Off The Woodwork



Listen in as Zach Rocha and Jason Moore discuss the week's best topics in soccer. Rocha is the director of Sidekick Soccer Academy (Boston, MA) and believes in Earth, Wind & Fire (and throw-ins!). Moore was the No. 1 pick overall in Major League Soccer and feels blessed to be left-footed, just like whom he considers the world's best ever players (Messi and Maradona). Weekly episodes.


  • Off the Woodwork - Episode 3

    29/07/2014 Duration: 45min

    Rocha and Moore bring on special guest Jesse Vann (co-founder of Sidekick Soccer Academy) to talk about Wolverhampton, the Premier League, and the English National Team. The guys also talk about the benefits of video games in educating players, coaches, and fans alike, and have some fun reminiscing about Moore’s appearance in the FIFA Video Game Series way back when.

  • Off the Woodwork - Episode 2

    28/07/2014 Duration: 51min

    Rocha and Moore discuss the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup. Germany wins the title, Messi wins the Golden Ball, and US Soccer prepares for the future. Listen to the experts' perspective on all of it.

  • Off the Woodwork - Episode 1

    03/07/2014 Duration: 48min

    The DEBUT episode Rocha and Moore discuss the US Men's National Team's surge in popularity at the World Cup in Brazil, Moore's decision to leave college early to become the No. 1 pick in Major League Soccer in 1999, and who's the best today; Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. This Live podcast was recorded on Wed, June 26, 2014 at the AMC Cinemas in North Dartmouth, MA, as part of an evening screening of the documentary, 'Next Goal Wins'.