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  • EP227 - Living a Simple Life in a structured world

    21/01/2024 Duration: 01h18min

    This episode is a reset moment. Maybe one that is sorely needed. Our attention is all over the place these days, and yet we forget the simplest things that leads to true peace. As an embracement of the principles of a Simple Life, I give you something to think about – how you can survive in our journey through life, and to realize the wrong path that most of us are on.

  • EP226 - Why are students not coming to the USA to study?

    14/01/2024 Duration: 54min

    A good friend of mine who works in the community college world in Arizona sent me an article that he found on why international students won’t come to the USA to study.  I spent the next 30 minutes or so explaining the entire reasons, and I thought you might be interested in the whole story.  Here we go…

  • EP225 - How early retirees are penalized in society (Part 2 of 2)

    07/01/2024 Duration: 01h01min

    The episode continues from 224.  More of the things you need to consider as part of an early retirement strategy.

  • EP224 - How early retirees are penalized in society (Part 1 of 2)

    31/12/2023 Duration: 44min

    Everyone who slaves over a 50 hour a week job, sacrificing time from the family, the stress of meeting other people’s expectations, living paycheck to paycheck, dreams of exiting the rat race.  The hope of early retirement drives them to save more, work harder now, and one day they can tell their boss, “Take this job & shove it”.   But few understand the reality of what it looks & feels like after that event, and how it is easy to become a non-person in early retirement.

  • EP223 - Know thy value, Bob Cratchit!

    24/12/2023 Duration: 53min

    I am recording this episode at the end of the calendar year of 2023. It is at these times, when workers often get some break for the holidays, that their employers will praise them for their annual contribution – and often with some paltry “Christmas bonus” that typically is best portrayed in Charles Dickens “The Christmas Carol” with Ebeneezer Scrooge not rewarding Bob Cratchit with some hopeful bonus for a year of toil. And yet if only Bob Cratchit recognized his contribution and talents, and had the courage to ask for what he was really worth…

  • EP222 - Oh NO! They closed the US border!

    17/12/2023 Duration: 59min

    Recently the state of Arizona had one of its border checkpoints in Lukeville closed by the US Federal Government.  This was in response to an unexpected surge of inbound travelers and asylum seekers coming into the USA.  The immigration challenges that we hear about on the Nightly news are far from the real story here, so I wanted to delve into the real story of what is going on and how it affects those of us attempting to be unconstrained.

  • EP221 - The economics of art

    10/12/2023 Duration: 01h16min

    As many of you know, I had a career in the early 90s as a recording engineer in Hollywood.  I left that to make money to feed my family, as I didn’t want to put them through the ‘hit & miss’ nature of that industry.  After 25 years back in the tech space, I didn’t agree with where it was going, and in my mid 50s left it to return to my recording work.  The result was the building of a massive private recording studio in central Mexico.  I wanted to talk through the business case for this and why we need some serious ‘out of the box’ thinking when it comes to funding art in all forms for the future.

  • EP220 - Where the AI danger really lies

    03/12/2023 Duration: 42min

    I’ve recorded a number of episodes on the perils of AI a few months back. As we march towards this innevitable chapter of our evolution, I realize that most of my issues with it is not because the technology is bad. It is the very limited few that will wield it like a weapon against us. So in what I think will be a thought provoking episode, I’m going to look int to the humans behind all of this and dig deeper as to what we have allowed our species to become.

  • EP219 - The most wonderful time of the year?

    26/11/2023 Duration: 59min

    The song ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ might hold up well for a warm feeling as the temperatures drop, but it was co-opted by the retail industry in a way to control the mind of the masses into mass consumption. Retailers make more money in this season than at anytime in the year, and the constrained are enslaved in debt from being guilted into buying stuff for other people. Let’s go through a few tricks you can use to survive this period without having to be Uncle Scrooge to get through it.

  • EP218 - How much do you really need to retire? (Part 2)

    13/11/2023 Duration: 01h03min

    The second half of the answer to the question "How much do you really need to retire?" after my shock of hearing the personal financial industry stating $4 million.  As someone who has been living financially free for quite some time, I can tell you that this is a total lie and I'll explain the truth of what really is required.

  • EP217 - How much do you really need to retire? (Part 1)

    29/10/2023 Duration: 46min

    I came across this study on Seeking Alpha recently.  It found that younger millennials — those around age 30 — would likely need at least $3.6 million saved up to enjoy a comfortable retirement. To be on the safe side, it might be wise to round that up to an even $4 million. This assumes that you want to retire no later than age 62 and have not yet saved anything except emergency cash.  How the hell can anyone do that?  Well in this episode, I’ll prove why this traditional mindset is just plain wrong, and how you really can do this with 1/10th of the savings that these so called experts are saying.

  • EP216 - The US constrained healthcare system

    22/10/2023 Duration: 01h08min

    I’ve had a lot of first hand experience in the USA at trying to get to simply see a doctor, and I’ve never seen it this bad before.  When I hear recent news that the billionaires are inserting themselves into the tech AI space for healthcare research, and all these unicorn & rainbow stories we hear about how AI will change the game for healthcare research and curing viruses, it seems so disengenuous when the average US person can’t get to see a doctor in a timely basis, or even afford to.  Let’s get the truth of this failed healthcare system in the USA and why it affects your safety and your very life expectancy in your attempt to be unconstrained.

  • EP215 - Government

    15/10/2023 Duration: 55min

    I have tried to avoid any topic on politics because it just divides people. This episode has little to do with politics, however. But I would like to have an open, honest and frank discussion about government – particularly the US government, what I thought it was, what I discovered it was, and where I see this whole thing going.

  • EP214 - How I make 9.5% interest on an at-call bank account

    08/10/2023 Duration: 59min

    This is a discovery that I came across while hanging out with other expats here in Mexico where I am as I record this. But few people in the USA or other western countries seem to understand this opportunity. So let’s talk about it.

  • EP213 - Building our dream home in Mexico (Part 2 of 2)

    01/10/2023 Duration: 01h06min

    This is the 2nd episode in an update on what it's like to build a dream home in Mexico and my experiences so far.

  • EP212 - Building our dream home in Mexico (Part 1 of 2)

    24/09/2023 Duration: 01h03min

    If you have been listening to me for any length of time, you know that I’m currently developing a large property in central Mexico.  Well in this episode I’ll do an update on where I’m at, what I’ve learned so far in the process and the trials & tribulations of doing what most people would fear to do, but to keep an eye on the epic results you can achieve if you are careful.

  • EP211 - Dividend stocks for fun and profit

    17/09/2023 Duration: 01h30s

    After selling our rental real estate, we were left with few forms of smart income.  I began searching for alternatives.  I realized that for the next few years, much of my time would be spent outside of the USA, so I needed something that didn’t require me to be physically present to manage them, but paid me a tidy sum each month.  This led me to dividend stocks, and so far I am very happy with the results.

  • EP210 - The Global Citizen

    10/09/2023 Duration: 01h02min

    In 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis in the US, I was heavily exposed to real estate debt due to some deals that had been done in the prior year, and ran the risk of being entirely wiped out. If it wasn’t for having assets in another country and sold them to fund the underwater position I found myself in, I would never have survived it. In this episode, I want to fast forward to 2023 and explain why you MUST have an international diversification strategy for your assets if you wish to mitigate the risk of an adverse event in your country.

  • EP209 - The housing problem

    03/09/2023 Duration: 01h08min

    Central planners are at it again. The fear of a ‘housing crisis’ has empowered government to create government housing by proxy. By using building regulations as a weapon, AZ government has created a trajectory towards 1970s style ghetto housing reminiscent of the low income apartments of Brooklyn. This model seems to be a reflection of the California model, which didn’t work either. Is this what we want in America and how is this happening?

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