Falls Count Anywhere



Falls Count Anywhere is a weekly professional wrestling podcast hosted by Shaun Smith and Derek McCauley. Each week we discuss the top stories in the WWE, recap Monday Night Raw, and in-depth analysis on the business itself.


  • Falls Count Anywhere: 5-14-15

    17/05/2015 Duration: 01h27min

    This week we discuss the go-home show for WWE Payback on Sunday, including predictions for the show. We also talk about the new season of Tough Enough, the Daniel Bryan situation, and main eventers today.

  • Falls Count Anywhere: 4-19-15

    20/04/2015 Duration: 01h45min

    This week we discuss the build-up towards Extreme Rules including some questionable match stipulations, Daniel Bryan's health, a heated debate on the treatment of Neville, some new characters in NXT, TNA's financial issues, and some new segments!

  • Falls Count Anywhere: Wrestlemania 31 Recap

    03/04/2015 Duration: 01h47min

    On this week's episode, we recap the events of Wrestlemania weekend including the Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania itself, and the Raw the following night.

  • FCA Extra: Top 30 Wrestlemania Matches

    25/03/2015 Duration: 02min

    In this special bonus, we review the WWE's list of the Top 30 Wrestlemania Matches of All Time.

  • Falls Count Anywhere: 3-24-15

    25/03/2015 Duration: 01h41min

    It's the go-home show for Wrestlemania 31 as we go super in-depth on each of the matches coming up on Wrestlemania, predictions and opinions galore.

  • Falls Count Anywhere: 3-9-15 Part 2

    16/03/2015 Duration: 01h10min

    In this second part, we breakdown what is expected to be the entire Wrestlemania 31 match card including how we would book each match.

  • Falls Count Anywhere: 3-9-15 Part 1

    09/03/2015 Duration: 01h05min

    FCA is back and we are talking about all the big news over the last month including the messy Bill DeMott situation, Vince on Muscle & Fitness, Samoa Joe being a free agent, NXT, the "Give Divas a Chance" movement, and whose being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

  • Falls Count Anywhere: 8-21-14

    23/08/2014 Duration: 01h17min

    This week with Gary on vacation, Derek and Shaun review Summer Slam from Sunday, the Brock Lesnar/Cena match, Raw from Monday night, the new WWE 2K15 video game, and more!

  • Falls Count Anywhere: 8-13-14

    14/08/2014 Duration: 01h10min

    This week we talk about the go-home Raw just days before Summer Slam including the interaction between Brock and Cena, Hogan's Birthday Bash, this ridiculous Steph/Brie storyline, overall thoughts on the Summer Slam card, WWE.com's Top 25 Greatest Summer Slam matches, Summer Slam memories and predictions for this Sunday