in him, and not in what we see. Our conviction in Jesus is the true armor against any doubt we might have.

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