Synopsis is a podcast for those who're building a business around WordPress products or services. During the weekly live show, host Carrie Dils, a WordPress consultant, brings on successful guests from the WordPress business community to share insights and inspiration.


  • Balancing Automation

    31/05/2018 Duration: 31min

    Tonya Mork is the Founder of , with an impressive engineering background of 22 years building and leading teams in automating equipment and processes. In today’s episode, we discuss balancing automation and people, and measuring the cost of automation.  

  • Nailing Down Your Process

    10/05/2018 Duration: 32min

    Brian Casel is the Founder of , a content marketing service that powers blogs from creation to publication, and host of . In today’s episode, we dive deep into the nitty-gritty details surrounding task breakdown and the level of detail it takes to create a systemized process that saves you time.

  • You Need to Segment Before You Can Automate

    03/05/2018 Duration: 40min

    Chris Lema is the Vice President of products and innovation at the hosting company . He spends his time building out and . In this episode, we discuss how to segment your audience by their behaviors and interests, and the importance of segmentation before automation.

  • Personalizing Automation

    26/04/2018 Duration: 38min

    Founder of Double Your Freelancing and co-founder of RightMessage, Brennan Dunn is a creator in the true sense of the word. From freelancing to running his own web development agency, to creating software, and consulting, he has a wealth of experience to share. In today’s highly requested episode, we discuss why small tasks deserve automation, how to truly personalize automation, and soft segmentation.

  • Automation in a Development Workflow

    19/04/2018 Duration: 32min

    Bill Erickson has been a Developer for 12 years, helping individuals, small businesses, and large companies build their sites. In today’s episode, we discuss all things code, from templates and automation to Bill’s perspective on time management.

  • Building a Process, Episode 159

    12/04/2018 Duration: 30min

    Chris Ford is the Project Manager for Reactiv Studios. She began her career as a classically trained graphic designer, but soon fell into web development and has been in the field for 20 years. In today’s episode, we discuss how automation saves time, the importance of customizing automation, and how it’s not unlike muscle memory.

  • Leverage Automation for a Better Customer Experience, Episode 158

    05/04/2018 Duration: 34min

    Jason Resnick, also known as online, is a web developer who specializes in helping ecommerce and online businesses boost their conversion rates. He also assists other freelancers in building a sustainable businesses. In today’s episode, we discuss how automation relates to the customer experience and the importance of crafting your content with hard data.

  • What's your domino?

    29/03/2018 Duration: 40min

    In today’s episode, Jeff Large shares why finding your domino can make your process more effective, advice that has inspired him, and why podcasting is not only powerful, but might be a key puzzle piece missing from your marketing strategy.

  • What (and what not) to automate in your agency, Episode 156

    22/03/2018 Duration: 36min

    Troy Dean of  offers an interesting perspective on balancing automation with human creativity. In today’s episode, he shares what his years of experience of running a digital agency and online community have taught him about automation, business, relationships, and fatherhood.

  • Automation in E-Commerce, Episode 155

    14/03/2018 Duration: 37min

    Welcome to the kick-off of Season 5, focused on automation. Beka Rice is Head of Product at and has an obsession with all things automated. Today, we discuss why automation doesn’t have to be inhuman, how the order confirmation is actually the beginning of the customer relationship and what questions to ask in a discovery meeting. Produced by Come Alive Creative

  • Ongoing Client Services

    15/08/2017 Duration: 33min
  • Project Plans, Episode 153

    08/08/2017 Duration: 37min

    Diane Kinney and I continue our conversation on project management.

  • Contracts that CYA with Karim Marucchi and Rian Kinney, Episode 151

    25/07/2017 Duration: 37min

    On today’s episode, Carrie interviews Karim Marucchi and Rian Kinney about contracts and what to consider when you are preparing to work with a client.

  • Project Scoping: Going Wide and Deep, Episode 149

    11/07/2017 Duration: 32min

    On today's episode, Carrie is interviewing Troy Dean. This is Troy's second interview on .  Troy and Carrie are discussing project scoping and putting your business in the best possible position with the client that will make you (and your client) more successful.

  • Jordon Rupp

    27/06/2017 Duration: 30min

    Join me as indepdent web contract Jordan Rupp and I discuss what goes into a formalized discovery process for a web project.

  • Onboarding Clients for Success

    20/06/2017 Duration: 29min

    In this episode, Carrie talks with Erin Flynn about Client Onboarding and how this process can be simplified by using templates and communicating regularly with your client.

  • Growing Your Business through Contact Relationship Management, Episode 145

    13/06/2017 Duration: 31min

    In this episode, Carrie and Heather talk about Contact Relationship Management (CRMs) and how that applies to a freelancer or small agency. The discussion covers when you get that customer in the door and launch the project all the way establishing a retainer agreement with them.

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