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  • DawgCast #683

    03/01/2024 Duration: 24min

    Boom! We break our own record for outscoring the hell out of a P5 opponent! That's what a committed culture vs. not committed looks like. CKS called it in his post game presser. It was sublime for the fans at the stadium and at home! Go Dawgs!! CLICK HERE FOR A HAT IN OUR STORE!!

  • DawgCast #682

    29/12/2023 Duration: 30min

    Orange Bowl Pre-Game! Let's go Dawgs!! Ladd and London practicing together in Miami and the weather is fine. Let's bounce these Noles....

  • DawgCast #681

    08/12/2023 Duration: 17min

    Feeling a little better... Back in the bunker. For some call-ins and some housekeeping. Down to 5 cups left and we have a few Davenports as well.  Check out the DawgCast Store if you want anything for Christmas!

  • DawgCast #680

    04/12/2023 Duration: 25min

    Son of a bitch! I really thought we had it. all the way, I still believed. And I'm gutted that it didnt work out. But I am not mad. Was pretty mad at some Bama fans on saturday night but now, I'm just sad. CLICK HERE FOR THE DAWGCAST STORE!

  • DawgCast #679

    29/11/2023 Duration: 39min

    It's SECCG time! Back to the German Buick Stadium for another game against Bama. This is the must win game, kids. GATA! We've got special guest Brooks Austin in the Bunker for some analysis! CLICK HERE FOR THE DAWGCAST STORE! CLICK HERE FOR Brooks Austin's page!

  • DawgCast #678

    27/11/2023 Duration: 27min

    BOOM! THREE YEARS STRAIGHT of 12-0. Never been done by the Dawgs or anyone else for that matter in the SEC. Unprecedented! Amazing! So freaking proud of these Dawgs! They got it done! Big win over the Nerds in ATL and on to the next game. CLICK HERE FOR THE DAWGCAST STORE!

  • DawgCast #677

    24/11/2023 Duration: 26min

    Clean, Old Fashioned HATE week. Let's go Dawgs. Beat those Nerds!! CLICK HERE FOR THE STORE!

  • DawgCast #676

    21/11/2023 Duration: 38min

    Damn! What a great game. Complete game. It's really coming together, Dawg Fans. Really. 8-0 in conference play for 3 straight years! 28 games in a row! Good times!! We got a call from Dell McGee's office from Isaiah's dad also.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR AMAZING STORE! CLICK HERE FOR Championship Law!

  • DawgCast #675

    16/11/2023 Duration: 32min

    One more SEC regular season game to go! In Neyland. Not a great place for us recently. Just GATA Dawgs. Time for some Rocky Flop... CLICK HERE FOR OUR AMAZING STORE! Buy two or more cups and get a bonus cup!

  • DawgCast #674

    13/11/2023 Duration: 33min

    Boom! Death Start mode activated. 14-14 and then 52-17. Goodnight Rebs... CLICK HERE TO BUY A 2023 Sanford Stadium cup from this historic season! Wont be anymore as we are finished with the home game slate.

  • DawgCast #673

    08/11/2023 Duration: 26min

    It's here! The biggest game since last Saturday! So many storylines... Lane coming to town, Gameday coming to town, Top 10 matchup, SEC East on the line, Saban D vs Saban O. Let's GATA!!   Click here for the DawgCast Store!

  • DawgCast #672

    06/11/2023 Duration: 29min

    Another Big Win! We get a tough out over Brady Cook and the Tigers. Fans boo but not us. We love our team no matter what!!  Check out the DawgCast Store and score a Stadium Cup here!!!  

  • DawgCast #671

    03/11/2023 Duration: 25min

    We're in it now. Biggest test of the season coming up. 3:30 kick against #12 Mizzou. Let's find out! Click here for the amazing DawgCast Store!!

  • DawgCast #670

    31/10/2023 Duration: 31min

    FTMF!! Nothing feels better than beating the Gators! So sweet. Big win for the Dawgs and a good way to start the 5 week run. CLICK HERE to visit our Store and tell us what you want to see there!  

  • DawgCast #669

    26/10/2023 Duration: 26min

    FTMF!! It's here! The week I care the most. The game I want to win the most. We are dialed in at the Bunker and we want you to be too! GATA! Gators suck snot! Also, click here for our new STORE!!!

  • DawgCast #668

    19/10/2023 Duration: 36min

    Big, easy win in Nashville. And Jamey spent 1500$ on liquor, soooo it was a good weekend! Dawgs win big and we had a great time in Nashville, why are you feeling so bad - Oh, yeah, the best player in America is down for 4-6 weeks! dammit.

  • DawgCast #667

    12/10/2023 Duration: 28min

    Boom! We are back. It's #667 because there's no way we ship episode 666 on Friday the 13th during a global jihad... not good vibes there! Dawgs are gonna win big in Nashville. Mark it down.

  • DawgCast #665

    10/10/2023 Duration: 31min

    Dawgs hang 50 on those Cats. Not so scary are they? Fast start and stilfling Defense and we are on to Nashville!

  • DawgCast #664

    05/10/2023 Duration: 24min

    Cat Fight! The 5-0 UK Wildcats come calling in Sanford. Let's see what they've really got!

  • DawgCast #663

    03/10/2023 Duration: 32min

    Hey guys, sorry we have been gone and Im sorry the sound on this one sucks. I keep screwing up. Will be much better for UK Pre. We do talk about the teams performance and how the game went. 5-0 BABY!!

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