Down To The Wire



A new Sports podcast discussing the latest NFL and NBA news.


  • NBA Round one playoff reactions

    22/04/2016 Duration: 25min

    Alex and Zach get together and react to the first round of the NBA playoffs, along with predictions on the rest of round one.

  • Are the Spurs better than the Warriors?

    29/03/2016 Duration: 40min

    Alex and Zach discuss whether or not the Spurs are better than the Warriors, along with who won NFL Free agency, and which team will be the most improved next season.

  • NFL Free Agent Frenzy

    29/03/2016 Duration: 52min

    Alex and Zach recap some of the biggest names in the NFL Free Agency Frenzy, along with the Los Angeles Clippers, and a 1v1 debate between Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III.

  • Houston we have a problem?

    29/03/2016 Duration: 34min

    The boys debate whether or not James Harden and the Houston Rockets are in trouble, along with where some of the biggest NFL free agents will land.

  • Anthony Davis 59 point game

    29/03/2016 Duration: 51min

    Alex recaps Anthony Davis's historic game, along with where he ranks among the NBA's best. Alex also touches where the best fit for RGIII would be, and some early fantasy football rankings as well.

  • NBA Trade Deadline

    29/03/2016 Duration: 33min

    The guys recap the biggest deals that occurred in the NBA Trade Deadline.

  • NBA All Star Weekend Recap

    21/03/2016 Duration: 29min

    First episode - Alex and Zach discuss and recap the events of the NBA All Star Weekend