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We are two friends from Newark, NJ that have a strong love and passion for this crazy business called Professional Wrestling. Let us just say to everyone that everything that we talk about will be from our own point of view and what our opinions are about the wrestling business today and how we think certain angles should have been made from our own perspective. Yes we do know that we are not in any control or in a position of power to make these choices...but that's the good thing about being in a free country where we get to share what's on our mind and share our opinions!


  • Smarktalk Radio's Episode 13

    12/06/2012 Duration: 58min

    Our debut on WNJRNEWARK.COM. Check out SmarkTalk's episode 13. For our earlier podcasts check us out on our YouTube Channel Hope you guys like what you here. Like us on Itunes, Youtube and Facebook!Listen up for us live on 6/19 @7pm