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Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour: The best not really an hour podcast to hear babble about theme parks and amusement parks. Joe, Nick, Mike, Lane, Sean, and friends cover the news and happenings at Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and our local favorite parks.Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast: Alan searches his decades built rolodex for fans and industry insiders to deep dive into coasters, amusement parks, random dark rides, coaster culture, and more.EXPLICIT WARNING: Some adult language, situations, and beverages occur. It's all PG-13 fun.


  • Present & Future of Universal Orlando with Brian

    26/03/2024 Duration: 54min

    Brain from Inside Universal is here to talk about Universal Orlando's good, bad, and baffling decisions - from Kong 2D to refreshed restaurants to late attraction openings. Then we talk about DreamWorks Land, Epic Universe, How to Train Your Dragon, and more!

  • Epic Universe Announcement + Super Nintendo World with Alex

    24/02/2024 Duration: 01h10min

    It's Joe and Alex (and Beyonce) this time as they cover the Epic Universe announcement, Alex's west coast trip, and Super Nintendo World at USH.

  • Eulogy of Sleep No More (Plus, Here Lies Love)

    19/01/2024 Duration: 03h09min

    A massive two-parter of a podcast that should last you through the winter! Joe and Jeff talk theater with friends - including an in-depth look at Sleep No More, the theater show that inspired the Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser.Part 1 - Sleep No More (0:00:00)Joe and Jeff are joined by Kyle to discuss the immersive theater production Sleep No More. After over 5000 performances spanning over a decade, the show is scheduled to close later this year. What is it? How did it begin? What is its future? This is a thorough look at the show knowing it will be closing in the coming months. Remember, you can never go back to Manderley again.Find Kyle at jumpscarefactory.comPart 2 - Here Lies Love (2:21:30)Jeff and Joe talk about the short-lived but incredible Here Lies Love on Broadway. This immersive disco musical puts theater viewers in the middle of a disco as the story of Imelda Marcos plays out - from her rise to power and fall as a corrupt dictator to the hands of a peaceful revolution. Joe gets drunk as he lays i


    16/12/2023 Duration: 02h19min

    Joe and Alex are live, in person, looking at each other across a table in this very very late podcast! Alex goes to Walt Disney World and rides Rat, Tron, and Guardians! Joe sees Josh Gadd and Idina Manzel on a Broadway stage together and then travels with newbies to Universal Orlando. Plus some Epic Universe talk!

  • 10 Year Anniversary: We Are Here to Change The World

    21/09/2023 Duration: 01h30min

    Happy 10 Year Anniversary to this stupid little show. Thank you for supporting us, enjoy. Cya on October 1.-----Fantastical Beasts, Universal Decade, Future of IoA, Captain Eo, and more.

  • Alex Goes To Europe & Everything Blows Up

    01/09/2023 Duration: 01h58min

    Joe and Alex discuss the full Halloween Horror Nights reveal before diving into Alex's big big big European coaster trip. Then we face a bunch of tech issues, Joe talks about Broadway, and we end with a laugh.

  • Minion Land, DreamWorks, and Epic Universe with Alicia Stella

    01/08/2023 Duration: 01h17min

    Today, Joe is joined by the prolific theme park writer and video producer, Alicia Stella! In this episode, we discuss pickles, escape rooms, Minion Cafe, Villain-Con's pros and cons, USF's 2024 additions, and finally Epic Universe!Orlando Park StopTheme Park Stop

  • Double Feature with Mike, Nick, and Hunter

    01/06/2023 Duration: 02h48min

    Mike & Nick Go To L.A.Mike and Nick return to the show to discuss their trip to L.A.! Mike experiences Disneyland for the first time and both are flummoxed by Universal Studios Hollywood. Featuring brutally honest reviews of Super Nintendo World.The Legend of Zelda - Buy the Express Pass (1:24:45)Joe is joined by Hunter from Grim Grinning Hosts, Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights, and DIS-Order to discuss all the recent theme park hot goss. Everyone is getting into the closing attractions game, from Disney's Star Cruiser to Universal and Poseidon's Fury. Plus we discuss the theory behind Universal Studios Florida's entrance, Epic Universe hot takes, and a little bit of Halloween Horror Nights.

  • Alex & Friends

    07/05/2023 Duration: 01h05min

    Joe and Alex talk about all the modern things in amusement parks - Hypersonic XLC, Poseidon's Fury, and last year's Halloween Horror Nights! Plus we talk about Alex's last minute trip to Universal, Hersheypark, and no F1 talk!

  • Parkscope the Reboot

    01/04/2023 Duration: 01h34min

    Hello world!After a hiatus, the show is back! Joe has RSV or something and is joined by Andrew Hyde from In The Loop fame. We discuss Kennywood safety, Dynamic Attractions filing for bankruptcy protection, Disney sobers up and realizes they have a capacity issue, and finally Universal's new parks.

  • Parkscope Podcast 5 - June 2022 Trip Report

    30/06/2022 Duration: 01h13min

    Joe and Brian discuss the news and their last Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Trip!

  • Parkscope Podcast 4 - Cosmic Rewind Impressions

    01/06/2022 Duration: 10min

    Brian and Joe are sitting on a balcony at Bay Lake Tower discussing Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind. 

  • Parkscope Podcast 3 - Animal Kingdom Lodge, Babies, and Genie+

    05/05/2022 Duration: 01h09min

    Sean goes to Walt Disney World for the first time as a family! Nick sits in! Joe asks questions. Genie+ is purchased, rides are rode, kegs will be tapped, men will be used.

  • Parkscope Podcast 2 - Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

    31/03/2022 Duration: 02h57min

    The eagerly awaited Star Wars Galactic Starcruser themed experience/on-land cruise/LARP has opened! Turns out, friends of the site David Daut and Hastin are fans of interactive themed spaces AND attended the inaugural Halcyon voyage. All aspects of the experience are discussed, from arrival to departure, including many spoilers.

  • Parkscope Podcast 1 - Iron Gwazi, Ice Breaker, FLY, and Harry Potter NYC VR

    01/03/2022 Duration: 01h36min

    We hear reboots are all the rage now so lets reboot this podcast! Alex and Joe discuss their recent trips along with a little bit news about Disney's new planned community. Topics Include:-Disney StoryLiving-Iron Gwazi review-Ice Breaker review-Fantasialand & FLY review-Harry Potter NYC Virtual Reality Experiences-Joe's Broadway trip! Music Man with Hugh Jackman, Hadestown, Company, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

  • Pints with Parkscope - HHN30 Pt 2

    11/09/2021 Duration: 36min

    Joe is back from Orlando and recording well before 2am. This episode he's going further in-depth on HHN30 as he explains his choices while writing the Touring Plans review of the event.

  • Pints with Parkscope - HHN30 Hot Takes

    04/09/2021 Duration: 08min

    It’s 2am and Joe is in his Dockside room with some HHN30 hot takes. Not a review just first impressions. 

  • Pints with Parkscope: Das Boot Episode - Bad Social Media, Fat Phobia, and Horror Nights

    28/08/2021 Duration: 01h11min

    Joe drove to Columbus to be with his parents and Mike is drinking away a hurricane. Today's topics include Universal Studios Hollywood's very bad, very dumb, fatphobic tweet; the public backlash to perceived "fatphobia" at Universal in attraction design and test seats; and some more talking about Halloween Horror Nights

  • Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #218 - Disney Genie and Laughing Lane (Plus HHN30) with Hastin and David Daut

    23/08/2021 Duration: 02h15min

    Well, Disney, ya finally did it! After lots of rumors, speculation, and angst, the stateside Disney Parks have announced Disney Genie and Lightning Lane products. This week Joe is joined by Hastin and David Daut to discuss the new products, our thoughts, our worries, and where the puck is going with the Disney Parks. Then we switch gears to discuss HHN30 and David's first trip to the event.

  • Pints with Parkscope #1 - NBA Experience

    20/08/2021 Duration: 21min

    This coming September will be the 8th anniversary of our podcast.Eight. Years.Since then we've had marriages, births, and moved all over the place. One big change is also our lack of time. As you might have seen the podcast has gotten more and more infrequent over the years as the gang just can't get together as much as we used to. Look, when you have a job, a house, a wife, and a kid you just don't have the 90 minutes to sit down on Skype and talk about theme parks.So lets try something new. For the next month or so I'll do a weekly 15 minute (or so) show covering one topic, just long enough to finish one drink. Hence the "pints" part. But don't think this is glorifying drinking, I'll be having water, tea, and coffee too! My goal is to have a new episode up every Friday or so.Our first episode is about the NBA Experience, from Iger's power grab after NBA City left to closure. We'll talk about all the weird points in this attraction's life, what went wrong, could it have worked, and my thoughts on a replaceme

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