NFL Cash Money



Every week NFL Ca$h Money will bring you the best gambling advice and league commentary you wont see on TV or anywhere else on the Internet. What games to bet. What games to stay away from. How to think two or three weeks ahead and how to be above the fray when it comes to evaluating teams on your own. Serious NFL fans have been waiting a long time for a real podcast that ignores the press conferences and gets down to the week to week match ups in depth. It has arrived.


  • NFL Week 6: A Podcast Mutiny @ Deter's

    12/10/2016 Duration: 01h05min

    Despite what the ratings and many media members might tell you, the 51st Season of the NFL is rockin' and rollin' and about to excel to new heights. While Deter emphasizes the circumstances surrounding each match up, Tony desperately searches for new ways to assert himself as the smartest guy in the room after Gilman demonstrates noticeably superior research skills as well as that rare ability to appreciate the perspectives of others. Conflict kills in show business so let's get to it!!

  • NFL Ca$h Money Week 5: Where is Baker The Raider?

    06/10/2016 Duration: 47min

    This week, we proudly present a Very Special Episode of NFL Ca$h Money. Gilman returns from his journeys in distant lands to find the NFL in a state of disarray. The Patriots shut out at home. Cam Newton concussed on an inexplicable running play. Carson Wentz good. And trusty co-host Tony Baker trapped in a Craigslist couple's bondage dungeon (probably) and unable to contribute. Looks like Deter and Gilman better just get down to it. Luckily, Week 5 beckons.

  • NFL Ca$h Money Week 4: These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!!

    28/09/2016 Duration: 01h33min

    In the hopes of being better able to anticipate how games are going to end, Deter and Baker bring in an expert in endings, "Finale Rally" podcast host and Buzzfeed badass Garrett Werner -- If this guy can't anticipate final scores, who can? Check out Garrett's BuzzFeed Page

  • Enter the Giants

    22/09/2016 Duration: 59min

    With Gilman out of town Patriot love takes a backseat to Bear and Dolphin hate as two disgruntled fans decide to abandon these abusive relationships for more prosperous teams. You' 'll get the best spreads of the week (Arizona & Pittsburg) But you already knew that. You don't need us to tell you how to make your weekly Xanax allowance. That's what dipping into your wife's purse is for. Take a guess which one of us wrote this week's description?

  • NFL Week 2: Let's Get Rowdy!!

    15/09/2016 Duration: 01h09min

    Deter and Gilman stay sober for once, while Tony tests the limits of his liver and waxes poetic about the cost/benefit analysis of allowing Jeff Fisher to help a junior college student with their five-year-plan. Oh yeah and we also talk about Week 2 match-ups.

  • NFL Ca$h Money Week 1--Put Your Money Where Our Mouths Are

    07/09/2016 Duration: 56min

    The fearsome threesome is back, picking up where last year left off...the hate train!! Deter proves to once again be the adult in the room while Tony and Gilman one up each other on who needs a good QB less. Normally the first weeks are dangerous territory for the betting public, but not this year says the crew. You won't get better lines from a Tarantino movie.

  • NFL Ca$h Money Super Bowl 50 (Part 2): Gilman & Edelman's Takes on Super Bowl 50 Followed By A 2016 Preview

    26/02/2016 Duration: 01h06min

    Gilman & Josh get a chance to weigh in on Super Bowl 50, challenge Deter's staunch stand against Cam Newton's lack of leadership, and debate whether or not the two Manning controversies will hinder The Forehead's legacy. The gang also preview the 2016 season with a particular emphasis on Tony's love for the Seahawks, Raiders, and outright hatred of the New England Patriots.

  • NFL Ca$h Money Super Bowl 50 (Part 1): A Beautifully Ugly End to an Ugly Season

    11/02/2016 Duration: 01h18min

    Deter and Baker make a case for the NFL's Golden Anniversary being better than most fans then get into it about Cam and whether he did or did not take responsibility for the loss...turn your volume dials down for that one. Gilman and Josh are coming in a couple days. For now, enjoy the wild man and the nomad.

  • NFL Ca$h Money Super Bowl XLIX: The Greatest Ever

    01/02/2016 Duration: 55min

    One the greatest Super Bowls of all time is in the books, and Deter, Tony and Gilman are here to break it all down, from an instantly infamous goal line playcall to Tom Brady's finest hour, to our collective disappointment that Marshawn Lynch didn't get to ghostride Katy Perry's giant tiger. Along the way, the guys also talk about Brady and Belichick's legacy, Warren Sapp's "Pretty Woman" moment, and Tony's trip to Arizona (to watch the game at a Buffalo Wild Wings).