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A podcast and vlog featuring compelling story making with a focus on the web, digital tv, current affairs and interviews using video journalism and integrated multimedia. Viewmagazine creator and and international award winning video journalist, David Dunkley Gyimah, uses short format documentary film making with program and training techniques tailored to online audiences at a production level that disguises techniques that often uses little more than a single camera and laptop. A former BBC and Channel 4 News freelance producer, David enhances his skills as an independent news and film maker with promo-making skills and online behaviourial studies, coupled with online content production that's been referred to as "next generation".For more details log onto, and


  • Blog Podcast - Who is Duncan Whiteman?

    03/02/2008 Duration: 05min

    A series of blogs turned to podcast in the mould of BBC Radio 4's from our own correspondent. In the first of the net's correspondence, David asks who is Duncan Whitman? David discovers a figure who is on the verge of changing television and who is being courted by some of the biggest names in the industry.

  • What's on viewmagazine website

    24/05/2007 Duration: 07min

    A round up of what's on

  • James Brown's side kick Sax man Maceo Parker

    06/01/2007 Duration: 07min

    Maceo Parker was a core member of James Brown's band and played a huge part in the production of that funky sound. Here he speaks to Viewmagazine's David about his time with James and his own style of playing. Recorded before james browns death.