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  • Moving what's left of the show

    12/08/2012 Duration: 02min

    Make sure to go to for the show for UFC 150 wrap up and all future shows.  Thanks!

  • UFC 148 wrap up

    08/07/2012 Duration: 49min

    The guys return to talk about the UFC's most anticipated rematch; Silva vs Sonnen. Did it live up to the hype? Was the result as the guys expected? Where does Sonnen go now? Who can he fight now that he's has 2 title shots? The guys give their opinions on who Chael would best be suited to fight next. Did Forrest go overboard with his post fight antics? Did Tito end his career on a high note dispite the loss? What do the guys think about the result? The entire main card of UFC 148 is talked about in detail as the guys break down UFC's latest effort.Don't miss a quick preview of UFC on Fuel and Strikeforce as Rob and Travis give their predictions on the upcoming week of fights.

  • Brandon Vera and Tim Boetsch

    17/06/2012 Duration: 01h10min

    The guys talk about the rash of injuries that have hit the UFC as of late and how it impacts the sport as a whole. Also the guys look at the cards that have changed and which fights have been impacted and if it makes some of the events better or worse. Tim Boetsch is comnig off the biggest win of his career over Okami. Tim will talk about his mindset during the fight, what he had to do to make the comeback and how it makes him feel to hear Dana White tell other fighters about Boetsch's comeback. Also he'll talk about Bisping and if he'll continue to seek that fight after Lombard, how Hector sizes up against him and the thoughts of Lombard being offered a title shot if he can beat Tim. "I think of Dana said Hector's getting a title shot if he beats me, I think he should grant me the same thing. I want a title shot when I knock out Hector" Brandon Vera is one of the sport's most talented fighters who never found his full potential. Brandon stays honest when he tells us about not being where he should be now, wh

  • Karo Parisyan, Demeterious Johnson, and Kendall Grove

    03/06/2012 Duration: 01h30min

    The guys talk about The Ultimate Figher Finale and the surprises from that card. Can Kampmann continue to win like this? Who did the guys originally think would win the TUF finals? The guys also briefly talk about UFC on FX with Demetrious Johnson taking on Ian McCall. Kendall Grove is very honest as he talks about his UFC career, what keeps him going now and about his title fight for the ShoFight Middleweight title. Who is Kendall's most important fight of his career? Listen how Kendall found out about his next opponent on Twitter. Kendall also shows interest in Bellator and explains why a win over Terry Martin could lead to bigger and better things. Karo Parisyan is very passionate and that leads him to have many fans and detracters. He has a message for both in this interview. He also explains his last fight, some of teh mistakes he's made, his current plan for his career and why no one in MMA can stop his Judo throws.

  • Benson Henderson and Gerald Harris.

    27/05/2012 Duration: 01h36min

     The guys completely wrap up UFC 146 and explain what parts of the PPV delivered and which didn't. Also the guys cover Mayhem being let go, Jamie Varner and Dan Hardy's awesome wins and if Brock Lesner should return to the UFC. Gerald Harris has been keeping busy outside of the UFC and recently dropped to 170 lbs. He'll talk about his drop in weight, fighting hurt, his comedy career and his hopes for a title shot with Legacy Fighting. He'll also talk about UFC 146 and his favorite fight from that card. Benson Henderson is ready to defend his UFC title for the first time against Frankie Edgar. Before that happens, Benson joins us and talks about what it's been like for him since winning the title, what he thinks about Gilbert Melendez, what it's like being a role model in light of the Jon Jones situation, his fighting style, winning the title in front of his mom and why he competes in grappling tournaments after his fights. He also tells us the one fighter that he will make sure he fights before he retire.