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  • Tiffany Grant!

    22/04/2015 Duration: 48min

    Live from the media suite at MTAC 15 to Life, it's anime legend Tiffany Grant! We're talking Neon Genesis Evangelion, Slayers, Dragon Half, the changing face of anime, Bob Hope, Mack's infamous cousins, and some microphone malfunctions. It's all here on Nerdville, TN!   Follow us on Facebook! And also Twitter! How about Tumblr? And make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get all the nerdy news you need!

  • Kristian Bush!

    16/04/2015 Duration: 07min

    It's a Very Special Nerdville as Erin goes junketeering! Erin and Nerdville favorite Liz Schullo sit down with Sugarland's Kristian Bush as he tours in support of his new solo album Southern Gravity. They talk Walking Dead, Sherlock, Star Wars, and most importantly Doctor Who. This is a can't-miss episode for sci-fi and country fans alike!   As always, you can find us... On Facebook!: On Twitter!: On Tumblr!: And on our newsletter. Click here to sign up!

  • MTAC Day One: Chris Saber!

    04/04/2015 Duration: 33min

    Chris Saber of Night Sabers ( enters the Press Suite! Nerdville joins Nashville Cool and The Geek Mix in the suite to rapid-ish fire questions to one of Nashville's best nerd-rock troubadours. Find out how Little Richard changes the world from his car and hear a brand-new never-before-heard Night Sabers tune. You'll hear it here first (and maybe only on our affiliated podcasts)! So get in the Bebop! We're cruising from MTAC all the way to Nerdville, TN...   (And as always, make sure to head to and sign up for the newsletter, subscribe to the podcast, follow us on all your favorite social spaces, and generally show us some love. Keep spreading the nerd!)

  • Late Night Bonus Episode: Friday the 13th!

    14/03/2015 Duration: 26min

    Ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma... Tonight! It's Friday the 13th, so let's get into Friday the 13th! Erin has fond-ish memories of the Nintendo adventures of Jason Voorhees, Mack attempts to detail the adventures of Wam Sinchester in Friday the 13th Part 12, and we try to figure out who would win in a fight between Freddy and Jason. Plus stops in Poltergeist, thrift shops, and the dangerous electronic adventures of the Enterprise-D. It's time for the late show in Nerdville, TN!   Join us on Facebook! And on Twitter! Subscribe to the newsletter to get all the nerd news in Middle Tennessee and Beyond!

  • Doctor Who: Series Nine and Beyond!

    13/03/2015 Duration: 18min

    Tonight! Get in the TARDIS and follow us towards the future of Doctor Who! We've got tidbits on the next series, favorite companions, fan theories, and the villain who shall not be named. Are you headed for ConGT? Do you have ideas about what Capaldi's next journey holds? Is your voracious appetite for Doctor Who begging for some new sustinance? Let's answer all these questions. Allons-y!   Don't forget to follow us on Facebook! And on Twitter! And sign up for our newsletter for all the latest in Middle Tennessee and Nerd Worldwide!

  • Dave DeBorde!

    09/03/2015 Duration: 26min

    Lipscomb University professor and film producer Dave DeBorde sits down with us to discuss his new film Old Fashioned, faith-based stories in the film industry, the perils of production, and making movies outside of New York and Los Angeles. Join us deep in the secret caves of Lipscomb's theater department as we explore all this and more on Nerdville, TN!

  • Sam & Dean & You & Me: It's All Things Supernatural!

    27/02/2015 Duration: 36min

    Tonight! Erin goes for a deep dive into the Supernatural pool, uncovering the show for both beginners and big fans. We discuss the history of the show, why it's so addictively good, the best moments, Felicia Day, the best ways to watch, and the irresistible charm of Jensen Ackles. This is a spoiler-free episode, so those who are new to Supernatural can listen with no fear.   Follow us on Twitter: @NerdvilleTN Or on Facebook: Or on Tumblr:   And don't forget to sign up for the Nerdville Newsletter for everything geek delivered right to your inbox every week!

  • Star Trek: The Voyage to Nashville

    19/02/2015 Duration: 59min

    Tonight! Maximum warp towards the history and lore of Star Trek as we examine the best, the worst, the Rikerest, the Nazi Planet episode, the lazy sexual matters, Erin's future car, the Roddenberry Canon, Trekkie Vs. Trekker, and for some reason that Peter Pan Live that was on NBC a few months ago.   We're boldly going to give you a crash course in Star Trek! If this is your first introduction, it's new life and new civilizations! If you're already a fan, it's a search for more Spock! It's every bit of the galaxy on Nerdville, TN...

  • Hot Chicken, Y'all!

    12/02/2015 Duration: 26min

    We're talking hot chicken today! Where do we find it, how do we eat it, and what sides do we pile on next to it? Plus, Erin takes offense at something Nashville is supposedly "best" at. Come with us on a culinary adventure as we freeze in Nerdville, TN!

  • Get Your Fiber, Nashville!

    31/01/2015 Duration: 53min

    In this episode: Google Fiber comes to Nashville, SMU declares us a vibrant and stellar arts community, and the Adventure Science Center goes all Timey Wimey! Plus: Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones, a brand-new set of Ghostbusters, and David Tennant goes purple. Strap on your hoverboard, because it's 2015 in Nerdville, TN!   Subscribe to the Nerdville Newsletter! Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr! Yell our names from rooftops on Lower Broadway!

  • A Very Nerdville Christmas!

    25/12/2014 Duration: 31min

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for listening through 2014; this episode is a little bit of celebration and merriment for our Nashville nerds and every listener out there. We hope you're enjoying the holiday and getting your geek on no matter where you are on December 25th.   (The opening rendition of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" is by Tennessee's own Joseph Akins. Love that piano!)

  • Doctor What Was That?

    21/11/2014 Duration: 32min

    Tonight! We're in studio and we're freezing! Mack's catching up with the summer's movies, Erin is way ahead of him, and they're both confused and indignant about the end of this series of Doctor Who! Get a sweater, cozy on up, and join us as we drive into Nerdville, TN!

  • Gigi Edgley!

    19/11/2014 Duration: 33min

    Recorded at GMX 2014, we're coming to you from the Media Suite with the first of our guest interviews! From Farscape, from Rescue: Special Ops, from Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge, it's star of stage, screen, and record Gigi Edgley! A frelling phenomenal actress and personality, we talk about her new projects, her classic roles, what it's like to be on a unicycle, and what it's like to see Nashville from behind glass. Join us and the GMX Press Corps as we explore with a cool mind and cooler accent.

  • Mary Kate Wiles!

    17/11/2014 Duration: 35min

    From The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I Ship It, and Squareville, direct from Los Angeles, it's Mary Kate Wiles! We talk Tolkien, what it's like to get into Wizard Rock, and how to locate decent gluten-free food wherever you go. What's next for Lydia, Sansa, Zelda, and anyone else Mary Kate inhabits (including her amazing self)? You won't know unless you listen to the newest episode of Nerdville, TN!

  • Nerdville Goes to GMX!

    08/11/2014 Duration: 32min

    Tonight: we give you the whole lowdown from GMX! Mack returns from Geek Media Expo with so many tales to tell, from his turn in the TARDIS to his return to a piece of theater that gives him nightmares. We touch on costuming connoisseurs, naughty nighttime neighbors, and the latest news from Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Plus we try to explain what happens during Kilt Blowing! It's everything that happened in Franklin and then some on this episode of Nerdville, TN!

  • BT + DW 4 EVA!

    07/11/2014 Duration: 33min

    In this episode: Benedict Cumberbatch is headed for the altar! Learn all about his fiancee, her work, and her connection to the Who-niverse. And then! Doctor Who drops a huge bomb into series eight, and we have to dissect the sudden revelations of Missy's identity. Erin takes back the things she said about this plotline, Mack kicks himself for not seeing it coming, and we both get angry about Danny Pink's fate. What happens next? Do we miss Eric Roberts? Will the future Mrs. Cumberbatch be able to pronounce the word "Penguin?" All these questions and more tonight on Nerdville, TN!

  • A Nerdville on Elm St.

    31/10/2014 Duration: 40min

    It's a Nerdville Halloween! Erin gets the fright of her life, Mack visits House on Haunted Hill, and we scour Netflix for the best horror movies you can watch right now! Also: the beginning of our GMX coverage, the evolution of Dean Cain, the future of superhero movies, and that time we jumped in the TARDIS. It's a spooky, kooky, altogether ooky night in Nerdville, TN!

  • The Wrath of Con-fluence

    22/10/2014 Duration: 58min

    Tonight: Erin tells a tale that leaves Mack speechless! But before we get there: Mack returns from New York Comic Con with tales to tell, Erin encounters two of Gen-Y's most beloved cultural icons, we learn Emperor Palpatine's first name, an impromptu Xena reunion leads to Erin's impressive Urban sprawl, and Mack relates part of the Nerdville origin story. Plus: how to send mail to Ms. Chanandler Bong, why Pope Francis is great, new Star Trek and returning players, and nine thousand dollar models for your home. Get on board as we rush through convention season on Nerdville, TN!

  • Con-fluence: The Motion Picture

    02/10/2014 Duration: 53min

    Nashville. The Athens of the South. These are the voyages of the Starship Nerdville...   Tonight! Erin and Mack hit the floor at Wizard World Nashville, and it's time to recount our adventures! We met the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and we can't stop talking about it. Stories from the bridge crew of the USS Enterprise, run-ins with great artists, the best cosplay Nashville has to offer, and the unbearable coolness of meeting your heroes. It's part one of our October Convention Rush!   Plus: The Day of Dredd, The Other Nerdville, Apollo's Butt, what Jesus actually said, why you can swear in the woods, why you should never pay $150 to meet a homophobic racist, The Great Catholic Competition, and Mack and Erin take a stand. This episode is bigger than V'jer and more jam-packed than the Year of Hell, so buckle up and take a ride with us into Nerdville, TN!

  • Country Lyrics!

    30/09/2014 Duration: 49min

    It's back to Nerdville Central with us! Tonight: Mack goes Meta, Erin is Enthusiastic (about wise grapes, pizza, and Karl Urban), and the Con-versation Continues! Also: the best Jimmy Buffett songs, Wizard World issues some cancellations, what "bless your heart" means, Paris Gellar's perfection, and how to be an Amerikern!

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