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Check out and join Ashland Dave as he talks about ultramarathons, marathons, half-marathons and endurance running in Ashland, VA.


  • Weekend Warrior! - Episode #297

    30/12/2023 Duration: 33min

    Maybe more like weekend wimpy, but I'm getting out there. This show has some societal observations which maybe you've never thought about. 

  • Six Time Ironman John Pendergrass

    10/11/2023 Duration: 01h03min

    Six time Ironman John Pendergrass died Wednesday, 11-8-2023, at this home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. John was a husband, father to three, grandfather to several, medical doctor, author, friend, marathon runner, and a Vietnam Veteran. He lived a full life and will be missed. His obituary can be viewed here John Pendergrass obituary. John is my cousin.   John wrote two books about his extraordinary life: Against the Odds Racing Back to Vietnam

  • When Two Miles is Success - Episode #295

    30/09/2023 Duration: 46min

    I've gone from 50 miles a week to a 2 mile run. Covering two miles is a success for where I'm at with my running fitness. That and more in this show which includes an encore presentation of episode #199 from 2014.    Thanks for downloading the show, my email is    

  • Plenty of Medical Excuses! - Episode #294

    04/09/2023 Duration: 37min

    If you've stayed subscribed to this podcast, then you are appreciated and I need to hear from you at   I'm recovering from a situation I didn't think I would have as a runner. It's not tragic or anything like that. I make that distinction because I have close friends who are coping with more than I can imagine at this point my my/our lives. I've produced this show to provide some information about me and to show respect to a few of my local running buddies. 

  • Blue Friday Honor - Det. Kevin Hiner - Episode #293

    04/10/2022 Duration: 29min

    A good friend of mine, Detective Kevin Hiner of the Richmond Police Department, was recently recognized for his outstanding police work. Kevin and I have been friends for several years and he was very deserving of this award. The link below has more information about the award he received. Kevin was interviewed by local talk radio host Jeff Katz of WRVA 1140. I reposted this interview to honor Kevin and bring more attention to his work.  Blue Friday Award - Lt. Jan McTernan Thanks for downloading the show.    

  • All Politics is Local - Episide #292

    04/10/2022 Duration: 35min

    The podcast is back with brand new content! "Burglary" at the beach, local sidewalk construction, nagging tendonitis and many other topics are covered along with some running news. Thanks for coming back and downloading the show.  Music by Garageband and the United States Marine Corps Band. 

  • Juror #18 - Episode #291

    31/07/2022 Duration: 43min

    Ever been called for jury duty? Ever driven over 900 miles overnight? Ever been axe throwing? The answers to those questions and other running related stuff are in this show, thanks for listening!   Stories from the Center of the Universe podcast   Music by GarageBand and U.S. Marine Corps Band

  • Here’s To You Ashland Bryan - Two Throwback Shows - Episode #290

    24/06/2022 Duration: 01h22min

    I've run with Ashland Bryan virtually and in reality since 2006. He doesn't live locally to me anymore but technology keeps us close. This mostly encore episode is dedicated to him. Safe travels my brother. 

  • Railroad Run 10k, Shingles and an Encore Presentation of Show #20 - Episode #289

    06/06/2022 Duration: 01h03min

    This show is about the 2022 Ashland Railroad Run (10k, 5k, etc) that I've been involved with a lot over the years. I also explain how awful Shingles is and where my focus is for the fall training season. And for a bonus, the tail end of this show is the recording from episode #20 (July 2008). Thanks for downloading the show!

  • Blue is Dead - Episode #288

    21/05/2022 Duration: 53min

    My running buddy died. He was a good dog but he was old and it was time. The podcast is back with some interesting information. Thanks for downloading the show!

  • Let’s Go Buffalo! - Episode #287

    04/01/2022 Duration: 37min

    What does the Buffalo Bills have to do with distance running? Not much, but I took a trip back to Buffalo, NY for the first time since 1978. That and how it relates to distance running (again, not much) in this episode, thanks for listening!   Music by U.S. Marine Band and the late Derek Miller's    

  • An Unstoppable Runner - Book Interview with Down Under Dave - Episode #286


    This episode has the interview with David Williams (aka "Down Under Dave") who wrote a book about his life and ultra running adventures. The book is really good! Dave graciously made himself available for an interview and he's really funny and has an outstanding outlook on life. More information about the book can be found at the following links: And here is Karen's Iron Man distance race report, it's very detailed and pretty cool: I’ve wanted to do an Ironman distance triathlon for a long time but was intimidated by the amount of time training would take. I already have a full-time job and training would be like adding a part-time job. However, sometimes friends get you to do crazy things. I have a group of friends who have been together since about 2012 when we joined forces to do Ragnar Chicago. We started the w

  • Haven‘t Run For Over Two Months -Episode #285

    12/11/2021 Duration: 35min

    My last run was August 28 which was a half marathon. A heel injury has prevented me from getting out on the road but I think I'm on the mend now. I discuss that and more in this episode! Thanks for listening!

  • Ashland Half Marathon Notes and Olympic Race Walking - Episode #284

    16/09/2021 Duration: 45min

    Sig Sauer customer service, Olympics high jump and race walking, sad deaths, Spring marathon plans and more in this show. Thanks for listening!

  • Half Marathon Training Plan Plus More Rants! - Epsisode #283

    25/07/2021 Duration: 33min

    Team Wolfpack has a half marathon coming up but who in my running group is really going to run it? That and more in the show, thanks for listening!

  • Mid-Week Runs Don't Run By Themselves - Pandemic Over - Episode #282

    30/06/2021 Duration: 52min

    Being a weekend warrior with only doing the group run will eventually catch up to you. Ashland Bob figured that out and so did I. I had no idea a comment I made one day would resonate with Bob and circle back to me in my own training. I talk about that and a huge stack of stuff in this episode which includes the email bag and some comments on the pandemic. Thanks for coming back and listening to the show! Contact me at and let me know where you hail from and what kind of running you do. I love to hear from listeners of the show!   Links mentioned: Ashland Dave interviewed on Dr. Jami Dulaney's podcast Ashland VA Rail Ran (live view of downtown Ashland VA)

  • Life Cancelled - Episode #281

    04/05/2021 Duration: 49min

    Seems like lots of things are getting cancelled including ultras! But there's still plenty going on in the Center of The Universe! Thanks for listening. Contact me at   Fall Line trail link:    

  • Pandemic Sucks Part 2 - Episode #280

    05/02/2021 Duration: 32min

    The ultra I planned to run in 2020 has been rescheduled (I think). That and more in this episode of Running in the Center of the Universe podcast.    Thanks for coming back to the show (I know I had many months off)!   Music by Garageband, U.S. Marine Band, and the late Derek Miller's Penmachine.

  • New Inspiration - Episode #279

    16/10/2020 Duration: 43min

    Dave is back with some new running inspiration thanks to Keith Cartwright. Keith is a distance runner in the Center of the Universe and Dave interviewed Keith about his recent ultra running accomplishment. Keith looks at distance running a little bit different than some and it's really refreshing to hear him talk. Enjoy the show!   Music by the late Derek Miller's Penmachine. Keith's podcast is Previous show with Keith is at  

  • Dave is Back! - Episode #278 - Pandemic Sucks

    12/09/2020 Duration: 26min

    Thank you for coming back to the show.    Tap 2 Tap ultra 50 miler