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RWTW: The Podcast takes you inside the world of Sports Marketing and Sports Business with Paul "PR" Rivera. RWTW: The Podcast lives at the intersection of sports, business, and culture. Tune in every week to hear the latest from RWTW and their special guests.


  • The Legend of Swee Pea

    16/11/2015 Duration: 50min

    On this special episode of RWTW: The Podcast Paul Rivera and Eric Newman are joined by director Benjamin May to discuss his new film, The Legend of Swee Pea, which tells the story of Lloyd Daniels, debuting at the DOC NYC Film Festival on November 17. Ben shares his experience building the production team, painting the picture of Lloyd's life for the big screen, the dynamic interview subjects and much more!

  • The RIc Bucher Sit Down

    16/10/2015 Duration: 01h23min

    The latest episode of RWTW: The Podcast features NBA story teller Ric Bucher sitting down with PR as they talk the NBA season ahead, coaching their own kids on the court, the evolution of Stephen Curry's game, LeBron James amongst the all-time greats, New York Sports fans and much more!

  • An update from the road

    23/09/2015 Duration: 17min

    RWTW's Paul Rivera checks in from a crazy stretch on the road with an update on the team, King James, WCM and much more!