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Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet is a weekly Bondi Beach Radio show and podcast where we interview inspiring people and entrepreneurs across a range of industries (incl. music, film/tv, comedy, fashion, travel and more) about what makes them tick as people and drives their hunger for success.For more visit:


  • 236 The Mental Illness Happy Hour with American comedian Paul Gilmartin

    10/06/2020 Duration: 39min

    Fascinating podcast interview with American comedian Paul Gilmartin, creator of The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast live from Los Angeles!   Stoked to have Paul on my show, as we met at Los Angeles Podcast Festival in September 2015 and we’ve been planning to record together ever since!   The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a weekly, hour-long audio podcast featuring interviews with artists, friends and doctors, which covers broad range of subject matter including PTSD, Surviving Domestic Violence, Body Image & Sexuality, LBGTQIA Battles & Milestones, Getting Sober, Dating Anxiety and Reproductive Issues, the pandemic and so much more.   Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! Enjoy the show!   Connect with Paul Gilmartin and The Mental Illness Happy Hour online: The Mental Illness Happy Hour episode #213 with Tiffany Haddish:   Hit

  • 235 Leah Martin-Brown (Evol Walks) | The Entrepreneurship Podcast @hotndelicious S1E235

    11/04/2020 Duration: 55min

    Kick-ass! LA-based Aussie lead singer of Evol Walks, Leah Martin-Brown AKA @adventuresinplasticland is a deadset legend and after 5 years of the podcast, I’m pumped to launch the newly evolved and upgraded @hotndelicious | The Entrepreneurship Podcast YouTube version of the show with her! . We quickly strip off the COVID19 conversation and dive into all of the deep sh*t such as running the bulls in Pamplona, Havok the spicy German Shepherd Husky and Carlitos – Cute Carlos – the weiner dog, Bondi Party Pants “Oh fuck yeah, look at those Party Pants! Have they got pineapples on them?”, life in Los Angeles, Italy, euthanasia, Jackson Firebird and so much more! . Stream @hotndelicious | The Entrepreneurship Podcast via YouTube, Apple and Spotify: . Connect with Leah Martin-Brown (Evol Walks) with online: Facebook: Instagram: . Evol Walks: https://evolwa

  • 234 Hayden Calnin & Riley Pearce - Aussie Folk at Courtyard Sessions

    09/04/2020 Duration: 54min

    Step inside the world of Australian singer-songwriters Hayden Calnin & Riley Pearce. Recorded live in Sydney before we all went into lockdown. Much love to the team at Comes With Fries for making this happen!   Connect with Hayden Calnin online: Stream it: Socials:   Connect with Riley Pearce online: Stream Windmill (acoustic) 3rd January:   Hit Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet up on social media here: LinkedIn: Instagram Instagram Twitter Facebook Hot &

  • 233 Solo Christmas Cast 231219

    22/12/2019 Duration: 11min

    Hayden Calnin and Riley Pearce live at Courtyard Sessions in Sydney at Seymour Centre in Chippendale on January 17th, 2020.   Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! episodes - a few faves from 2019 for you to listen to and catch-up on: L-Fresh the Lion: Jake Mason from Cooking on 3 Burners and the Soul Messin’ Allstars: Richard Watkins, Bentspoke Brewery CEO: Kerri Glasscock CEO and director of Sydney Fringe Festival: Brain tumour solocast:

  • 232 Jake Mason - Soul Messin’ Allstars, Cookin' on 3 Burners + Soul Messin’ Records

    26/11/2019 Duration: 01h03min

    Soul Messin’ Allstars + Soul Messin’ Records: AusMusic T-shirt Day + Support Act: Cookin' on 3 Burners: Comes With Fries:   Hit Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet up on social media here: LinkedIn: Instagram Instagram Twitter Facebook Hot & Delicious YouTube - Ballistyx Snowboard Show, interviews & more.   'Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet’ entertainment, travel, photo

  • 231 Mark Bennedick (Sense Group co-founder)

    15/11/2019 Duration: 51min

    Book your tickets to The #1 Social Media Workshop in Bondi Beach using promo code podcast for $150 off:   Connect with Mark Bennedick (co-founder Sense Group) online:   Hit Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet up on social media here: LinkedIn: Instagram Instagram Twitter Facebook Hot & Delicious YouTube - Ballistyx Snowboard Show, interviews & more.  

  • 230 L-FRESH The LION (hip hop artist)

    17/10/2019 Duration: 57min

    Why blend in when you’re born to stand out? . 5 years ago I had the pleasure of kickin’ it with L-FRESH The LION on my couch in West Melbourne, chewing the fat on Punjab, meditation, music and all the simple things in life. 5 years and 221 episodes later, it brings a broad  smile to my face that L was my 9th everHot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! podcast guest, that he’s part of my journey and I his. . And man L-FRESH has been BUSY!!! From festival appearances all over Australia, L-FRESH The LION addressed the United Nations Headquarters in New York in late 2018 and shared a stage in London with the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate, Pakistani human rights and female education activist Malala Yousafzai.  . He was also selected as an ambassador for YouTube’s Creators For Change global initiative, with his resulting video RACI$T / OUR WORLD premiering at the Tribeca TV festival in New York and accumulating close to half a million views.  . Step inside our world as we chat about the beauty of Goa (India), w

  • 229 Andrew Maciver (creator and founder of Party Pants and Bondi Productions)

    11/10/2019 Duration: 01h08min

    Social Media Workshop Series by @hotndelicious at Academy Xi - Social media for your small business or startup:   Connect with Andrew Maciver (creator and founder of Party Pants and Bondi Productions) online:   Hit Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet up on social media here: LinkedIn: Instagram Instagram Twitter Facebook Hot & Delicious YouTube - Ballistyx Snowboard Show, interviews & more.   'Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet’ entertainment, travel, photography & lifestyle blog: http://

  • 228 Leah Martin-Brown (LA-based Evol Walks lead singer & songwriter)

    03/10/2019 Duration: 56min

    LA-based Evol Walks lead singer & songwriter Leah Martin-Brown joins the show again this week LIVE from LA! . 2nd time around on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! podcast, Leah drops the down low on the latest Evol Walks jams being launched Down Under, their upcoming shows in Las Vegas and LA, she dives deep into the motivations, triggers and joy of her journey to becoming alcohol-free, working in the advertising industry on cannabis and much, much more. . This self-powered rockstar, who grew up on the Gold Coast and Melbourne in Australia, built a life in LA and is now 6 years in in the USA, in is an absolute inspiration to me. Go get ‘em, lady! . Connect with Leah Martin-Brown with online: Facebook: Instagram: Evol Walks: Spotify: https://twitte

  • 227 Solocast - Dan Wilkinson @hotndelicious minisode

    27/09/2019 Duration: 17min

    Exciting little minisode this week! Upcoming guests and what we'll be chatting about on the show: Leah Martin-Brown, lead singer of Evol Walks killing it in LA. Mark Bennedick, co-founders of Sense independent agency, who’s just been heavily involved in throwing on YouTube Festival.  What are you grateful for? Instructing at Academy Xi. What is it? What I love about it? Sol Cups founder guest appearance. Fuelling my own career desires. My biz dev. Social Media workshops - Academy Xi. Social Media workshops. Biz dev - quarter digital media report. Big things brewing. Sometimes a step sideways that doesn’t feel wrong can open up your mind and open up your opportunities. . Hit Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet up on social media here: LinkedIn: Instagram Instagram Twitter Facebook

  • 226 OK Moon debut album launch feat Hayden Calnin

    19/09/2019 Duration: 53min

    OK Moon. 250 Million+ streams on Spotify and 157K MONTHLY LISTENERS! Pumped to launch this week’s double podcast feature with my home-boy OK Moon's Hayden Calnin! . OK Moon are the Aussie supergroup of Dustin Tebbutt, LANKS, Hayden Calnin and Xavier Dunn, who are taking on the world with their debut album and yes, Melbourne and Sydney you’re up 1st!  . Over the next 2 weeks OK Moon launch their album Down Under and I snaffled an exclusive double podcast interview with Hayden in the lead-up AND the lead-up to the launch of his brand new solo EP ‘A Life You Would Choose’ in November.  . Connect with OK Moon online: Stream OK Moon's self-titled debut album here: Tour Dates: Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift cover: Stream Episode #38 Hayden Calnin (Indie singer/songwriter & producer) on Apple Music:

  • 225 rad new Jaguar Jonze 'Beijing Baby' podcast feature

    13/09/2019 Duration: 29min

    225 Jaguar Jonze 'Beijing Baby’ feature   Hit Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet up on social media here: Instagram Instagram Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Hot & Delicious YouTube - Ballistyx Snowboard Show, interviews & more.   'Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet’ entertainment, travel, photography & lifestyle blog:

  • 224 New music for you - Hot & Delicious - tunes we love 2019 - Solocast 060919

    05/09/2019 Duration: 09min

    Happy Friday y’all! New podcast is OUT! This week I feature new music by Sturgill Simpson, Jaguar Jonze, OK Moon, G Flip and Wagons in a show I call Hot & Delicious - tunes we love 2019. Sturgill Simpson - 'Sing Along' "Sounds like waylon had sex with queens of the stone age while the black keys watched." Jaguar Jonze - ‘Beijing Baby’. OK Moon - ’Stones’ - Dustin Tebbutt, LANKS, Hayden Calnin, Xavier Dunn. G Flip - ‘Bring Me Home’. Wagons - ‘Keep On Coming Back’. Hot & Delicious - tunes we love 2019 - YouTube playlist: Hot & Delicious - tunes we love 2019 - Soundcloud: OK Moon’s new debut LP. Stream it: Hayden Calnin - Hot & Delicious Episode #38: Hayden Calnin - Hot & Delicious Episod

  • 223 Wagons 'Songs from the Aftermath' feature

    29/08/2019 Duration: 01h09min

    Wagons. Songs from the Aftermath. Psychedelic, space cowboy Henry Wagons and his 6-piece band of misfit entertainers are BACK with a dark, sweaty, bludgeoning country rock LP. . 3.5 years ago Henry and I shared a couple of cheeky India Pale Ales in a Holiday Inn Hotel in Hermosa Beach, California, and together we recorded 2 hours of one of my favourite podcast episodes ever.  . Our second time around, we wax lyrical on overseas adventures, Vietnam Vespa iPhone thieves, Scrabble dates versus Netflix & Chill, the evolution from writing solo to collaboration in the deepest form from the stages of embryo, his love of Nashville, 5-year old daughter Casper’s RRR artist debut and much, much more. . Podcasting and hanging out with Henry Wagons is an absolute joy! Get some! .  Listen to Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! podcast episode #51 Henry Wagons (Cold Burger, Cold Fries): .  Connect with Wagons o

  • 222 Tall Poppy Syndrome, Outrage Culture & click bait -Solocast - 230819

    22/08/2019 Duration: 22min

    After a month off, I’m back!   On this week’s show we discuss the quest for more meaningful content, changing the game as consumers in an effort to seek out and drive creation of more meaningful content and the power of being able to lift each other up: Tall Poppy Syndrome, Outrage Culture & click bait - what kinds of content are out there, finding more meaningful news sources (journalists or podcasters) and how to lift each other up. What I’ve been up to lately - project managing and speaking at UNSW’s inaugural Social Media Day, my first ever @hotndelicious photographic exhibition, selling artwork and becoming a street artist for the first time and my start this week with Academy Xi, instructing a course on Digital Growth Marketing. Kickass content! I share with you some of my faves of late: Yahoo Sport Reporter Chris Young’s take on Tall Poppy Syndrome, Outrage Culture & click bait with regards to the Ben Simmons storm in a teacup:

  • 221 Nigella Love Bites (Raelene Isbester)

    08/07/2019 Duration: 41min

    When life throws you lemons, you make a lemon tart. Nigella Lawson has been tantalising our taste buds for years. Single-handedly bringing sexy back into the kitchen with her smooth rich English accent, voluptuous physique and addiction to alliteration. Women want to be her and men want to be with her. Her life has been filled with the bitter and the sweet. This week we feature hilarious comedy and cabaret performer Raelene Isbester and her show Nigella Loves Bites on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! weekly entrepreneurship podcast ahead of her shows in Sydney this weekend as part of Bondi Feast and Bondi Winter Magic! Rae and I explore the wonderful sugar highs and front page lows of Nigella’s career that are the plot of the show and after successful sellout seasons at Perth Fringe World, Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe and a stand out Christmas Special, Nigella – Love Bites is on its way to the iconic Bondi Pavillon for three deliciously decadent evenings during Bondi Feast! I can’t WAIT to see

  • 220 Rebecca Veksler (SoL Cups founder)

    01/07/2019 Duration: 01h02min

    On today’s show we catch-up with Bondi Beach entrepreneur, dead-set legend and SoL Cups founder, Rebecca   SoL Cups create reusable, plastic free hand-blown glass cups and we deep dive into the life of this Bondi Beach-born Russian-Australian businesswoman.   An absolute baller, Bec shares with us the meaning of SoL Cups, how to build a team and scale a business by hiring the right people, her pinch-me moments, Bec’s creative, philosophical and business influences, creating business values that you live by and much much more.   If you’ve ever wanted to launch and scale a business, then you should start right here!  Connect with Rebecca Veksler (SoL Cups founder) online:   Hit Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet up on social media here: LinkedIn: Instagram

  • 219 RIVAH (Australian pop artist)

    17/06/2019 Duration: 58min

    In April 2019, Inertia Music signed Brisbane pop act Rivah, who has announced her debut self-titled EP. The announcement of the EP comes alongside the release of her new single and video for ‘Worry Bout It’. The EP saw her work with producers as Pip Norman (Jarryd James), Eric J (Chet Faker, Flume), JP Fung (Client Liaison) and Jesse Porches (SuperCruel). She has also been a finalist for the 2019 Billy Thorpe Scholarship, 2018 Carol Lloyd Award, 2017 Grant McLennan Fellowship, the International Songwriting Competition, New York’s Independent Music Awards, Nashville’s Unsigned Only and the Queensland Music Awards. Connect with RIVAH online: Stream RIVAH’s music here: Download @hotndelicious Episode #21 Bec Laughton (indie social singer songwriter):   Hit Hot &

  • 218 Monty Franklin (Los Angeles-based Australian comedian)

    11/06/2019 Duration: 01h18min

    "Positivity follows you around.”  Australian Los Angeles-based  stand-up comedian Monty Franklin is our special guest this week on Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! entrepreneurship podcast, as we deep-dive what it’s like to pursue a successful career in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, his latest project with US comedian Rob Schneider. and performing at Sydney Opera House. Connect with Monty Franklin online: Stream Monty Franklin’s latest album ’Something Will Happen’: Socials: Australians in LA Facebook Group: Australians in LA Facebook Group: Australians in Film Facebook Page:   Hit Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet up on social media here: LinkedIn:

  • 217 Comedy Podcast Feature: All Things Comedy 'Road Stories’ podcast host & comedian Murray Valeriano.

    30/05/2019 Duration: 01h02min

    Yas! Los Angeles-based American stand-up comedian & host of the 'Road Stories’ podcast, Murray Valeriano, joins me this week on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! weekly entrepreneurship podcast as we chat about open heart surgery, surfing and the Road Stories podcast with amazing stories from life on the road as a comedian and my own stories as an ex Emirates Airline international flight attendant.   A wonderful podcast that will make your heart soar!   Connect with Murray Valeriano on social media: 

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