Tech Repair Talk



CompTIA A+ certifiedWe will discuss your computer problems. I will attempt my best to help you resolve any issues that you have. Make sure to call-in with any computer issues that you have.


  • Tech Talk Repair Time Episode 3 - Viruses/Malware

    06/02/2014 Duration: 13min

    During this episode, we will talk about viruses and malware. After explaining the difference between viruses and malware, we will talk about ways to protect yourself from viruses and malware.Once we are done talking about viruses and malware, we will open the phones to callers with their own personal questions about PCs.If you are interested in being part of the show with your personal question about PCs, make sure to call in before 10:00pm CST so we can get a little bit of information about you prior to the show. 

  • Tech Talk Radio Episode 2 - Motherboard Issues

    02/02/2014 Duration: 13min

    Tonight, we will talk about issues that can be found with motherboards that cause your computer to crash. These issues vary from memory to processor and beyond.After discussing the possible reason for your computer crashing due to motherboard issues, we will open the line up to listeners with questions.

  • Tech Repair Talk Time Episode 1

    23/01/2014 Duration: 26min

    FREE COMPUTER ADVICE & REPAIR TIPSA half-hour show dedicated to discussing listeners problems with their desktop PCs and laptops. Listeners are encourages to call in with their problems and see if we can help you resolve them.When on-air, refrain from profanity as this is a family-friendly show. If you cannot, I will end the call with you.