Gear Less



Gavin and Christian like to talk about cars. Christian's background is in the street scene and older Subarus, whereas Gavin has more background in sports cars and automotive news. Listen to them hash out topics such as new/concept cars, racing news, and cars they have driven. Go check them out on facebook, twitter and iTunes!Hosts: Gavin Pouquette, Christian Main


  • Nicks Subaru WRX (Gavin Solo)

    Nick's Subaru WRX (Gavin Solo)

    10/11/2015 Duration: 14min

    Gavin conducts the first Gear Less solo review and drives a modified  2009 Subaru WRX. 275 All Wheel Drive HP and 305 Torque. Hell of a podcast. Tune in for more!

  • Welcome Christian!

    Welcome Christian!

    04/11/2015 Duration: 40min

    We welcome a new host of the Gear Less Podcast! Christian Main. Hear all about him and his background, plus much more in the latest episode of the Gear Less Podcast!

  • The One Where Christian Shows Up

    The One Where Christian Shows Up

    30/10/2015 Duration: 07min

    Sad News! Pat is no longer with us. He has gone in a direction that is more for him. But with that said, we have been blessed to have new co-host Christian Main! Hear all about it in the upcoming episodes of the Gear Less Podcast!

  • Chronicles Of The Dirty Dailys: Part 2

    Chronicles Of The Dirty Dailys: Part 2

    19/10/2015 Duration: 09min

    Pat drives Scott's 1995 BMW E36 325is. Listen to hear what he has to say about it!

  • Chronicles Of The Dirty Dailys: Part 1

    Chronicles Of The Dirty Dailys: Part 1

    13/10/2015 Duration: 19min

    Gavin drives the first of the Dirty Dailys. 1995 BMW 325is. Tune in for more!

  • Christians MadzaSpeed6

    Christian's MadzaSpeed6

    01/09/2015 Duration: 31min

    Gavin goes for a brief drive in Christian's stock MadzaSpeed6. Here is what he thinks of it. Big thanks to Zak Ricklefs for mixing this episode. Glad to have you on our team buddy.

  • Crosstrek


    06/07/2015 Duration: 12min

    Gavin takes a ride in Alex Gallivan's new Subaru Crosstrek. Here is what happens.

  • BRZ and S2K Introduction

    BRZ and S2K Introduction

    28/06/2015 Duration: 04min

    An introduciton to out next podcast episode.

  • BRZ Diaries: The One Where Gavin Drives

    BRZ Diaries: The One Where Gavin Drives

    14/05/2015 Duration: 17min

    Gavin takes Pat and Matt for a little blast through East Canyon.

  • BRZ Diaries: The One With Sheep

    BRZ Diaries: The One With Sheep

    14/05/2015 Duration: 20min

    Pat takes the driver's seat of the 2015 BRZ and takes on East Canyon.

  • Gear Less Solo: BRZ 1

    Gear Less Solo: BRZ 1

    11/05/2015 Duration: 08min

    Gavin vents about his drive in a stock 2015 Subaru BRZ. This is the first in the Solo series.

  • Miller Motorsports Park

    Miller Motorsports Park

    10/05/2015 Duration: 46min

    Pat and Gavin discuss the potential closure of Miller Motorsports Park, the Eco-Boost Mustang, and more!

  • SEMA Baby!

    SEMA Baby!

    30/04/2015 Duration: 45min

    Gavin and Pat get accpeted to SEMA! Topics discussed are the SEMA show, Apple Watch combining with BMW and Porsche, Wanksy, and more!

  • Rachel and Danny

    Rachel and Danny

    13/04/2015 Duration: 01h16min

    We invite Rachel and her husband Danny on the show to interview. We talk about their Mazdaspeed6, Nissan SE-R that disguises itself as a total sleeper, and local car shows.

  • Outside


    07/04/2015 Duration: 36min

    Gavin and Pat go outside and talk about what's happening in racing, and car news.

  • Riding Around in Brets Camaro

    Riding Around in Bret's Camaro

    31/03/2015 Duration: 06min

    A ride along with Bret and his 1968 LS Swapped Camaro.

  • Bret and His 1968 Camaro

    Bret and His 1968 Camaro

    27/03/2015 Duration: 01h16min

    We welcome our first guest to the show. Bret Madsen and his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. But the Car is no ordinary Camaro. Find out what Bret has done on the latest episode of Gear Less!

  • Podcastic!


    23/03/2015 Duration: 43min

    Some may call this episode, Podcastic!

  • Rain Damage

    Rain Damage

    03/03/2015 Duration: 44min

    The first actual episode of a new show called Gear Less.