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  • "Perusing the Perimeter" Fantasy Football 2014 Week 16

    17/12/2014 Duration: 44min

    @SlimCliffy and @Whudey give you advice for championship week in fantasy football

  • "Perusing the Perimeter" Fantasy Football 2014 Week 15

    10/12/2014 Duration: 39min

    It's Semifinals week in Fantasy football and @SlimCliffy and @Whudey breaking down this week's action to help you get to the finals.

  • "Perusing the Perimeter" Fantasy Football 2014 Week 14

    03/12/2014 Duration: 44min

    @SlimCliffy & @Whudey help you set your playoff lineups for Week 14

  • Fantasy Hockey X: December, The Flu, And You

    03/12/2014 Duration: 01h17min

    Hey! We welcome December the only way we can on Fantasy Hockey X. As always, Michael Clifford and Christopher Pacheco join me to talk all things fantasy with a focus on daily fantasy. There is going to be a lot to get to on tonight's show and only sixty minutes to do it. With a ten game slate and lots going on (on and off the ice), this shapes up to be a show you will want to listen to. As usual there will be the normal daily debates. We will have a heavy focus on injuries, the mumps, and yes the flu. I will also talk about some new things I am up to because it is important for our daily fantasy hockey fans to know that hey, we have your back. ===========================So join us at 9pm ET tonight...the phone number is 1-347-826-9195. We promise a fun and crazy show full of the ecstasy and agony of fantasy hockey. Come join us and yes always bring your questions! We will answer them...we will not hide!

  • Fantasy Hockey X: Give Me DFS + Turkey Or Give Me Death!

    26/11/2014 Duration: 01h39min

    As this is a very unusual week, the three amigos -- Chris Pacheco, Michael Clifford, and myself will try and guide you to DFS glory. Remember there is no daily on Thursday and Sunday. Thursday is obviously because of Thanksgiving and my insatiable quest to pretty much eat all the turkey legs. Sunday is more of an oddity but because there is a nice double digit Friday-Saturday opportunity for lots of players. Tonight's show will be fast paced as always with lots of joy and agony mixed. This is how daily fantasy is. We capture the highs and lows as they happen. After all, would you really want it any other damn way? I didn't think so! Simply no outline tonight as we are going to shoot straight from the hip with scores as they happen and yes some of our worst DFS plays of the year so far. There will be a good bit more but you will have to listen in to find out what they are. ==============================The phone number as always is 1-347-82-9195. Action starts promptly at 9 pm ET and ends sometime a little aft