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  • Episode 543 - Having Courageous Conversations with Mano Watsa

    02/04/2024 Duration: 44min

    On the other side of a breakdown is a breakthrough and this week, PGC President, Mano Watsa joins the show to share how having courageous conversations can transform your program by building more trust and ensuring more growth.To take your defensive to the next level, join PGC Coaching's 4-Week Defensive Strategies Track for coaches. Go to pgccoaching.com/tracks by April 4th.

  • Episode 542 - Reflecting on the Season

    26/03/2024 Duration: 36min

    There can be a lot of mixed emotions when the basketball season finally comes to an end. In this week’s episode, TJ shares personal reflections on his season at Emmanuel as he discusses with Sam how coaches can properly reflect and evaluate where they’re at and where they need to be.  Show Notes:Emotions After the SeasonDifferent Perspectives & Reflections on the SeasonRealizations and RegretsThe Unique Nature of CoachingThe Importance of Grounding and PerspectivePlayer Reflections and GratitudeReflecting with Staff and PlayersWhen to do Player Exit InterviewsChanges in Perspective Over TimePreparing for the End of the SeasonResetting and Closing the Book on the SeasonWhere Coaches Put Their WorthThe Importance of ResettingFinal Thoughts 

  • Episode 541 - The Many Hats of Coaching

    19/03/2024 Duration: 32min

    This week, TJ and Sam discuss how coaches show up as leaders. Consistency matters, but so does the ability to see a need and fill a need for your team. Whether it’s knowing when to be demanding, supportive, empathetic, or inspirational, in this episode we discuss the importance of understanding and growing in your role as a coach.To take your defensive to the next level, join PGC Coaching's 4-Week Defensive Strategies Track for coaches. Go to pgccoaching.com/tracks by April 4th.

  • Episode 540 - Optimizing Your Coaching with Cody Royle

    12/03/2024 Duration: 44min

    This week we’re joined once again by special guest, Cody Royle, a former professional head coach who now works full time helping coaches perform at their best. In this episode we discuss ideas from his 3rd book, Second Set of Eyes, and how coaches can better approach their goals, others’ expectations, and feelings of burnout.Website: https://www.codyroyle.com/Twitter: @codyroyleBooks: Second Set of Eyes, The Tough Stuff, Where Others Won’t, Bring PGC Basketball to your team or program. Go to PGCClinic.com to find out more: https://pgcbasketball.com/program-clinics/

  • Episode 539 - Putting Culture First with Casey Kushiyama & Chad Songy

    05/03/2024 Duration: 49min

    This week, TJ and Sam are joined by PGC Director Chad Songy, and Puget Sound Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Casey Kushiyama. In his 7th year as head coach, they’re coming off 3 20-win seasons and most recently a big upset win in the national tournament. In this episode Casey and Chad share how making the team culture a priority has played a big role in their success including ideas you can take back to your programs.

  • Episode 538 - Playing v. Competing

    27/02/2024 Duration: 30min

    We believe competitiveness is a skill that can be taught and this week Sam and TJ discuss the difference between playing and competing and popular misconceptions so we can better develop it in our programs.

  • Episode 537 - What's Underrated in Practice

    20/02/2024 Duration: 32min

    Usually it's the little things that can have the biggest impact on your team's performance. TJ Rosene and Sam Allen discuss four underrated aspects of basketball practices especially mid-season when the pressure ramps up, and the desire to enhance your offensive and defensive scheme is high. They dive into passing, rebounding, playing powerful, and shooting and emphasize the how and why behind their importance so as to not regret overlooking them at the end of your season.PGC Coaching’s Player Development Track kicks-off February 29th. If you think you’d benefit from a complete toolkit that can elevate every member of your team, head to pgccoaching.com/pd to learn more.

  • Episode 536 - 4 Postseason Mistakes Coaches Make

    13/02/2024 Duration: 30min

    How do you know your team is ready for the postseason? Whether you’re the underdog or the favorite, in this episode, Sam and TJ discuss 4 mistakes to avoid making to ensure your team is prepared and confident going into tournament play.Show Notes:The Goldilocks Mistake- Adding too much or not doing enough- Having something in your back pocket- What can you double down on and emphasize?The Hunting Mistake- Playing not to lose rather than playing to win- Feeling the pressure of the postseason- Using tactics to enhance your mentality- Do you know your team?The Boxing Mistake- Preparation: It's not working - what's next?- Reviewing zone options, press situations, etc. gives confidence- Anticipating scenarios, special situations, foul troubleThe Head & Heart Mistake- Is the vibe right?- Getting your players connected, confident, energized, and enthusiastic- Asking the right questions- Putting energy on the defensive rather than offensive end- Don't hunt home runs, aim for singlesTo learn more ab

  • Episode 535 - Coach Greg Tonagel, Indiana Wesleyan University

    06/02/2024 Duration: 36min

    This week we're joined by Greg Tonagel, head men's basketball coach at Indiana Wesleyan University.  With over 500 wins and 3 national championships, we discuss how he's created a winning culture and his journey as a coach and transformational leader. He shares his early learning moments and the mistakes he made as a young coach. Coach Tonagel highlights the root of their team culture and how they made a significant jump as a program when he focused on taking fear out his coaching. Hear more about the I AM THIRD philosophy: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/iwuhoops-presents-the-pursuit/id1375802520Go to https://www.iwuhoops.net/ to learn more about their program.Go to https://pgcbasketball.com/ to learn more about PGC Camps can be a game changer for your players and program.

  • Episode 534 - In-Season Support: Accountability & Fighting Complacency

    30/01/2024 Duration: 40min

    This week we dive into current events with Sam and TJ’s teams to see if you can relate as a leader and coach as we discuss a variety of topics including creating player-led teams, and fighting complacency. It's also important to be able to pinpoint why your team is struggling. Do you have a basketball, head, or heart problem? We typically like to solve our team's problems with better drills, strategies, and practices, but there's also a chance there's something deeper for you to address. Listen this week to hear how your own coaching strategy stacks up.Limited Time Offer! PGC Basketball is inviting serious coaches to attend a PGC Summer Session for free. Go to https://pgcbasketball.com/coaches/ to learn what PGC Basketball has to offer you and your players this summer.

  • Episode 533 - Managing Player Expectations

    23/01/2024 Duration: 34min

    Managing your player’s expectations as well as your own can be one of the toughest tasks as a coach.  From social media influences, the role of parents, the overvaluing of the stat sheet, and dealing with disappointment all of these factors can create a frustrating situation for coaches. This week we discuss underlying factors, opportunities, and solutions to help you turn the corner in this area. Building a strong team culture and setting team standards are key to helping players adjust their expectations, set new ones, and create an environment where everyone can find fulfillment.Limited Time Offer! PGC Basketball is inviting serious coaches to attend a PGC Summer Session for free. Go to https://pgcbasketball.com/coaches/ to learn what PGC Basketball has to offer you and your players this summer.

  • Episode 532 - Is Talent Overrated?

    16/01/2024 Duration: 33min

    Talent is overrated… A statement that TJ and Sam explore in this episode how in a given coaching career you can experience the highest levels of success along with the lowest of lows in losing and frustrating seasons. When we face these challenges how do we figure out what’s hurting our team the most and help our team reach their potential? Accountability, consistency, building culture and more are big keys discussed when it comes to maximizing your team’s talent.

  • Episode 531 - Winning Offensive Habits

    09/01/2024 Duration: 30min

    In this episode, TJ and Sam discuss winning offensive habits as they each draft their top five habits, including valuing the ball, playing with pace, decision-making, spacing the floor, and more. Wherever you’re at in your season, you can see how your team’s habits stack up with Sam and TJ’s picks.Show Notes:Valuing the ballChoosing great shotsPassingGood spacingDecision-MakingPlaying with paceUsing the glass Offensive reboundingBeing great cutters Using fakesRole identificationPuncturing the defense v. zone

  • Episode 530 - NOT Having All the Answers

    02/01/2024 Duration: 34min

    There's power in being able to say, "I don't know." This week Sam and Lisa dive into the topic of leadership and the importance of being able to admit we don’t have all of the answers, and what we can do about it. It’s facing the ever-present challenge to stay humble and live what we preach by being honest, prepared, and committed to growth.Leaders have to evolve and adapt, by balancing old school principles with new age approaches. The value of surrounding oneself with complementary team members is critical to our success. We reflect on the leadership lessons learned about making tough decisions, embracing change, and the rewards of the leadership journey.

  • Episode 529 - In-Season Decisions & Adjustments

    20/12/2023 Duration: 39min

    This week, Sam and TJ discuss frustrations and questions coaches face during seasons as we try to problem solve strategy and scouting decisions as well as common mistakes we’ll want to avoid making.Show Notes:• Understanding changes from game to game• The 80/20 Rule• Growing your offense by adapting and evolving• What Good offensive coaches do • Shot selection and playing to your strengths• Having multiple ways to generate the shots you want• Knowing the most frequent decisions in your offense• "Offense gets better when your passing gets better"• Common coaching mistakes• Defining good spacing• Adapting to your opponent• Defensive identity and creating clarity• Characteristics of good defensive teams• Forcing baseline v. playing square• Overcoming lack of athleticism with basketball IQ• Complementary defensive principles• What are you taking away and what are you living with• Process v. outcome oriented• Minor adjustments v. wholesale changes• In-season player developmentGo to PGCCoaching.com to lea

  • Episode 528 - The Sports Parent Solution with J.P. Nerbun

    13/12/2023 Duration: 49min

    This week, JP Nerbun is back to help us discuss the important topic of working with and ultimately building partnerships with parents. If we can get this right in our programs, we have the opportunity to create an even better experience for our athletes and make an even greater impact in our communities. If you listen to this episode and  want to go deeper, check out his new book, The Sports Parent Solution available on Amazon.More On J.P. Nerbun:J.P. Nerbun is a bestselling author, leadership coach, and founder of TOC Culture Consulting, a leading global sports-consulting and leadership coaching business. His mission is to support leaders and their teams to achieve their full potential through 1:1 coaching, consulting, and community.In 2019, he published his first book, Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey toTransformational Leadership, which has received critical acclaim. In 2022, he publishedThe Culture System: A Proven Process for Creating an Extraordinary Team Culture, agroundbreaking book offering a fra

  • Episode 527 - Style of Play

    05/12/2023 Duration: 32min

    This week TJ and Sam discuss style of play and the advantages and disadvantages of varying styles as well reasons for adjusting, changing, or doubling down on the style you choose for your team. Show Notes:Does your offensive and defensive systems fit each other.Year to year changesGrinding styles: Layups & ThreesWhat's your style of coaching?Getting your opponent to play your styleWhy make a change?Big picture 'Why'The teaching factorStarting back at zeroBeing able to "just play"Having a hodgepodge of players & choosing a styleRegular and post season expectationsHow do you want to win?Shot quality on both endsWhen it's not working... Have a curveball

  • Episode 526 - Read & React Offense with Rick Torbett - Part 2

    27/11/2023 Duration: 44min

    This episode is part 2 of the Read & React offense with Rick Torbett, celebrating 20 years since its creation and impact on the basketball community. In this episode we dive into teaching, implementing, and gamifying the Read & React where you can get ideas and strategies for coaching any offense.

  • Episode 525 - Read & React Offense with Rick Torbett - Part 1

    23/11/2023 Duration: 38min

    This week we’re joined by the creator of the Read & React Offense and founder of Better Basketball, Rick Torbett. Over 20 years ago Coach Rick asked some hard questions about how he could create a flow to his offense, play his 5 best players regardless of position, and truly help his players learn the game. In Part 1 Coach Rick shares the stories behind how he developed it and why so many coaches have implemented the Read & React Offense.

  • Episode 524 - Mentoring Players Through Adversity

    16/11/2023 Duration: 36min

    Every season has its own challenges and as we know, adversity is coming for us and our players. This week TJ and Sam discuss how to navigate and mentor players face the challenges of earning playing time, receiving tough coaching, or being disappointed in their role. Helping players understand that adversity is meant to make us better if we learn how to face it head on is a great opportunity as a coach which can change the trajectory of our players lives. Listen this week to join the discussion and follow us @hardwood_hustle to stay connected.

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